Ohio State Board of Trustees Set to Approve Premium Pricing for Wisconsin Game

By Jason Priestas on January 31, 2013 at 6:34p

The Shoe at night is a beautiful place

As Eleven Warriors first reported last Tuesday, Ohio State's plan to raise ticket prices and designate premium games is about to become a reality:

The Ohio State Board of Trustees will vote Friday to approve higher prices for football and basketball tickets that athletic director Gene Smith said should raise an extra $6 million a year for the Buckeyes' athletic department.

For 2013, football tickets will go up in price from $70 to $79. There will be one premium game designated, against Wisconsin, that will cost $110.

In related news, Eat Too Brutus, Eleven Warriors' annual charity tailgate, will likely be held before the Wisconsin game, which is expected to be under the lights at Ohio Stadium.

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kr66osu's picture

Thank god for 2 more years of student tickets

FROMTHE18's picture

annnnd there goes the sell out

mr.green's picture

There goes the chance for someone to sell for $300.  I think this will actually help those of us who have to scalp a seat. 

PWLafferty. TBDBITL. TRow.'s picture

I strongly disagree with this.  Yes, this increase will make alums/fans grumble, but when it comes down to it, those tickets will sell, and those seats will fill.  Our fan base is far too large and too passionate to let any increase push them away from games they would have normally attended prior to the increase.  And if one fan is disgusted enough to pass up on the opportunity he or she otherwise would have taken, I'd say there are many fans out there that will bite the bullet and buy the ticket(s).  

"I'm up there with Chris and Dave Pass, getting ready to broadcast that game, and that band came out of that tunnel, I was wiping tears out of my eyes and all the memories came back." ~Urban Meyer

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It would be funny if this game kicks off at 3:30, because the only reason Wisconsin is premium is if it's a night game.

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I can't wait to pay $79 per seat - wait, I mean $257.57 per seat when you include the pro rata share of the $2,500 donation I must make to the university in order to have the right to purchase season tickets - for Buffalo, San Diego State, and Florida A&M.
Any 11W brothers or sisters interested in a pair of tickets to the Buffalo game at my cost? I'll even cover the Ticketmaster transfer fee.

1stYrBuckIClub's picture

I don't believe the minimum is $2500 if I recall correctly... Last year I donated $1500 and that was the minimum tier for season tickets (unless you're using a business as the donating entity). But I find it entirely ludicrous that everyone compared our tickets to other games, when no other school (or perhaps Alabama, but very few) have to donate a set sum of money for 'permission' to buy season tickets...

AndyVance's picture

Contributions of $1,500+ for Buckeye Club membership (Athletic Department donations) will get access, but it's $2,500+ for President's Club, which are donations to the academic and other related non-athletic units of the University. PC requirements for getting tickets are much higher, including, for example, and earlier cut-off date for contributions to apply toward ticket eligibility.

741's picture

Yep. I have gone through PC for at least a decade. Did BC for a couple years before that.

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This is what happens when you hire companies to do an assessment, who have no idea of the situation.  Get used to seeing "Plenty great seats remain for the weaksconsin badjerks game."

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To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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This is a terrible move. It's gonna hurt the atmosphere inside the Shoe. 

The South will NOT rise again!

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I married into a family of UK alumni. I've been to Rupp >20 times. The 24k plus environment is not all that intimidating because all the lower arena is blue hair white rich people who sit on their hands. I'm afraid this could happen to the Horseshoe if the price of a ticket continues too be one of the highest in the country.
I have mentioned to coworkers how I like the environment of Cameron Indoor and more recently the Nut House. The students along the sidelines yelling "Deal With It" creates a competitive advantage.
The UK fans here know I'm right but their still too butt hurt over the Laetener shot too acknowledge Duke has a home court advantage.

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Ron White

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environment is not all that intimidating because all the lower arena is blue hair white rich people who sit on their hands. I'm afraid this could happen to the Horseshoe

well, IMO, the crowd at the Horseshoe really only gets loud for a touchdown, defensive caused turnovers and TBDBITL entrances.  I have been to quite a few Buckeye Games, but have watched 90% of them on TV, and it seems to me that the only truely electric atmosphere games in the 'Shoe are night games and when Michigan visits..... otherwise there are alot of white haired golf claps for first downs and nice plays.  It would be a stretch to call the normal OSU home game crowd rowdy or loud.

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I like football

buckeye4life050233's picture

The atmosphere definately has declined since the 02' NC season...that year was all great game time atmospheres except maybe the 1st 2 games.....Though 05' Texas, 07' Michigan, 10' Iowa, 11' Wisconsin, and 12' Nebraska were crazy good atmospheres.....granted they all were night or 330 games....

drumsontheside's picture

It's sad because many people are saying that this raise in pricing will turn Ohio Stadium into a club for the rich with little atmosphere. 

It's really sad because that's my opinion of the Horseshoe already, minus night/UM games. 


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I agree that the atmosphere will suffer, but at the end of the day Ohio State won't care because they are getting more of the only thing that matters to them anymore.  MONEY.

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Man, could the 2013 home schedule be any more lame?  Host 3 awful nonconference teams, Wisconsin is the first conference game of the year and will be the most expensive, despite their new coach and 3 or 4 straight years of being the 7th-ranked B1G team in the recruiting rankings (Wisconsin could be in for an awful year), depleted Penn State, Iowa, two bye weeks, and the only game in November is Indiana.
If it's a national title run, most of the good stuff will be happening away from Columbus.
F-Michigan.  Go Buckeyes.

kr66osu's picture

which makes it all the more stupid that they would pick this year to make this change
If this price increase causes games to start not selling out, we will see it immediately this season because of the embarrassingly bad schedule

Alhan's picture

I agree.  My first thought was "how do they even know this is a premium game?"  I don't know about you, but I kinda expect Wisconsin to be fairly terrible this year.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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sheeesh - i paid $140 from a scalper for the '95 notre dame game and thought i was getting bent over.  Now the face value is $110

dumpus's picture

look on the bright side - every year, your '95 game looks like a better and better deal?

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So instead of the singles being available on stubhub starting at around $110 this year for the E2B game, they'll start closer to $140 or $150. Great. Some of us already drop a boatload of money just getting to C-Bus for a game each year.

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This decision reminds me of that time Gene Smith <insert anything except helped hire Urban Meyer>....

Don't text while driving.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

$30-$40 extra a ticket per person?  If that helps to build a national championship team type dynasty than sign me up.  I don't like dishing out more but I'm not mad at it.

741's picture

Serious question: Are you a season ticket holder?

ausmos's picture

It doesn't bother me. I will continue to watch in the comfort of my home. This could even be a good thing for people like me if it gets them to schedule more "premium" games.

One Bad Buckeye's picture

Hopefully they use some of the money to get rid of that 180 million dollar deficit.  

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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It is factually inaccurate to refer to $180 million in debt as a deficit. Deficits and debt are two totally different things, and you can have one without the other. Debt is accumulated when you borrow money to pay for projects like stadium renovations and arena expansions. Deficit occurs when expenses exceed revenues, something that does not happen in the Ohio State Athletic Department.

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Maybe someone should tell the board of trustees that if you're gonna jack up ticket prices, jack them up against teams that don't suck?

741's picture

I have no problem with paying more for one or two "premium" games per season. I am mildly offended however by already being required to pay a premium over market price for several games per year every year, and not even at least having the infrastructure around me in Ohio Stadium to have an excellent game day experience.
If I am paying top dollar (or above) for my entertainment, I want to be able to get my concession item(s) of choice without stading in line for 20-30 minutes - and the vendors should never, ever run out of $4 bottles of Dasani water regardless of how hot it is outside. (And hotdogs should never, ever be sold out by halftime under any circumstances.) When I need to pee, I want to be able to do so quickly, efficiently, and with a modicum of privacy.
Is that too much to ask?
/rant over

ausmos's picture

If anyone has a problem with this, there is a simple solution...don't go. They can continue jacking up prices because, despite all the complaining, people will keep going to games.
Stop giving them donations and stop buying season tickets. Otherwise, stop complaining. 

Todd-Not Boeckmann's picture

Wow.  Easy for you to say.
I am totally depressed over this.  I have been going to Ohio State football games since I went to my first one (a 7-0 win vs Indiana in the rain in 1966).  I have been a season ticket holder since we collectively held our breath only to see BOTH Rod Gerald and Art Schichter run on the field in 1978.  I have supported the university as a life member of the PResident's Club since then.   The first song I learned to sing as a little kid was Carmen Ohio.  I sang We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan to each of my kids after the docter handed them to me in the delivery room.  Woody Hayes used to visit our house once a year because he was friends with my parents.   I broke up with a girlfriend 20 minutes before kickoff because she didn't care that we were going to miss a ramp entrance.
I am done.  The 33% increase in ticket prices in just the last three years was hard to swallow.  But to tell me that I get to spend $79 per ticket to watch crap teams like Buffalo and SDSU and Indiana, just for the right to spend $110.00 to watch a meh Wisconsin team is an insult.  And then next season, the ticket for the weasel game will be $125.00 a ticket?    
If the Board of Trustees think that all alumni live the same lifestyle as Leslie Wexner and Jerome Schottenstein, they're as deluded and out of touch as the US Senate.  I am tired of arguing with my wife that we can afford the tickets.  So, despite faithfully attending every game but 5 for 35 seasons, including attending a Michigan against doctor's orders because I just KNEW John Cooper would beat the weasels THIS year; despite having grown up loving Ohio State football more than any other team/sport, I'm out.
Enjoy the Ramp entrances folks.  I'm sure I will cry the first time I miss one next year.  Enjoy the post game Carmen Ohio.  I'll just watch on TV.  But on August 31, 2013, Ohio State football will never be the same for me.  

On the wall guarding the North Coast from all Weasel invasions.

Firedup's picture

so how many fans will this push to attend away games at other stadiums that may be cheaper to go to?

"Making the Great State of Ohio Proud!" UFM

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This is BS. It is nothing but blatant greed. Anyone raising prices for OSU vs Buffalo should be ashamed. Charging premium prices for Wisky is insult to injury. Since when is a middle tier team a premium game? Maybe if it were USC or FL or someone of consequence it would be worth the extra dough. An in conference game should never be premium. This year may very well be my last as a season ticket holder. I love OSU, but that doesn't mean that I am ok with the university bending me over. Next year I will take that $2000 for membership to the buckeye club and buy a 60" TV. Enough is enough. Wonder if I can get a refund on my donation the the buckeye club.
anyone who thinks this is a good thing is a complete fool.



Proud parent of a Senior at The Ohio State University

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

I can only imagine what'll happen to ticket prices if OSU wins the NC this year. 
It is unnecessary to raise prices.  Wisconsin is not a premium game, even if it is at night.  They won't be that good.  The only games that should ever be considered "premium" are TSUN games and bigtime out-of-conference matchups.  There's no reason to raise ticket prices other than they can, and people will still go.  It's becoming comical at this point.  The only way to get OSU to stop is for that stadium to not be full, aka nowhere close to 105,000 in the seats.

Class of 2010.