11W Mix Tape: No Award For You Edition

By Jason Priestas on September 5, 2007 at 8:00 pm
11W Mix Tape

Bollman Snubs the Hogs
The Ohio State coaching staff handed out awards for the win over Youngstown State and the Jim Parker offensive lineman award went unclaimed. Offensive coordinator and line coach Jim Bollman felt that none of the lineman deserved to win based on the game film. That's refreshing. I thought I was watching some kind of magic television that turned the play of "a veteran unit" into a line that couldn't open a hole against a physically overmatched defense. The Vest has Bollman's back:

".. I just don't think we were as far along as Coach Bollman wants us and I'm okay with that."

Other Buckeyes honored were Brian Robiskie as offensive player of the week, James Laurinaitis as defensive player of the week and Ryan Pretorius as special teams player of the week. Sophomore defensive tackle Dexter Larimore, a guy Tress is big on, took home the "Attack Force" award after getting 25-30 snaps.

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
Another fine Georgia blog, Get The Picture, takes a look at the effect of the rule changes through the first weekend of games. The missing plays are back to the tune of 56 extra yards and 3 points per game, but the average kickoff return is only 21.1 after hovering just beneath 21 for the past four seasons. To be fair, touchbacks are down from 84% last season to 79% this season.

We Want to Let This Die, but this Bit is Relevant
As expected, former Wolverine and present Indianapolis Colt Marlin Jackson claims to be getting a lot of flak for the Michigan collapse against ASU:

"We lost to a I-AA program, and we were a top-five team. To go out and be the first team in history to lose to a I-AA team, it hurts. That's all I've been getting the last couple of days. Every text message I get just says `Appalachian State.' That's all it says. The Ohio State guys have been all right. It's everybody else around here. Even coach (Tony) Dungy said something to me about it."

Gonzo, Pittcock and Hall -- class acts.