BCS Set to Assplode in 3.. 2..

By Jason Priestas on December 2, 2006 at 8:50 pm

What a mess.

Gator fan and Wolverine fan, start your bitching engines up..

Update (9:43PM)

The Gators took care of Arkansas, so whatever happens, there will be one enormous fanbase pretty pissed off tomorrow evening. I wonder what Urban will do tonight in the form of campaigning? 24 hour barn-stormer on the back of a train? Maybe some sort of phone operation?

I could get up to play either team. Michigan, well.. because they're Michigan. Beating Florida and putting that nonsense about the SEC being the best conference on earth to rest would be pretty sweet as well.

Update II (11:02PM)

Wolverine fan already has the spin machine buzzing..

Yost is disgusted after watching Gary Danielson of CBS "tongue the Gators for two quarters". I gotta agree - when they brought up tOSU as an example of a win-ugly team that played for the championship, they forgot to point out that the 2002 Buckeyes were undefeated.

Rutgers-West Virginia is in OT double OT, which must be KILLING the suits at ESPN who are just dying to stir up a lil' BCS controversy on SportsCenter.