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  • SPORTS MOMENT: When the Buckeyes take the field running through TBDBITL, being led by the O-H-I-O flags. Guaranteed to induce chills every single time.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Currently, El Guapo.
  • NHL TEAM: This is America, dammit. *Cue screaming Bald Eagle
  • NBA TEAM: SpaceJam.
  • MLB TEAM: Red Legs
  • SOCCER TEAM: My Lolipop League team circa 1990. I played Spider

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Comment 09 Jan 2014

Gene Smith better be checking the bank account and looking for the "Tuscaloosa" and "East Lansing" tabs of the ol Rolodex.

Comment 25 Nov 2012


If Tiger Woods and Chuck Norris were to procreate, it would be Drew Basil. In fact, I think that's what his profile on the OSU roster says. 


Comment 24 Nov 2012

You, good sir, are forgiven. Without him, no win. 

Comment 16 Nov 2012

We'll need Sabino come Saturday afternoon. Probably the most needed injury return all season (Aside from Braxasaurus). Welcome back!

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I don't believe he will be at their level either, or at least ready to be an elite NFL QB. However, lets say for the sake of argument that he wins the Heisman next year. Its a real possibility. Multi million dollar contracts are calling. My bet will be that he enters the draft. However, I do think that he would benefit from a full 4 years as a starting QB for a team in National Championship contention. He would be better prepared for the pros. But then again, what happens when he forgoes the draft, has a season ending injury (Woody, don't let this happen, bro) and his draft stock falls. He goes from a 7 digit salary to 6. I'm not even sure that I have a point with this comment, but I sure do like the sound of my own keystrokes.

Comment 25 Sep 2012

I, too, enjoy the confidence, but I have a distinct feeling that Brax will be NFL bound after next season. As much as I would like to complain about a player leaving their brethern behind for the pros, I can't. C.R.E.A.M., Dolla dolla billz y'all.