Babbit Backs Out On Buckeyes

By Chris Lauderback on June 11, 2007 at 7:27 pm
babbitt.jpgThe Defector

Various outlets including The Dispatch are reporting 6'8" PF Luke Babbit has backed out of his commitment to play for Thad Matta in 2008. All accounts indicate Nevada's Player of the Year had a change of heart because he wants to play closer to home. I'm sure some folks will bang on the guy but I say it's better to find out now than have him get here and want to transfer to Nevada down the road. He's certainly not the first and won't be the last 17 year old to change his mind. The 2008 class is still solid with the likes of BJ Mullens, William Buford, Noopy Crater and Walter Offutt expected to remain in the fold. So whaddaya think? Big loss? I'd be lying if I said I was familiar with his game.

In other bad Buckeye news, those not as lazy as I am noted last week that freak of nature DeShaun Thomas also backed off his verbal commitment to join Matta in 2010. Thomas is considered the next Lebron in many scouting circles so losing him would be a major blow however I don't think it means he definitely won't play in Columbus. Plus, it's not like a verbal agreement from a freshman can ever be considered firm, especially if that player is deemed the next Lebron AND plays in the same state Kelvin Sampson coaches in. You know Sampson's probably been climbing up to Thomas' window blowing sweet nothings ever since the original verbal based on his sketchy recruitment of Eric Gordon.