Feel That SEC Speed

By Jason Priestas on January 1, 2007 at 9:05 pm

"We all understand in our conference how tough it is. In our conference, that's about the only chance we'd have to make it."
Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville on the need for a playoff (10/04/06)

"I think Arkansas or Florida should get that opportunity. It shouldn’t even be close."
Tuberville about who should play Ohio State in the BCS Championship (11/19/06)

"The country wants to see the Southeast Conference champion against a Big Ten champion."
Florida coach Urban Meyer after winning the SEC Championship (12/02/06)

Fast forward to today...

The Big11Ten didn't get off to a great bowl start, but they certainly put some dents into that SEC superiority complex today.

Penn State got it started with a suprising 20-10 win over Tennessee in the Outback Bowl. Stud Vols wideout Robert Meachem absolutely KILLED Penn State with his speed to the tune of 4 catches for 33 yards.

Wisconsin got it done next by holding on for a 17-14 victory over Arkansas and wiley Houston Nutt in the Capital One Bowl. The Razorbacks did a good job of stuffing the Badger rushing attack, but was that SEC flavor of the year Darren McFadden getting caught from behind at the 9?

So we have the 3rd-best team in the Big11Ten (Wisconsin) taking care of the 3rd-best team in the SEC (Arkansas - assuming the prevailing sentiment that LSU is playing extremely well right about now), and the 4th-best team in the Big11Ten (Penn State) beating the 4th-best team in the SEC (Tennessee - sorry Auburn fans). How about that speed?

It's not all good news for the conference, though, as USC is taking care of Michigan in the Rose Bowl (25-11 as of this writing). Could the Wolverines still be suffering from the BCS letdown or is USC that good? If they are, and they look like they are, then it only enforces the notion of just how hard it is to win it all in college football. You not only have to be great, but you have to be great (or good enough to win) week in and week out.


Funny side note.. after USC had just taken a 19-3 lead with 48 seconds left in the 3rd quarter of the Rose Bowl, Musburger starting talking about the internet being abuzz about Lloyd Carr's future if he should happen to lose the Rose Bowl. Herbie quipped that the bloggers were probably typing about it as Brent spoke, but Davie saved the day by saying "I'm not worried about bloggers." Bob Davie - not afraid of the tubes.