Oden Inks With Nike

By Jason Priestas on June 25, 2007 at 11:00 pm

Greg Oden left his workout in Portland a little heavier in the wallet as he came to (unspecified) terms with Nike. Old fella broke it down on his blog:

".. to be a part of the Nike family with all the tradition, it's like a dream. I just want a commercial with 'Little Penny' maybe they can call it 'Little Oden' I would love it."

First of all, is there a funnier blogger on the planet right now? All spring the talk was about how Durant was more marketable and he may very well end up with the bigger shoe deal, but Oden's personality is really starting to come out and with each blog post and funny interview, the cash register rings. Shaq has even taken notice and calls Oden the "Young Ninja".

Whether he gets a signature shoe or not, Oden will be in good hands. The folks at Nike are kind of good at marketing.