Bama's Kines Lands On His Feet

By Jason Priestas on February 13, 2007 at 4:20 pm

The good folks at the University of Alabama have found a job for former interim head coach Joe Kines. Kines, who shot to sports blogosphere stardom after his.. uh.. impassioned postgame interview at the 2006 Independence Bowl, took a position as "special assistant to the athletic director".

Part of his new duties will include being an officer for Pride Tide, the athletic department's fund-raising unit, although it's uncertain whether his $300,000 per year salary would remain intact. Kines, who had said he'd take any job with the university because he had bills to pay, was part of Mike Shula's staff canned en mass by Nick Saban when he got to Tuscaloosa.

So, he's got the new job and enough Marlboro Miles to buy a yacht going for him.

This post has nothing to do with Ohio State, but it's a good excuse to see the following video once again. Joe Kines, get your yaw-yaw on: