93 Times?

By Jason Priestas on January 17, 2007 at 1:30 pm
lavonchisley_shackled.jpgLugz 900 with shackle support

The Buckeyes sure take a lot of heat for off the field problems. But, to my knowledge, none of them have ever gone OJ like Lavon Chisley did. The former Penn State defensive lineman was arrested and charged with murder yesterday. Chisley allegedly stabbed his "friend" and fellow student Langston Carraway 93 times. Because 92 times would have left him alive.

To be fair, Joe Pa did kick Chisley off of the team at the start of the 2005 season, due to poor grades. That could help explain the sheer genius of him leaving DNA evidence everywhere and his failure to attend the funeral or contact the family after Carraway's death, despite the fact that he lived with the victim's brother.

Robbery is a possible factor as the victim was last seen with a "large wad of cash" and a diamond watch. The cash and the watch have yet to be recovered. Surely a sad story. Is it that hard to make it through life without killing anyone?