A Change In The Kicking Game

By Jason Priestas on August 23, 2007 at 1:05 am

A bit of a surprise in Buckeye country on Thursday as coach Jim Tressel informed the media that Ryan Pretorius would be the starting kicker heading into this season. Surprising, of course, because sophomore Aaron Pettrey held down the job last season while Pretorius saw action on kickoffs.

Pretorius confessed that Tressel told him that he'd be the starter after the jersey scrimmage on Saturday, but it wasn't made public until Thursday evening. The change must have rattled Pettrey a little because he went 2 for 5 7 for 13, while Pretorius went 3 for 4 5 of 6 (with 3 blocks!!) in the kick scrimmage. If there's two things Tress has gotta have in life, it's a snazzy vest collection and a reliable kicking game. Pretorius now gets to deliver.


Elsewhere, Sports Media Watch has the goods on ESPN's 25 hours of college football programming leading up to the kickoff game next Thursday. The WWL can overdue it and there's certainly no organization on earth more in love with itself, but if there's any sport I can take in a dose that size, it's college football.