Mark May Shares His Bud

By Jason Priestas on December 21, 2006 at 7:48 pm
Mark May

We've witnessed numerous occasions over the past several football seasons to support the theory that ESPN's Mark May smokes a lot of tree. In the spirit of the holidays, it appears as if he is now sharing it with Rece Davis. As part of their SportsCenter feature on an imaginary playoff, the two went against Herbie and all common sense in predicting that LSU would defeat the Buckeyes in a fictional semi-final game. Paris Hilton on whippits thinks this is ridiculous.

Obviously, the masses think otherwise, handing the Buckeyes a 77/23 victory via internet voting. Interestingly enough, voters also have Michigan coasting to a similar (71/29) victory over Florida in the other matchup. Looking forward to tomorrow's installment where the three will probably flip sides with Davis and May going for OSU while Herbie continues his lifelong quest to prove how unbiased he is.

Update (12/22/06 - 11:36AM): It appears that internet voters have no say in ESPN's "SportsCenter Championship Series" as the finals feature LSU taking on Michigan. Also, when the hell did ESPN care so much about having a playoff? Their on-air talent sometimes made remarks about wanting one in the past few years, but we think the increased emphasis could have something to do with no longer hosting the BCS.