11W Mix Tape: It's On Like A Pot Of Neck Bones

By Chris Lauderback on August 8, 2007 at 3:00 pm
11W Mix Tape

Oddsmakers Weigh In Sports911 lists Ohio State as a 20-1 shot to win the BCS Title and the over/under for wins at 9. I hate to admit it, but the 20-1 odds seem about right. An inexperienced offense, a trip to Happy Valley followed by Wisky at home then the showdown in Ann Arbor two weeks later are all possible road blocks to winning it all so I'd stay away from those 20-1 odds, but I'd bet my last Nutty Bar on the Buckeyes covering the 9 wins. Easy money. Don't you think? The schedule seems to set up nicely with the tougher games backloaded giving the offense and youth time to develop. No way this team doesn't win at least 10 games.

Who Will Be This Year's Impact Freshman? John Porentas over at The Ozone recently quizzed Marcus Freeman and Malcolm Jenkins for names of a few incoming freshmen that could make an impact this season and both repeated the same names: WR Taurian Washington and DB Eugene Clifford. Obviously, it remains to be seen how those two pan out but it got me thinking about how exciting it is watching a young guy break out and make a name for himself. It's even more exciting when you are the first of your innermost group of buddies to peg a guy for stardom. So who's it gonna be this year? Saine? Cameron Heyward? Or will it be Washington or Clifford? Don't worry...Only 24 days to go.

Brutus Bucking For Spot In HOF Ohio State announced today that Brutus Buckeye is in the running for enshrinement into the Mascot Hall of Fame. I know what you're thinking. I didn't know there was an HOF for mascots either. Anyways, Brutus is in need of votes to gain legendary status so do your part and hit the polls. In order to gain entry, Brutus will need to outpoint powerhouse finalists Sparty, L'il Red (Neb), Smokie (Tenn), The Ibus (Miami,FL) and Big Red (W Kentucky). Sorry if I sound less than enthused. I'm not hatin' on Brutus in particular (although it might be time for an updated look), I'm just more concerned about what's happening on the field/court moreso than in the stands. Guess I'm just old and grumpy.

mattaspine1.gifMatta's x-ray ain't pretty
News From Midcourt Coach Thad Matta had back surgery for the second time in less than 2 months due to herniated disk issues. The way he works the sidelines, I have a feeling it wont be his last. The good news for Matta is that the current quiet period in recruiting runs through September 9th. Seems like becoming the OSU hoops coach is detrimental to your health when you consider Jim O'Brien's voice debacle following back surgery and Matta's own creaky spine. O'Brien's issues clearly impacted his ability to coach but I wouldn't expect the same to be true with Matta. He may not be able to rave up and down the sideline at the same clip but his ability to communicate, shall we say energetically, will not be hampered.

In one last bit of hoops news, the Buckeyes will take on the defending national champion Florida Gators in the Schott Dec. 22nd on CBS.