Team Awards and Early Gator Banter

By Jason Priestas on December 4, 2006 at 9:43 pm
Troy Smith

The football team held their banquet over the weekend with Troy Smith capturing the most valuable player award as voted by his teammates, capturing 122 of 124 votes.

Just another feather in the cap for Troy, with an even bigger fish right around the corner. Several of Smith's other teammates were honored, including the following:

John Galbreath Award (academics) Stan White
First Year Offensive Player Award Chris Wells
Rex Kern Award (Offensive Back) Antonio Pittman
First Year Defensive Player Award Donald Washington
Randy Gradishar Award James Laurinaitis
Ike Kelly Award (Special Teams) Drew Norman
Arnie Chonko Award Brandon Mitchel
WW Hayes Award (MVP Michigan game) Troy Smith
Jack Stephenson Award (Defensive Line) Jay Richardson
Agonis Club Rick Myers Award (MVP Penn St game) Antonio Smith
SAE Award (MVP Homecoming game) Malcom Jenkins
Paul Warfield Award Anthony Gonzalez
Jim Marshall Warrior Award David Patterson
Archie Griffin Award (Offensive MVP) Ted Ginn
Jim Parker Award Doug Datish & TJ Downing
Bill Willis Award (Defensive MVP) Quinn Pitcock
Bo Rein Award (Inspirational, voted by team) Antonio Smith
MVP (voted by team) Troy Smith

Elsewhere, get to know Every Day Should Be Saturday (EDBS). Primarily a Florida Gators football blog, EDBS reaches a broad audience of sports fans from every corner with an interesting and damn funny writing style. For example.

Today, they're up with a funny Top 10 Reasons Michigan Should be Happy including such gems as:

10. Current BCS fiasco has created a previously impossible scenario: Michigan fans actively pulling for Ohio State. Coming soon: Hutus for Tutsis, matter colliding happily with antimatter, and dogs living with cats.

They touch on the fact that the last time the Gators went to the desert, Tommie Frazier and Nebraska stuck a 62-24 shoe up their asses. The first commenter hits it on the head:

Yes, Gator fans, remember, Troy Smith is what Tommie Frazier would have been if he could THROW.