11W Mix Tape - Karma's A Biotch Edition

By Chris Lauderback on October 16, 2007 at 5:33 pm
11 Mix Tape

I came across a few bits and pieces worth sharing while taking a break from a gargantuan home improvement task. Thankfully, I've never before realized how hard it is to type with cut up hands covered in sorta dried layers of PVC cement. I have no idea how someone can do that kinda work for a living but more power to 'em. Backbreaking work and no internet? Sucky.

Since my home improvement was necessary, not a choice, I began to wonder what karma was paying me back for? Like Bono, she moves in mysterious ways. Alas, I'm not alone. The fellows below have also gotten recent visits from the karma-fairy.

Daequan To NBDL For A Spell?
Speaking of sucky.. I wonder if Daequan's entourage is still happy with their decision to mindrape him into going pro? Even with D-Wade out of action, it doesn't appear Pat Riley considers Daequan an option in the rotation. Worse yet, the Herald notes Riles might sent Daequan to the NBDL for some seasoning. Ouch:

Pat Riley said last week that rookie Daequan Cook -- a long shot to crack the rotation -- ''is not making a lot of shots in practice or games'' and indicated he eventually might send him for a 20-game stint in the NBA's developmental league.

Another Notre Dame Player Hits The Road
Can it get any worse for Fat Charlie? Besides being the architect of the nation's worst offense and the head man in charge of a 1-6 Irish squad, his players are transferring at an alarming rate. O-lineman Matt Carufel left the team Monday making it four sophomores in four months leaving ND in search of a skinnier, less egomaniacal coach. So, how many more months until Fat Charlie heads back the NFL as an offensive coordinator? He simply doesn't have the patience or personality to effectively recruit and manage all the responsibilities that come with being a college head coach.

IU Coach Sampson Sharts On Rulebook, Again
Not happy with shaming just one program, the ever-classy Kelvin Sampson has again been busted for making impermissable phone calls to recruits. To his credit, Sampson did 'dial-down' his antics this time making just 35 impermissable calls including 10 three way calls made by assistant Rob Senderoff. Problem is, Sampson was banned from making ANY calls for one year following his shenanigans at Oklahoma. The punishment was the result of 577 impermissable calls by Sampson and staff. Considering that staggering total, I can only assume Sampson has since developed arthritic fingers because you certainly can't attribute the lower total at Indiana to respect for the rules.