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Comment 2 hours ago

MB: Hey Torrance, how about we all commit right now.

TG: Who me, you, Damien Harris, Rick DeBerry, Chris Clark, Justin Hilliard, and Tim Settle to start with?

MB: Ya why not, OSU is awesome.

TG: Ya let's do it. I'll get a few more 5 stars to come along too.

Comment 12 hours ago

I don't know how you can be so critical towards Brandon Cooks for not doing something "smarter" with his money. More than likely his family has been struggling his whole life, with his mom behind him every step of the way. Even in my case, even though I wasn't struggling in life, my mom was behind me every step of the way. Besides, he's ranked as the #3 WR in the draft, so I'm sure he'll make enough money to where you can criticize his decisions later. But not when he's doing what any son would do for their mom.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I will too, but the fact that he's being rated so highly by so many sources makes it hard to believe he hasn't been offered by OSU yet.


edit: also strange considering Raekwon is the only ILB we picked up in 2014, and we aren't going after any (hard) in 2015 yet.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

If we want to be the best in the nation, we have to beat the best. So why not make the B1G be the best? Obviously we are not going to win a national championship every year. I'd rather have the B1G turn into a dominant conference like the SEC, because I much prefer watching the teams up here than SEC football. Isn't it a little selfish to hope PSU sucks anyways? We play them once a year, that's the time we want to be the better football team than them, the rest of the time, I want to see them play good football. Same goes for any team around the B1G... except TSUN.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Wisconsin should deservedly be the team to beat join going into next season, but I can see Ohio State, Nebraska, and Iowa emerging as the frontrunners along side them now that Petteway is returning. MSU and UM just will not have enough talent now that Payne, Harris, and Appling / Stauskas, GRIII, Morgan, and possibly McGary are leaving, respectively.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I, as well as most people, agree that Cardale is the better quarterback, but most people, including myself, also believe that JT will gain valuable experience in the next year and emerge as the starter.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

you were intoxicated at 3;30 am on a monday? what the fuck

Comment 14 Apr 2014

There's never a problem with more depth though. I'm sure Price would work out, but this would give him another year to learn the offense and work on his technique. He'd still have 3 years of eligibility left anyways. If we got this guy, it'd allow us to move Boren to guard

Comment 14 Apr 2014

The only way I feel we'd have the possibility of landing him is if we get a commitment from Brandon Wimbush. I know they aren't a package deal, but it'd definitely help.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

At least he hasn't visited us yet

edit: nevermind, but it was over 5 months ago