Could Oden And Conley Reunite In Portland?

By Chris Lauderback on May 24, 2007 at 11:56 pm

I wouldn't put my last $20 on it, but some cat on Yahoo Sports is reporting a resource close to Oden and the Blazers is claiming management is at least exploring options to get Mike Conley in a Portland uniform. The Blizzies are loaded with young talent and the writer suggests they could package Zach Randolph or LeMarcus Aldridge with Jarrett Jack in hopes of robbing a team with a weak front office, such as the Sports Guy's Celtics to land Conley. Obviously, this is a long shot similar to that of paper beating scissors, but how sick would it be if those two hooked back up in Portland?

It sounds like Ron Lewis is taking his chance to shine at the pre-draft camp seriously, working out nearly 40 hours a week in hopes of getting a late 2nd round call. Let's hope he sticks to the agressive approach he showed the second half of last season using dribble penetration to get to the line and create some space for the three instead of resorting to being a stationary jump shooter. So, whaddaya think? Can Ron Ron stick in the league?