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By Jason Priestas on February 14, 2007 at 1:05 pm
Seriously, it works!"Seriously, it works!"

"Greg's A Male Nurse" brings the funny with a review of the various species in the Ridiculous College Fan genus. No group spared. Of particular interest to us was the man cheerleader:

-If Team Wins: Go home knowing you're a man cheerleader on a winning team
-If Team Loses: Go home knowing you're a man cheerleader

You already know what man cheerleader's defense is. I have never spoken to man cheerleader in my life and I already know his comeback: "Man, we got so much booty -- it was a way to get close to the girls." Whatever you say, killer...

A Dazzler, Indeed
In our continuing efforts to bring you the best possible Erin Andrews coverage, we direct you to the Fanhouse, where MJD has found a video of Andrews as part of the Florida dance team, the Dazzlers. Be warned -- he hits the nail on the head when he says that Vitale's voice can kill any type of pleasant thoughts you may first experience.

Rob Dewolf: Banging The TubesBanging The Tubes

We're.. You Know.. Hip
The Dispatch has added to their blog family. Dispatch Digital Sports Editor Rob Dewolf (right) joins Heath Schneider and Chris Edwards, who despite an actually pretty strong football season has been quiet since the debacle in Glendale. Dewolf promises to give us "..some insight on the inner workings of and, along with ocassionally checking in on the sports news of the day."

The addition of Dewolf is a good move and an insider's take on the sports department at the paper of record for the Ohio State Buckeyes could make for some good readin', but why do these blogs feel like Blog Lite? Comments and permalinks are a good start, but where are the RSS feeds? Not publishing a feed is about as smart as building a radio station with a 12' transmitter. Yo Dispatch, how about mixing in WordPress or something (we are available for affordable consulting solutions and by affordable, we mean some scratch-off lottery tickets and candy bars).