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Comment 23 May 2016

This is all good stuff I'm hearing. Luckily, writing is my strong suit, so I should be fine in this thing. Obviously, any testing or quizzes online will be open book, so it sounds like I'll be golden. 

Comment 23 May 2016

Right on, thanks for your take.

I've always been a student who enjoys interacting with my professors and attending lecture, asking questions, etc. I usually absorb most of my information that way, as I'm starting my 4th semester and I have a cumulative 4.0 without really cracking open a textbook. I would assume most of this will be done via reading assignments, so I'm certain this will be slightly different. 

Comment 22 May 2016

I recently saw a theory that said that Tony ended up killing Butch (the assumed successor to Leotardo's throne) and merged his family with the Lupertazzi's... effectively making him the crime ruler of Northern New Jersey and NYC. 

Far fetched? For sure. But there isn't a more effective leader in the Soprano or Lupertazzi family. I can't help but to think that Little Carmine would have supported it. He was always a big fan of Tony's and stated in the series that he didn't want The Big Seat. 

Thats sort of the magic of ending the series like that. Individual interpretation. After years of watching the series, I almost had an emotional attachment with Tony and various other characters. I really like the above proposed scenario. 

Comment 21 May 2016

I was a cub scout when I was a kid. Stopped when I got to Boy Scouts. I've always said that if I have a son one day, I would involve him in it. Gained some valuable lessons and it built the foundation I have today for my love of nature. 

Like someone else had said, a lot of it hinges on your troop leaders, etc. But I truly enjoyed it. 

Comment 21 May 2016

Agreed. Your comment about Carmella speaks volumes about the complexities of each character in the series. 

I was always on Tony's side regarding A.J., I always hoped the kid would grow some balls and quit being a "whiny little bitch," as Tony put it. 

Comment 21 May 2016

I haven't jumped on the Game of Thrones train yet. I also own The Wire box set, it is absolutely up there with The Sopranos, but I still think Tony and company reign supreme. Breaking Bad is a great series as well. Interesting you mention that, when James Gandolfini died (which I am still in disbelief over), Brian Cranston said "Without Tony Soprano, there would be no Walter White." 

Comment 21 May 2016

Absolutely. However, the moment of Tony-distributed violence which makes me cheer like OSU just scored a touchdown is in one of the final episodes.

Meadow and Patrick Parisi are out to eat in the city when that dude from the Lupertazzi Family, Coco, comes over and says some very, very unflattering things, in an intimidating manner, to Meadow. She tells Tony at the breakfast table the next morning. As a rule, families are usually never touched and especially not a man's daughter, so as a viewer, you can't wait to see what happens. In the next scene, Tony walks into Coco's restaurant where Butch, the Lupertazzi underboss, is having lunch. He grabs Coco, viciously pistol whips him and points the sub nose revolver at Butch, telling him to sit down and shut up. He then curb stomps all of Coco's teeth out. Sounds vicious and ultra violent, it absolutely is. But you can't help but to think that justice was served. 

Comment 07 May 2016

I'm really looking forward to this season. I have absolutely ZERO expectations, other than to beat Michigan at the end of the season. Unlike last year, which was almost painful to watch games, waiting for them to "figure it out."

With that said, As long as we're ranked in the top 20, so I don't care. As stated by earlier posters, Meyer thrives off this kind of thing. There are a slew of young, immensely talented men who are going to be working their asses off to get a starting role and get noticed by NFL scouts. We're probably going to lose a game or two. We have Oklahoma away, Penn State away, Wisconsin away, Northwestern away, Michigan State away, all of those teams could easily be ranked opponents. There will be no doubting our strength of schedule, should we pull out those wins.

We'll easily move up week to week.

Comment 07 May 2016

I also think it is evident that Clark simply isn't as good as the coaching staff thought he would be when they offered him in 2013 (he was what? 14? 15?). Haskins is a stud. Assuming his body can handle the rigors of collegiate level football, he's the heir apparent to Barrett's throne. 

Comment 07 May 2016

A part of me does feel bad for him, but another part of me doesn't. I know we all like to look at college football with rose-colored glasses and bask in the glory of our "amateur" sport, but lets be real here: its a multi-billion dollar business and essentially a "farm league" for the NFL. I'm all about giving hard working, young men a chance in life, but NFL front offices aren't going to hold your hand and keep you on the roster because you really want to be there. Call it dirty, call it what you want, but this happens all of the time in the NFL. 

Its almost like dating a girl you really, really like (or even love), but you know she'd be happier elsewhere. Its almost the right thing to do to let her go. Same thing here. If you really care about this kid and his future, but you know he may never start because there is just far too much talent there (and better guys want to be there), its probably the right thing to say "Its probably not going to work out here, you might want to look elsewhere." 

Comment 18 Apr 2016

Have you seen some of the girls in Tuscaloosa (on campus...not Alabama as a whole)? Enjoy yourself young player. 

At any rate, it doesn't really matter. Between Barrett (two years left), Burrow, Collier and Haskins (let me say this again, Haskins *fire emoji*), we should be fine without him. There isn't any shortage of quarterbacks who want to come play for Urban Meyer and his offense.