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Franklin Howard commits to Syracuse

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April 14, 2014 at 10:34pm

Buckeyes were among the six finalists, but four-star, 2015 G Franklin Howard will play for Jim Boeheim:

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Do players ever pick knowing what kind of defense they will be playing? ('Cuse=zone) As a personal preference type deal?

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Great Question what do you say Mike?

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Boeheim will obviously stress that to him, and if he knows a player is not comfortable playing 2-3 zone, he's not going to take him. But with many of these kids, it's about developing their offensive game first and Cuse can give a versatile player, such as Howard, a lot of freedom within their system (think Ennis, MCW, Waiters, etc).

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Thanks for the follow up - that's good info

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has to play a role. There are numerous reasons to pick a program, but playing style and how you will fit is very important. Look at what recruits say after visits. They usually make remarks about the offense a team runs or how the defensive style fits their game. 

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Who the feck is Franklin Howard?

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