Know Thine Enemy

By Jason Priestas on October 23, 2007 at 11:11 pm
Anthony MorelliMorelli doesn't blog, but his headband is strong

With so many excellent Penn State blogs out there, we'd be remiss not to point them out. These guys are so intense that in addition to the weekly Big Ten Blogger roundtable, they also have their own "Blue and White Roundtable".

  • Black Shoe Diaries: Mike is the dean of the PSU blogging scene. Quality updates and analysis on a regular basis -- plus he has the Bucks #1 on his BlogPoll ballot.
  • Run Up The Score: Despite hoping “the creeps catch an exploding urine balloon in the face” this weekend, RUTS brings it daily - witness his pwnership of fellow Big Ten bloggers in the pick 'em contest.
  • The Nittany Line: These guys share a special bond with 11W as both blogs first saw the light of the internet in July of 2006. We can each claim to have written 400+ posts with only $11.42 to show for our efforts!
  • There Is No Name On My Jersey: Very fond of plain uniforms, this site called the Lou Holtz pep-talk curse back in its infancy. Also, where else would you go to find out that there's a dangerous shortage of portable crappers for the game this weekend?

Check them out and catch up on their wishful thinking, but be sure not to drop comment piss all over them after the game. Show some class, boys!