Nice Guys Do Finish Last

By Jason Priestas on September 13, 2007 at 11:26 pm
Oden during happier times

By now you've heard the devastating news that Greg Oden's entire rookie season will be spent on the sidelines after having microfracture surgery on his right knee today. After going in for an exploratory procedure, the decision for the season-ending surgery was made, but doctors are encouraged because the area of injury was relatively small.

When I first heard the news, it felt like a family member had died. Not only is Oden one of my favorite athletes, he's one of my favorite people. Vegas Story Guy is already coming with the "I told you so" in another attempt to let Kevin Durant let him hump his leg and ESPN has already dropped the Blazer's home opener.

Oden should be able to return next season - this is the same surgery Amare Stoudemire underwent 2 years ago and he can score a basket or two. Another bit of hope: Oden will become the 2nd player in the NBA draft (since 1996 1986) to be taken #1 and then miss his rookie season. The first guy helped his team to the 2nd greatest single season turnaround in NBA history.