11W Mix Tape: Tubby Love Edition

By Jason Priestas on June 13, 2007 at 10:40 pm
11W Mix Tape

Gopher Fans Coming.. uh.. Hard
Some excited Minnesota fans have created a new website, chubby4tubby.com, to show their support for new hoops coach Tubby Smith. Granted, Tubby is a fine coach and will join a pretty good stable of Big Ten coaches, but this isn't exactly the type of t-shirt we'd choose to show our spirit. Whatever you say, you can't say Smith doesn't have the firm support of the student body.

Big Expectations for the Fighting Illini
Chief Illiniwek may be gone, but 19 starters return for Ron Zook's second season. Sunday Morning Quarterback, once again proving that he's forgotten more about football than we'll likely ever know, has a great profile of the 2007 Illinois squad. The prognosis: watch out. I gotta agree. It'll be nice for the Buckeyes to get this team in Columbus, but it'll be a battle, just one week before the team heads north to Ann Arbor to end the season.

Have an Extra Hundy for a Longshot?
The Wizard of Odds, living up to his name, drops some early odds for the 2008 BCS Championship game. The early leader is USC at 5-2, with defending champion Florida at 7-1. The Buckeyes come in at 20-1, tied with Louisville, and behind 6 teams. We'll have to check back on this in late August, but 20-1 isn't as crazy as the odds most certainly were for the team prior to the 2002 season. Anyone know what those were, by chance?