Shakeup Saturday

By Jason Priestas on September 29, 2007 at 9:25 pm
Vince and Mack"I'm just not the same man without you Vince."

In the matter of a few hours this afternoon, next week's Red River Shootout became a whole lot less interesting.

First, Colorado upended the Sooner juggernaut with an improbable walk-off field goal and then Kansas State picked Colt McCoy off 4 times on the way to a 41-21 blowout victory over Texas in Austin of all places.

Taken with the South Florida upset of West Virginia last night and the Cal victory over Oregon, 4 of the BlogPoll top 10 took it on the chins today.

Tressel-ball may not be pretty sometimes, but it's usually pretty reliable in delivering the "W", which if this weekend has taught us anything, is more important than style points when it's all said and done.