Mock Draft Roundup

By Jason Priestas on April 11, 2007 at 8:00 am

With the NFL draft a little over two weeks away, mock drafts are everywhere on the internets. The Buckeye outlook: not so good. For some reason, Ted Ginn has to run to prove his speed, while Pittman and Gonzalez are lucky to be projected in the 2nd round by some.

Here's a breakdown of of big media's forecasts:

Todd McShay - ESPN ($) McShay projects the first two rounds and has Ginn going #19 (1) to the Titans. He has Pittman going #43 (2) to the Bills and Gonzalez picked at #56 (2) by Denver. Ginn and Vince Young could be scary on broken play go-routes, while the Bills need running backs. Gonzalez could be McCaffrey 2.0 in Denver.
Don Banks - SI Banks only provides a mock draft for the first round and he sees Ginn going #22 (1) to Dallas, noting that the Cowboys have somewhat addressed their safety needs with Ken Hamlin and Jerry does love him some speed.
Pete Schrager - FOX Sports Another guy that likes the Titans getting Ginn at #19 (1). He also likes the Broncos getting Gonzalez, only in the 3rd round (#70) instead of the 2nd (#56) where McShay has him. Finally, he likes Pittman to go #83 (3) to the Panthers.
Rob Rang - CBS No love here as Rang only projects the first round and has Ginn going #30 (1) to the Chargers. No doubt a good spot to end up in, Ginn won't be around for the Chargers to grab.

NFL personnel guys can behave like a pack of teenage girls come draft time, so you can bet that once Ginn lays skid marks down on the track today, he'll go skyrocketing back up the board and the Devin Hester effect will be dancing in the minds of league GMs.