Upon Further Review

By Jason Priestas on September 16, 2007 at 4:15 pm
Locker LoveOnly a frosh, when Locker learns to pass, watch out.

At the beginning of the season, several writers and many more bloggers pointed out that James Laurinaitis was perhaps the most overrated player in the Big Ten. I admit, I thought the program's prestige factor and his famous father may have had more to do with him winning the Nagurski last season than what he did on the football field. He had a good year, but others arguably had better seasons and he got away with one.

Through the first three games of the 2007 season, though, Little Animal is delivering a gargantuan STFU to his critics with his play on the field. Defensive POW for the first two games (and sure to be for Washington as well), Laurinaitis is everywhere for this team right now. His first interception, coming at the OSU 13 with Washington driving in the 2nd quarter was a highlight reel tip of a shuffle pass back to himself.

His next one may have been even better. With the Buckeyes holding on to a 17-7 lead with a few minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, Locker and the Huskies were driving with the crowd and a little bit of momentum back on their side. Washington had moved the ball from their own 20 to the Buckeye 23 when on 3rd and 5, Laurinaitis faked a blitz and then dropped back into zone coverage before snatching a Locker pass on its way to the intended receiver.

If he continues this play, he'll have his 2nd straight Nagurski and other accolades -- all earned.


Other musings..

  • We're pretty quick to point out Belisari the 2nd, but there were times in the first half where Boeckman looked like "Krenzel the 2nd". Todd's lucky the Husky defense can't catch.
  • Are the Buckeyes a dirty team? There seemed to be quite a few face-rakes and helmet snatchings by the defense yesterday.
  • The coaching staff is clearly saving a still dinged Beanie for the long haul. If Tress wanted to, Beanie could have rushed 30 times for 250 yards yesterday.
  • Admit it, you were feeling sorry for the Wolverines and that combined with your unbridled hate of the Irish brought a smile to your face when you saw the score of their game yesterday. We anticipate the coming Notre Dame football death spiral, including the loss of their TV rights until they come begging to join the Big Ten. Can you beleive that just a couple of years ago, the media was hyping Weis v. Tressel ahead of their bowl meeting? Now that's funny.