Prepare Yourself For The Oden Love Fest

By Jason Priestas on May 21, 2007 at 1:15 pm
oden11.jpgMurder She Wrote is dope!

With the NBA draft right around the corner, you can probably already envision young sports reporters getting their assignments for a feature profile on either the Buckeye's Greg Oden or Kevin Durant of Texas, the two most likely candidates for the #1 overall selection.

Seeing as how 90% of online mock drafts have the big fella going first, we can probably expect to see a majority of those profiles being written about Oden. All of those writers are going to come to the same conclusion: this guys is pretty corny.

ESPN's LZ Granderson takes a look at some of Oden's quirks and points out how refreshing it is to see a potential star come along that doesn't value street cred. I won't pontificate about the ills of society, but yeah, that is pretty darn cool.

What's most interesting, though, is the revelation that Oden holds DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's Summertime in such high regard. Greg was (allegedly) only 3 years-old at the time of that song's release. Mix this in with the tale of Oden favoring teams that were great before he was born and we may really have to start asking ourselves if the guys is really 27.