From The Media Guide(s)...

By Chris Lauderback on August 22, 2007 at 7:00 am
mediaguide3.jpgLess Filling, Looks Great

What a mess. I had to pick up both versions of the 2007 OSU Football Media Guide to get what should rightfully be packed into one version. The recently released Fall version features the coolest cover in the history of media guides but I agree with Ken Gordon that it lacks the stats, results, records etc. that are the main reason why someone would shell out $30. As a result, I had to slap a Gammons on the counter to get the Spring version that contains all those numbers that true fans really want.

Alas, for my $50 investment I have decided to present to you the best of the Fall Version in the form of responses by various Buckeyes to typical questions asked of college kids. I'll apologize in advance for future From The Media Guide(s) posts in advance because I plan to ensure I get maximum value as the season unfolds.

Without further adieu:

Mo Wells Car You'd Most Like To Drive: Old School Monte Carlo on 28's

Nader Abdallah Pets: Two alligators named Hulio and Ameireh

Alex Boone Car You'd Most Like To Drive: mine - the biggest truck on Earth

Vernon Gholston Favorite food: Meat, Favorite former Buckeye: Jack Tatum

Antonio Henton Nickname: Willy B ???, Favorite NFL Player: Michael Vick