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Braxton Miller practicing over the summer

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August 16, 2014 at 2:50pm

I distinctly recall this article below:


It seems like Brax did a lot of work over the summer on his own time. My assumption would be that he wouldn't be at Woody Hayes throwing bombs to Marshall if his shoulder were that messed up. Which leads me to several conclusions about his current status.

A) That he is 100% ready to go and his lack of reps with the rest of the team is due to the fact that Meyer wants some of the backup QBs to be cohesive with the rest of the first team offense should Miller be injured this season. Also, always being the futurist, he may be trying to figure out who he will begin grooming to be the 2015 starting QB. Granted, this scenario is somewhat wishful thinking.

B) Does anyone think there may have been a potential re-injury of that shoulder during the first few days of camp? Maybe nothing requiring surgery, but doesn't this sort of stink of an "Out 2-3 weeks" injury? It just seems curious to me that all of the language during Media Days all pointed to him being "100%, best shape of his life" and now he's sort of sidelined. 

What I'm getting at is that something just doesn't add up here. He certainly seemed healthy over the summer heading into camp.

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I've been curious about this, too. Late summer nights at the WHAC, more work with George Whitfield, and Urban's recent statement that Braxton is in the best shape of his life. A week ago Urban said Braxton is at 100 percent after surgery, but sore. Braxton agreed.

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I see valid points for watching the reps as pointed out by the coaches and Birm but there is still something that feels very odd about this whole taking it slow thing. There was no mention of taking it slow over the summer when Brax was spending his Friday nights throwing to his receivers.

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Fwiw, this was taken on Sunday as part of the WWL's "Bus Blitz." He seems fairly confident when asked about making long throws, and they're goofing around throwing the ball a bit at the end.

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Was his surgery in May or Febuary? I have heard it both ways now. 

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Fairly certain it was sustained in the Orange Bowl. Vic Beasley stole his soul that night. 

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Urbz - I think you're spot on with point "A." 

Not that he "doesn't need the reps" but he's been in the system now two years I'm confident the work he needed to put in has been done (watching film, working on second/third reads), and he's ready to rock n roll.... He is 100% and what's the point of proving to anyone that he is? Navy sure as hell is preparing for him.... And I feel bad for that............

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 I gotta think you want your starting QB practicing with the 1's from the beginning of fall practice. then again maybe meyer is using the first 2 weeks to get the #2 QB sorted out. Braxton and the #1's still have 2 more weeks. Every practice  they do a Navy period, so maybe that's when Braxton is practicing limited.


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I'm so confused!!

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I was wondering about Brax's recovery also. Is he healed? Did he re-injure it? Is UFM just being cautious in practice? A lot of good questions, I hope the answers are positive. In two weeks I'll get my answers. Go Bucks!


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Might've tweaked it or something during practice. couldn't have been a hit, as I'm assuming he's wearing a non-contact jersey...

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Season can't get here any sooner. Looking forward to the big opener against Navy - Braxton will need to be sharp from the opening kickoff.

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as I have posted before. I read on another site they have him on a pitch count so to speak. I remember they said he had experienced shoulder fatigue from throwing. sorta like in spring training like when pitchers get fatigued early in camp.then again who knows maybe there is more to it and come time for Navy Barret is starting?