The Horror!

By Jason Priestas on November 30, 2006 at 9:25 pm
Michigan Fan

The folks over at The M Zone have been mighty busy obsessing over everything Buckeye fan these days. The latest is a post with video that shows a Michigan fan on the receiving end of a "Fuck Michigan" chant. This brave Wolverine soul wiggled into the middle of a Buckeye nation during the ESPN Game Day event and thought it would be a brilliant idea if he sang his school's fight song. Taunting did ensue.

We get it. Buckeye fans are a barbaric bunch. Going into Columbus in Wolverine gear is the equivalent of rolling through the streets of Karachi with your cartoon Muhammad t-shirt. Wolverine fans are a respectful, genteel bunch. They would never taunt an opponent would they? I'm certain that Charger fans going to Oakland, Steeler fans going to Cleveland or Cowboy fans going to Philly would be welcomed with open arms. A free beer and a bratwurst.

Yost is a good writer, but he has elevated Buckeye fan to bogeyman status. If I were in his shoes, I'd be organizing ticket purchase drives or the Rose Bowl will turn into Death Valley West.

The video is below. You decide:


  • OSU students are going nuts about the lack of tickets allocated to them for the Championship game.
  • MotSaG reports three Buckeye football players have been named to the 2006 Academic All-American team. Congratulations to Anthony Gonzalez, Stan White and James Laurinaitis.