Pete Being Pete

By Jason Priestas on July 10, 2007 at 10:14 pm

We rarely talk baseball, but with the Midsummer Classic taking place and all, we couldn't resist the chance to relive some classic Pete Rose quotes. The following quotes, culled from two separate Playboy interviews, are quintessential Rose. They are featured in the The Playboy Interviews: They Played the Game, a book we picked up to add to the Dexter Manley wing of the 11W library. Just sit back and picture the legendary hick sporting a satin ball cap complete with the admiral spinach.

The opening salvo of the 1979 interview:

PLAYBOY: Who's the best player in major-league baseball?
ROSE: I am.

And what kind of bad-ass doesn't remember how old they were when they left the v-ranks:

PLAYBOY: When did you first get involved with girls?
ROSE: What are you asking, when did I get my first piece of ass? Is that what you're asking?
PLAYBOY: Not exactly, but that's a good start.
ROSE: I don't remember specifically what day it was or how old I was. I'm no different than any other kid.

Which is nicely followed up with this sequence:

PLAYBOY: What kind of women do you like?
ROSE: Just, I guess, I like class.


PLAYBOY: Do you like pretty women around you?
ROSE: Oh, yeah. I like women with pretty legs. Pretty legs and pretty mouths.

On money:

PLAYBOY: How has your lifestyle changed?
ROSE: None. Hasn't changed at all.
PLAYBOY: Nothing? Still buy the same clothes?
ROSE: My wife still shops at Kmart.
PLAYBOY: You have a Rolls-Royce.

Pete, we salute you.