Carlos Hyde is the Best Running Back Available in the 2014 Draft

By DJ Byrnes on February 22, 2014 at 8:15a

Dan Ruiter / 92.3 The Fan


Running back is one of the most brutal positions to play in football, so it's a good thing 5'11" and 230 lbs Carlos Hyde runs like a rolling ball of butcher knives.

A former four-star recruit out of Naples, Florida, El Guapo has left Ohio State as one of the greatest to ever tote the magic diamond in the modern era. It only took him 10 games to become Urban Meyer's first 1,000 yard rusher. He averaged a monsterous 7.3 yards a carry over the course of the 2013 season.

Yet, even among Ohio State fans, it seems doubts still linger about Hyde's potential at the next level. (Note: Eddie George, who knows a thing or two about running the football in the NFL, is not one of Carlos' doubters.)

Is Carlos worthy of a top 10 pick in today's NFL? No, but then again, no running back this side of Adrian Peterson (who is an alien, by the way) is worthy of a high draft pick. It's not a slight to say that about Hyde.

I do believe with the NFL (and football in general) opening up on the offensive side of the ball, defenses will have to become smaller to adjust. Compound this with offensive schemes designed to make defenses defend every inch of width on the field, and you can see where bruising backs like Hyde could be in position for a big time comeback.

In fact, there's already precedence for bigger backs still having an every-down role in the NFL. Remember this picture from last summer that temporarily melted Twitter?

Fat Eddie Lacy

All Fat Eddie Lacy responded with was 1,178 yards (4.1 average) and 11 touchdowns on the ground. He also chipped in 257 yards in receiving. This effort was good enough to be named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, and Lacy only played in 15 games.

To me, Carlos Hyde is a more violent, less obese version of Eddie Lacy. He's definitely got better footwork, and while he might not match Eddie Lacy's top-end speed, it's not as if Lacy or Hyde gain their yards through flashy speed.

Despite what the closing minutes of Ohio State's games against Michigan State and Clemson would tell you, there was not a more dependable running back in the country on third down. And no matter what direction NFL offenses are heading in, being able to pick up three or four tough yards on third down will always be a valued commodity.

Whether it's steam-rolling between the tackles, his underrated vision as a runner, picking up a blitzer or catching the ball out of the backfield, Carlos Hyde can truly do it all. His most impressive trait, however, is his balance. It's superb for a man his size, but I'll let the best play of Ohio State's 2013 season speak for itself:


What a run by Carlos Hyde, indeed. (For the record, that's a cornfed 6'2" 205 free safety whose hit Carlos absorbs after breaking the first two tackles.) 

El Guapo may not set the world aflame with his forty time later today at the NFL combine (even if he's predicting a low 4.4 40-time), but he's going to make some GM look very savvy wherever he ends up getting drafted.

CC: Ray Farmer, General Manager of the Cleveland Browns



Bloombergl's picture

Guapo's vision and uncanny ability to use his blockers perfectly are what sets him apart, in my opinion.  His athletic abilities are obvious.  But, I'm convinced it's what he's got going on above the shoulder pads that make him a steal as a draft choice.

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Yep, this last season Carlos developed a "You will never deny me" attitude. That mentality together with his physical skills makes him a first rounder. He will make any NFL team passing on him look stupid.

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SavannahBuck's picture

It would renew my faith in humanity (and the Browns) if Cleveland drafted Beastmode Hyde. Then again, if the Browns draft Johnny Manziel, you may be looking at the world's next supervillain(you heard it here first!)

DJ Byrnes's picture

As Ramzy stated, a Manziel/Hyde backfield would be electric, which is exactly it will never happen in Cleveland :(

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m5987usus's picture

DJ why would cleveland do that, it makes too much sense for cleveland, ha ha ha.


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Idaho Helga's picture

Exactly.  And I heard there are over 150 athletes at the combine RIGHT NOW trying their very best NOT to impress the Cleveland Browns.


(disclaimer: Bungals fan here)

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SavannahBuck's picture

If by electric you mean I can electrocute him, then i agree. As far as Manziel and Hyde in the same backfield, Hyde is a no brainer, and Manziel has no brain. I relinquish my Browns fandom immediately if they draft Manziel.

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DJ Byrnes's picture

So you've sat through the Jake Delhomme, Colt McCoy, Thad Lewis, Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell eras but just drafting Manziel will make you relinquish your Browns fandom?

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SavannahBuck's picture

Jake Delhomme took a team to a Super Bowl. Weeden was an asshat draft pick. Jason Campbell was brought in as a backup, McCoy a project that didnt work out. The Browns have drafted terrible quarterbacks,and have signed some bad ones in free agency. I for one, would like to see them buck that trend, and I feel Manziel with the 4TH!!!!! pick, is a bad draft pick. If they were going to draft him in the second round or beyond, or even late first round, then we can talk.

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Jhesse17's picture

Relinquishing fandom is a bit much. However, despite his athletic abilities Manziel is a little bit of a chucker and has gotten away with it because he has had guys that make plays on his chucks.

Go1Bucks's picture

There was nothing wrong with McCoy that some offensive lineman and a new staff/ownership with a brain cound't fix.  He was destroyed by the monster that the Browns repeatedly do.  And I agree, if they draft Manziel, I will likely miss most games he gets near.  Carlos would give me the opposite reaction.

Go Bucks!

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Pretty cruel of Under Armour making him wear those disgusting colors

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Hovenaut's picture

Just woke up, thought I was having a nightmare where Carlos had changed his surname to Biakabatuka.

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Just noticed that.. a baby just cried somewhere.. oh.. nvm shes right next to me.

doodah_man's picture

...or a kitten died....

Jim "DooDah" Day
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1MechEng's picture

Is Hyde still projected as a second rounder heading into the combine?


Arizona_Buckeye's picture

A rolling ball of butcher knives!


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Sleepy's picture

ESPN's been referring to MJD as that for years...

FitzBuck's picture

With the 26th pick in the NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns Select El Guapo from Theeee Ohio State University.  (Please God make this happen)

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PittBuckeye's picture

I hate to be that guy (I don't really I just feel like you're supposed to say that), but wow Lacy had 11 thousand yards? Holy Hannah Montana Batman!

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DJ Byrnes's picture

I'll show myself out.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

seafus26's picture

I agree and everyone on earth would agree after this last season. It only infuriates me more to send him in motion out wide, with a QB only left in the backfield that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn on that day in Indy. Leaving us predictably to have to run said QB. Then we run to the right behind a fill in guard and first year starting tackle, rather than behind our all big ten left side. We were screaming for Carlos the whole 4th quarter, to no avail. That made a trip to Indy in December even worse. I'll never return to that iceberg.

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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BassDropper's picture

As a Browns fan I would jump for joy if the happened

4th pick Johnny Manziel 

26th- Marquis Lee 

2nd- Carlos Hyde - the top 3 picks would give Cleveland hope

3rd- Jack Mewhort- not trying to be a homer, but the Browns like his versatility.




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Deadly Nuts's picture

7th: Kenny Guiton


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PittBuckeye's picture

8th Kirk Herbstreit. Oh wait.

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BuckeyeJAK's picture

The Best to you Carlos and Thank You for all of the great memories

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Buckeye Beast's picture

Bold statement here, but I'm gonna compare him to Jerome Bettis. I wasn't always high on Hyde's next level potential, but some of his bigger runs this year shored up my concerns about his speed and explosive ability. Hyde and Jason Verrett are my favorite players in this draft. Sadly, Roby had an off year. Before that, he was as good as Jason Verrett to me, but better in run support than Verrett. I would love to see the Browns get Bridgewater if he falls to us by some miracle. Then get Hyde. Maybe pickup Seastrunk or De'Anthony Thomas later on as change of pace kind of guys, depending on their projected draft position. Idk


It's 5 o'clock somewhere, & Michigan still sucks

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buckfan036's picture

Carol reminds of Bettis too...great feet for a big back.  Carlos will make a great pro....bucks would have played for it all if they rode Carlos in the 4th quarter against Sparty

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hit_the_couch's picture

I suppose Nick Satan was due for putting a RB in the league that wasn't a bust. I'll wait another year to before I come to a conclusion. Ol' Nick seems to be the king of producing busts.

A low 4.4. 40 for a 230lb short man is pretty damn incredible.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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cinserious's picture

As soon as you mentioned Carlos' balance, I knew that incredible play from the Iowa game was coming up next. I freaked out when I saw it unfolding at the time and watching it still gets me jacked up. SUPAMAN!

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ScarletNGrey01's picture

Totally agree with DJ on his assessment.  Carlos is strong, compact, fast, determined and is one of those rare backs that is not constantly dinged.  I posted all season long (as many others of us did) that it's obvious even to the casual fan he will do well at the next level.

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chili96's picture

I think Lacy's performance last year, will definitely help Hyde to get picked in the first round. Teams that like Hyde will all be thinking "we better take this kid soon because he's not going to be there in the next round"

741's picture

Get DJ a seat next to McShay and Kiper, I guess.

BrewstersMillions's picture

BrewstersMillions 5 Jan, 2014 @ 10:09 AM Edit

Someone is going to talk themselves out of Hyde in the first because he's probably going to run a bad 40 time by RB standards. He's got a knack for the endzone, is a pretty good blocker, runs hard and has enough 'make ya miss' to be really effective. Poor man's Eddie Lacy. Someone will grab in the  late second, early third and be really pleased.

I can probably make some room for DJ at the table if he wants it.





Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would more obvious.

oregonianbuckeye's picture

Quick edit ... 

"All Fat Eddie Lacy responded with was 1,1178 yards (4.1 average) ..."


D-Day0043's picture

Hyde hits the hole faster and harder than anyone I've seen in a long time (I know. I know. "That's what she said"). There is no hesitation once he gets the ball. He is a absolute hammer. I pray the Bengals draft him.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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2002osubuck's picture

It says he'll be running the 40 today. Does anyone know what time? I thought the RBs were Sunday. 

osuguy2008's picture

that picture of Hyde in Michigan colors is hurting my eyes

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Ericgobucks's picture

That was my thought at first also, but I think it's black and neon yellow. 

BuckeyeinToledo's picture

Anyone know how I can watch the combine online? Please and thank you. 

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kevdale86's picture

With the Bengals planning on running the ball more next year, I would live to see him end up in Cincy to team up with Gio in the backfield.

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D-Day0043's picture


BJGE is great for 1 or 2 yards and that's about it. I would love to see Gio and Hyde mixing it up. That would be nasty.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

Ericgobucks's picture

I couldn't be happier for Carlos. This guy worked his ass off and deserves all he gets. Best wishes to you Carlos, be smart, save your money and you will always have my support. 

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tGW's picture

Miss 3-4 already. Big kid, bigger heart.

"Have a nice trip...Michaelllll."

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AWalk3r1's picture

For some reason and I am not sure why, but when I think of him in the NFL I think Emmit Smith. Not to fast but about to be shift enough to make people miss, and strong enough to run you over, with great ( not a mistake there, i said great) Vision. If he lands with the right team, He could end up an all time great. IMO

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bleedscarlet's picture

This seems like a good comparison. Smith wasn't the banger Hyde can be, when he needs to, but I see a lot of similarities, durability and always gaining positive yards are also traits they share.

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Go1Bucks's picture

Carlos is more like Barry Sanders, low center of gravity, great vision, north/ south runner with steam rolling balance.

Go Bucks!

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Crumb's picture

Wherever he lands in the NFL I'll be an instant fan of that team even if it's the hated Steelers.

"The only good thing about it is winning the d*** thing" - Urban Meyer on The Game The War

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Adambob's picture

I think Frank Gore is the closest comparison to Hyde in the NFL. Beast.

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hspbuy1's picture

I agree Adambob


Young_Turk's picture

I went to lookup his time at the combine, I think ESPN has it as scheduled for tomorrow.

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

He's got speed we all know that. The dude can play and he's going to be a good one.  I would pick him in the first round if I was a GM.

Go Bucks!!

buckeyedude's picture

That is one of my favorite runs by a running back in Ohio State history(with all due respect to Eddie and Archie). It's prolly second only to Keith Byars touchdown on one shoe vs. Illinois in '84. Actually, it's a tie. I wish I could find a video of that run.



BuckeyeB9B82501's picture

The Browns need 3 BIG needs right (and we know countless more, but 3 big ones) they need a deep threat big play WR, a big-time RB and a good QB. So why not draft Sammy Watkins with 1st pick then pick Hyde with 2nd pick then pick your QB with 3rd pick. You address your biggest 3 needs and you dont overpay to get a real good QB. Johnny douche bag eould be the worst pick for the Browns ever. He will not last period. He may have been able to (while holding the FB where everyone can get to it) run around and away from guys in college but you wont be able to do that in the NFL. And when he gets hit, he will get flat out blasted. He will get broke in half. So you get Sammy and Hyde in 1st rd. Then McCarron should be there for the next Browns pick. He has a way better game that the Browns can build with going on. So there, the Browns will address their biggest needs in 3 picks and wont have to draft another Top 5 QB bust. Then go get the depth and other needs the remainder of draft and free agency. That would be a smarter draft and would be a win for the Browns. Something they need. Drafting Johnny douche bag with their 1st pick would be a dumb pick, I think, b/c his style of game wont last in the NFL.

Buckeye Dynasty starts in 2014 baby !!!!!! GO BUCKS !!!!!!!! O - H - I - O

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BuckeyeRick's picture

Running Backs are starting their on-field workouts right now on NFL Network. 2:30pm ET. Sunday. 

Young_Turk's picture

NFL Network has his time as 4.66.  That seems pretty slow.  I think he probably didn't impress with his other results either.  I'm guessing 3rd round for Carlos, at best.

BuckeyeinToledo's picture

Yeah, that was a lot slower than I was expecting. Idk if it was so slow to really hurt him though. Maybe half a round?

"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."

-Woody Hayes

741's picture

Is he not participating in these drills now due to the tweaked hamstring? If so, I need to change the channel and watch my man Greg Oden.


m5987usus's picture

I gained a whole lot of respect for Carlos Hyde and knew he was Committed to being the best he could be both on and off the field, when he gave that emotional speech at the press conference after the northwestern game, man, seeing things like that really makes you respect the hard work these kids go through 12 months out of the year to perform to the best of their abilities for us.  Great respect for that man.


bigbill992001's picture

I miss the big guy already.

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Seattle Linga's picture

Agreed - I miss him as well but EZE should have it in cruizin speed by the time we face Navy.

Young_Turk's picture

Here's the video of his 40 at the combine.


Clinger76's picture

yeah, just seen this. Kinda sucks he got hurt and couldnt compete in all aspects of the combine!!

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