Hoops Nugs: The "O.C." Celebrity Tour

By Chris Lauderback on May 28, 2007 at 7:08 pm
odenkart.jpgOden briefly led the Indy500 but veered off course after spotting infield TV showing Bugs Bunny (via John)

Jason Quick of the The Oregonian spent some time with Greg Oden in Portland and I'd say there's a good chance Quick will propose before the end of this week. With Greg heading west to a new batch of media, I think it's fun to read articles from writers getting their first taste of the Greg Oden Experience. Quick is no different, gushing over the humility and purity exuded by the big fella as he breaks down Oden's actions since dealing with the loss of his best friend Travis, who died earlier this season in a traffic accident, and his thoughts on Kevin Durant as the possible #1 pick. Although I've not met the big guy, I think it's safe to say his greatness as a person is right up there with his greatness as a player. Speaking of which, Matta is saying Oden is a beast in workouts now that his wrist is 100%. I can't wait to watch him grow into the league's most dominant player in about 3 years.

Some extra nuggets from the article note the possibility of Mike Conley becoming a Blazer via Atlanta remains remote because the Hawks want Brandon Roy and/or LaMarcus Aldridge as part of a trade package. Quick notes that Conley and Oden have not lost a home game since they hooked up in the 4th grade.

Oden and Conley attended yesterday's Indy500 and spoke to the media (in between naps?) regarding the future. Conley stated he still hasn't made up his mind to turn pro and likely won't have a final decision until close to the June 18 deadline. Following the pre-draft camp in Orlando, Conley has workouts scheduled with Atlanta (3rd pick) and Minnesota (7th pick). The Fanhouse, via TheBigLead, thinks Conley is a lock to Atlanta. I don't think the ATL will pass on him either, but if they do, I suppose it would be nice to see Conley play with KG.

Lastly, the basketball Buckeyes set numerous attendance records this year. Get the breakdown via the official site here. I'm still trying to process this one. 11W reader Corey and I attended a decent number of games this year and the size, excitement, and staying power of the crowds left much to be desired, in my humble opinion.