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Comment 25 Apr 2015

I think you may be correct about this. However, I know that OSU pays their coaches well and they sure aren't doing this for a needed payday. I also know enough about the world to know that the coaches, most likely, wouldn't go to some small school a thousand miles away (in extremely fertile recruiting country) to help with a camp out of the kindness of their hearts. Im certain, as you said, this is a recruiting move. 

If satellite camps are going to be utilized by Meyer's in-conference competition, it would probably be a safe assumption that Meyer will be following suit. That is, unless, he believes that the Ohio State program is large enough to not require such "underhanded" tactics. Which it very well may be. Time will tell!

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Yeah, I'd like to see how many OSU coaches attend and if The Pope (Meyer) attends as well. I was wondering what the distinction was between this and what Harbaugh and Franklin are doing. Thanks for the insight! 

Comment 25 Apr 2015

In all seriousness though, if this has been discussed, feel free to delete this thread, modz. I looked around a bit and didn't see anything blatantly discussing this. 

Comment 10 Feb 2015

My Top 5:

1. Raekwon McMilian

2. Raekwon McMillan

3. Raekwon McMillan

4. Raekwon McMillan

5. Raekwon McMillan


Comment 26 Jan 2015

I believe Bosa hit the nail on the head during the game. Herbstreit did a bit of lip reading on the Big Bear after that play. Bosa jsaid "WHAT? IM PLAYING FOOTBALL."

Comment 16 Jan 2015

This old El Salvadorean (no joke) man told me this one time. He looked me in the eyes and said:

"Listen to me. All (expletive deleted) costs money. In one way or another, we all end up paying for it."

The most true statement ever told to me. 

Comment 14 Jan 2015

1-2 in the next 5 years is just fine with me. However, staying in the top of the college football world EVERY year is what is most important to me. 

It is incredibly hard to win a college football National Championship. Probably the most difficult task in all of college sports for the following reasons:

1. Starting with recruiting - convince the best players in the country to move to cold, wintery Ohio to play for OSU. There are a lot of reasons that is easy. There are also a ton of reasons why that is difficult. Collecting a top 5 team every class is a huge task within itself. 

2. Players - this isn't the NFL. You have these kids for a VERY limited amount of time. One of the downfalls of recruiting top players is that you often lose them to professional football earlier than more mediocre players. You need the right coaches in place to develop them and create a positive, mentoring environment to keep them on the right track and out of trouble; both academic and personally. 

3. Winning - You essentially must win all 12 of your regular season games. You might be able to lose one, but it usually has to come early in the season against a strong opponent. To boot, if you lose a game, the other titans of college football that you're indirectly competing against must lose a game as well. 

4. Style Points - not only must you win your games, you have to look dominant doing so.

4. Division and Conference Championships - Looking at this season and just common logic, you will need to win first your Division, then win an actual conference championship game; a 13th game. Also do this in a convincing fashion.

5. Selection Commitee - You have to convince a panel of "experts" of varying degrees to select you to be in the playoffs. At this point, it's out of your hands. You need to let your body of work speak for itself. It also helps (whether it's admitted or not) if your fanbase is large, travels well and is very devoted to spending money to support that team. Whether that be via merchandise or by turning on the television to earn advertising dollars. Major college football is a business. Don't forget that. Ever.

6. The Playoffs - Yes, a 14th game. You're approaching an NFL length season now. There will be injuries. You've been deemed one of the 4 best teams in College Football. There will be distractions. You might have your talented coordinators and coaches, that so efficiently developed these players, interviewing for other jobs.  Now you've got to play probably the hardest game you've played this season after having lost momentum because you will have had a multi week break in game play. This also allows ample time to research your opponent, on the bright side. You must win this game as well to advance to the next level.

7. The National Championship Game - You are now playing the other team in the country that has reached all of the same benchmarks that you have. There will be more distractions. Less time to prepare for this next opponent. You are on arguably the biggest stage in American sports. This is your chance, you may lose key players next year. There is no guarantee you'll be back here next year, either. You then have to go play the game of your life and win, yes, a 15th game.

Did you win?! DID YOU WIN?!? If you did, then you are that year's National Champion. It's truly a magical thing.

The point I'm trying to illustrate is this: in order to win a National Championship, you have to get all of those things right and it starts years before that 15th game. It's INCREDIBLY difficult, improbable and damn near impossible. Doing that ONCE is a huge accomplishment and something to be enormously proud of. That's probably why some of us get emotional when thinking about this time in our lives right now, if you understand the big picture. 

To say that we will win 5 of the next 10 National Championships isn't impossible, but it's not going to happen (that's not to say that if it does, I won't be walking around with a giant boner for the next decade). 

Do I see us being in The Chase (Top 10 ranking) for the next 10 years. Hell yes. Do I see us winning a couple? Fuck yeah. But what is most important to me in not fading into middle of the pack irrelevancy during that time. 

And my friends, I think we're in great hands to avoid that. Go Bucks. 

Comment 02 Jan 2015

I didn't. But when I place myself in the future on January 12, winning the National Championship and "Carmen Ohio" being played by TBDBITL, I sure as hell do. 

Comment 31 Dec 2014

One big edge that the Harbaugh Administration will have over most of the Big Ten is that he will be able to recruit California well