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Comment 24 Jun 2016

I'm not certain that it would have a direct, physical exacerbation of neurological deterioration. But I would undoubtedly believe that pairing CTE (which causes mood instability) and anabolic steroids (which cause mood instability) together could be devastating.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

This is like having to pick New York or Chicago style pizza as being your favorite. They're both fuggin DELICIOUS. 

Comment 22 Jun 2016

The article states that he only had stage 1 CTE. Usually suicide/major behavioral issues come later. So I'm led to believe that there was some underlying mental illness going on as well. The article also mentions prohormone use, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a steroid element here as well.

Im not convinced that OSU team doctors could have seen this coming based off of concussion protocol alone. 

Comment 21 Jun 2016

Thanks man! I'm not really majoring in poli sci because I feel as though it is what will best prepare me for law school or career. I'm mainly doing it because it's what I love. I'm probably going the route of the World Politics major at OSU (in the political science department), perhaps I'll get into International Law. 

While patent law is undoubtedly very lucrative, the money isn't what drives me. I think no matter what happens, if I end up at great law school and do well, I'll be comfortable financially. 

But, I will say this. When I start daydreaming about clerking for Sotomayor or RBD, or hell, even a federal judge, that's when I get chills. I can get choked up thinking about it. So maybe that says a lot more about what type of law I eventually want to do. lol. 

I'm just going to keep pursuing my passions and attempt to be the best at what I do, still being mindful of salary. I'll make it! 

Comment 21 Jun 2016

That's hard to say. I've spoken with numerous attorneys and admissions officers at t15 law schools. They said that English and philosophy are good for law school admissions. They want to see that you can think critically. They also want to see that you can read well and write exceptionally. I'm obsessive about looking into what BigLaw associates and partners majored in. It's often Liberal Arts type stuff in their undergrads. I know someone who works at Kirkland Ellis in corporate law and they majored in medieval lit. I also know another guy who just graduated from Yale Law who majored in something relating to Poetry. 

So the best advice I got was to major in a Liberal Art that I really enjoyed. Thus far, it's gone very well. Majoring in something that pushes one to write and think critically while maintaining interest and passion is key. But I'm also VERY aware how important the LSAT will be, I'm taking a semester off to focus exclusively on that, including tutoring, etc. 

My plan is to continue to kick ass, do my very best and challenge myself academically. Then get into a T-15 (hopefully University of Chicago, Northwestern, Stanford, Harvard, Yale) and figure out what I'm most passionate about once I'm there. 

I believe I absolutely wish to get into litigation. I want to be in the courtroom. I'm also fairly politically motivated and I feel strongly about criminal justice reform, so constitutional law is very intriguing to me. I also am mindful of the debt I'm incurring and the pay that public service gives. So that remains to be seen. Some BigLaw firms allow their people to count pro-bono work toward SOME of their billable hours. I know Skadden does this. So perhaps I could work in litigation in BigLaw and still do work that I'm passionate about. 

Hopefully that answers some questions. Feel free to follow up, I always love input and advice. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

Did you enter out of high school as an incoming freshman or as a transfer?

Im curious to know what kind of scholarship and grant options are available for transfer students. 

Comment 20 Jun 2016

I'm actually transferring to OSU from a community college here in Ohio in Spring 2017 as well. A few pointers:

if you have over 30 hours of transferable college credit, you don't have to include any of your high school information. No SAT, ACT or high school transcripts. This is great for me, as I didn't even graduate high school. I did take the GED and placed in the 98th percentile nationally, without classes. 

I'm transferring in as a political science/philosophy double major (howdy, law school), so I'm not sure what Fischer's requirements are. I also haven't really worried about getting in, as I'm coming in with over 50 credit hours with a 4.0 GPA and honors. 

My advice: call someone at admissions and talk with them. Luckily, OSU came down to my school (Sinclair) to do some "academic recruiting" and admissions/advising sat down with me for over an hour one on one. But they're very helpful. Also, kick up the grades. The student environment is very competitive at OSU. If you're struggling to stay above 3.0 at a lesser school, it might get rough in Columbus. Just buckle down, you can do it. OSU is a great school and becoming better all the time. Kick ass and come in strong in the spring. 

Comment 18 Jun 2016

I've seen The Black Crowes probably a dozen times and it was always excellent. I'm surprised!

Comment 18 Jun 2016

Saw Trey Anastasio Band post-Phish hiatus but before he got arrested and found recovery. He was completely smacked out and it was just really bad that night. I should also mention that I've seen TAB now that he's clean and it was great. I've also seen Phish several times since they came back (again next Sunday) and they kill it. 

Widespread Panic is probably my favorite presently touring live act. I've seen them probably close to 100 times. I started seeing them AFTER Michael Houser died of pancreatic cancer (I was 15 when he died). I started seeing them when George McConnell was playing lead for them and it was so goddamn boring. I walked out of a show in Indy once. The jams never took off. Obviously some songs were great, but I became sold on them after seeing them with Sam Holt playing lead. Of course when Jimmy Herring came on board, they were unstoppable. A distinctly, heavier, less jammy sound than with Houser, but I'll be seeing them December 29th, 30th, and 31st in Nashville. I love em. But some of those G-Mac shows were awful. 

I listen to a ton of rap/hip-hop, but the vast majority of those shows are terrible. Some DJ literally hits play on a studio track from the album (vocals included) and the rapper shouts SOME of the lyrics into a mic with some of his boys behind him, also yelling. No respect for the live music experience. I will say that some of that is changing. I've seen Kanye and as much of a perfectionist diva asshole as he is, he gives a great live performance with good production. Drake is supposedly very good live and Future often performs with a live band. The Roots are still one of the best live performances in the game. What talent. 

I saw the Avett Brothers live and while their studio stuff is largely fantastic, I wouldn't seem them again unless the venue was under 1,000. 

Comment 18 Jun 2016

Had a similar experience with him. GREAT songwriter, but same experience.

That said, apparently he's exponentially better now that he's off of heroin. 

Comment 18 Jun 2016

A lot of it depends on your insurer. My personal trainer believes I tore my left shoulder labrum during bench press almost a month ago. I couldn't use my arm for nearly a week, but I've always had shitty shoulders and have had multiple dislocations on both my left and right. I didn't have a dislocation that day, but I had just done a set of 225 lbs and went to wipe my sweat from my forehead and couldn't raise my arm without extreme pain.

It got better, I didn't lift for a few weeks, but I was in the shower one day reaching behind me for my shampoo and felt the same pain. Now my left shoulder (and to an extent, my right) just feels very, very unstable; as though it could fall out of socket at any time. I went to my family doc, who is a DO, not an MD, he did an physical examination (no imaging) and thinks my left labrum is absolutely torn. My right has some tearing too. He referred me to a sports medicine doc and said they would call me for an appointment. Monday of this week rolls around and finally I call the orthopedist (it has been a week), they say they don't take my insurance. So i look at my available ortho guys in my network and call my doctor's office for a referral. They sent it over Tuesday and they said I should hear something Wednesday of this week. Thursday comes, I hadn't heard anything, so I called the new orthopedist. They said they review charts on Tuesdays and the earliest I'll hear anything for scheduling an appointment will be next Wednesday. Maybe later. God knows how long it will be until I get an appointment.

Meanwhile, my left shoulder is really unstable. I'm limited in range of motion and am on prescription anti-inflammatories. I wait tables for a living (I'm a student on summer break), which makes me really nervous. Lifting heavy trays and reaching for things is hard, like I said, the instability (and sometimes pain) drives me nuts. Work is hard, I can't lift weights (which is a huge stress outlet for me), I can't go canoeing, swimming is pretty much out. I'll be going to South Carolina (Fripp Island) in August, so any boarding I wish to do is probably out. Swimming out between sandbars and having a dislocation in heavy surf could be a total disaster.

I'm not even certain surgery is an option. From everything I've seen, I wouldn't be able to wait tables for months and thats how I support myself. I'm not certain trying to get to class and back, doing homework and typing and all would be feasible with the use of only one arm. And in all reality, I probably need surgery on both shoulders due to a lifetime of random dislocations. 

I know it could be way worse, but its frustrating. I also realize that I kinda hijacked this thread, but to answer your original question, it all depends on your insurance. If my insurance was better (and the communication between my doc and ortho was better), I would probably have already seen someone. But I could still be weeks out. Best of luck.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

I'm thinking the same. I very well may pay to read his content in the future. 

Ideal situation: he has taken a position within OSU's recruiting department and will be 11W's new man inside.

Comment 14 Jun 2016

I personally don't have an issue with any of the aforementioned news agencies. But I know people around here do, so I was nipping that in the bud immediately.

Bleacher Report is the only site I have a problem with, mostly because their stuff is largely clickbait, irrelevant and second hand.