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Torrance Gibson wants to play in the same backfield as Damien Harris

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March 18, 2014 at 7:04pm

Damien Harris replied:

I like that the only school that is in their favorites that overlaps is OSU

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Meanwhile, a whole colony of skunkweasels near AACC just shit their pants reading these tweets.


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May the Urbz be with you.  Let it be so. 

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Title as seen on the sidebar,"Torrance Gibson wants to play in the..."

I thought it would say "...SEC" when I clicked on it. Boy was I surprised!


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He also was talking about playing with Christian Kirk. Time and change will surely show...

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It would be AWSOME! Go Bucks!


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Both as RB's?  I'm not sold on Gibson becoming a standout QB.  I personally think he would be a better WR.  I want a polished QB.  Just my opinion of course.  

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Can't turn down a freakish athlete of that calibre even if he wants to be a punter.

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I don't think we should turn him down.  I've just been reading that he has been getting moved from QB to WR at camps because he is struggling throwing the ball.  Birm mentioned that most camps are 7-on-7 and that doesn't allow Gibson to use his legs.  I completely understand Birm's point, but at the same time we already have an ATH playing QB.  I would prefer to see a true QB who can use his legs to make plays when needed.  Everything I am reading about Gibson at this point doesn't indicate he is a true QB.  

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I agree with getting a polished QB, but remember, this offense is designed to overload and out man the defense because of the threat of a mobile QB.  Everyone who bashed Tebow as an NFL QB needs to remember, he had no problem hitting wide open WRs and TEs as a Gator.   What were his stats the year he won the Heisman, 25 TD passes, and 22 TD runs-ummmm.... Yes please.



Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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ill hold my anticipation for this fantasy until a later date, but for now, this is pleasing to see. 

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Let the coaches decides who's polished and who isn't. Heard he camp and played wr, never know. His signature his what I want most. Let the rest play it's self out. 


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Dont forget he seems to be close to Christian Kirk as well ;)

LETS GO URBZ!!! Make it happen.

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lets go bucks!!

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The sick thoughts going through his head right now...

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This young man just needs to stop teasing us! 

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Couldn't agree more

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if you think ppl hate TOSU now let us get a duo like that........ha not 1 not 2 not 3......


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ha not 1 not 2 not 3......

Still just as annoying 4 years later...

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Ah Shiyah!

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talk is cheap, the only thing preventing him from not only committing but being a leader in the class and recruiting, is himself.  I want a QB that is a leader.  when he actually commits, I'll get excited about him.

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I'm with you. We need someone to step up  and grab some players. If they both wanna be in the same backfield lets do this. Call Kirk while we are at it

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I just want to make sure I understood you correctly. Are you implying this kid isn't a leader? How do you know?

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Do they have any schools in common beside the Buckeyes? 

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According to the OP, No.

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Not top schools. Maybe after they visit a ton of schools they will but Damien Harris is looking at OSU, scUM, and UK right now while TG's current favorites are OSU, Tennessee and Miami.

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I agree about having a pure passer. It would be nice to see open tight ends and recievers get the ball. But..........another braxton miller, or tp will not hurt if we can get damien harris and.......christian kirk. It is spread offense so torrance would be dangerous out there

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All this talk about Torrance being a non-polished quarterback doesn't make sense to me.  He's still only a junior in high school.  Realistically, he is still at least three or four years out from getting legitimate playing time if he chooses Ohio State.  That is plenty of time to develop technique.  Right now, if nothing else, he's a dynamic athlete with leadership qualities that makes defenses defecate themselves when he's on the field.  I'd take him any day of the week!

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I'm the dude in the middle


Our Honor Defend!

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And those two women are UM fans I'm guessing

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they would be sick in the same backfield. love to see them at ohio state

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After hearing this ... all I can think is ...


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