You Won't Like AJ When He's Angry

By Jason Priestas on May 23, 2007 at 3:30 pm

Just a week ago, the sports corner of the web was buzzing over the AJ Hawk wedding photos. Several of the photos, including the one above of brother-in-law and new Brown Brady Quinn, showed guests having a good time -- maybe too good of a time. I noticed that a day or two after the photos came out, the link to the photography site was dead and now we know why. As you can imagine, Hawk was pretty pissed, telling the Dayton Daily News:

"I just feel bad for Brady and other people that were at the wedding, because it was just something that the D.J. had set up, I don't know, some 'Village People' thing that they did, and some pictures got out and it's tough."

The photographer, from MENSA-saturated Whitehall, now has an assurance to future customers at the link, explaining:

All of our contracts, including the Hawk contract, reserve the right for Harcar Photography to use images for display, advertising and publication.

If by contracts, they mean future gigs shooting on-set photography for Buckeye Booty, then yes, I guess that sounds right.