Miami's Two Staffs

By Ramzy Nasrallah on December 11, 2011 at 11:16a

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so that's why they beat us last season.  cheaters.

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Didn't tsun get the same waiver for Rich Rod?

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He wasn't hired until Dec 17. That would have only given him 1-3 days to recruit before the 2007 dead period began (it ended after UM's Capital One Bowl). So I don't know, but I doubt it.

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I have read that they did get the same waiver. The waiver is not uncommon at all.

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North Carolina and UCLA both got this waiver for this bowl season as well.  However, they are not OSU so nobody cares.

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Yep. scUM is crying over this, AD, Hoke, wow. Amazing for all the shit their fanbase is spewing about Tressel, tatgate, etc., they all seem to forget when their over-practing (non) fiasco was going on, Tressel supported RichRod, and no one here was crying foul. (Save M-Man who is a total class act).

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go blow, scUM !

David Brandon is a whiny beotch

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Personally, I shall never forget the grace and the class demonstrated by Tressel toward Rodriguez.  So, yeah.

As for the OSU two-staff waiver; you guys have a solid case that it is allowed by the rules, with some pretty clear precedent.

I am uncomfortable with Dave Brandon's whining about it publicly.  But he does have a point, and it isn't complete hyposcrisy on his part, in comparison with Rodriguez's mid-December hiring, versus the Meyer-November hiring.  Because while Rodriguez was on the job for a couple of days before the enforced recruting dead period, he had no staff (his WVU assistants were still coaching the Mountaineers for their bowl game) and it is quantitatively, if not qualitatively, different from what Meyer & co. are now doing.  The truth, as usual, is somwhere in the middle.


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A waiver is a waiver. No outside hires are helpng Meyer during this process either. In fact, Meyer only has half of a staff to recruit with. It's not like he has 10 recruiting and 10 coaching. Brandon wasn't brought in for his huge knowledge of football either, he was brought in for his organization skills. 

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So because UM dorked around and took 3 weeks to hire a coach that is OSU's fault? 

OSU was ahead of the curve on this situation.  That is something I am very happy about.

I know you are a very level headed intelligent guy M Man, but UM's Rodriguez situation is hardly even worth bring up in this scenario. 

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I only brought up Rodriguez because Brandon's critics are calling him a hypocrite; that Rodriguez was calling recruits as soon as he was named the 2008 coach.  Bringing up Rodriguez is essentially your side of the rebuttal to Brandon.  (In fact, I don't really recall Michigan getting a formal waiver for Rodriguez to start calling Pryor on his ceelphone from the airport when he got the Michigan job!)  It is up to Brandon to distinguish the two cases.  And, I suppose that to a some extent -- as I outlined -- Brandon could do that.

But on balance I agree; nobody ought to complain about OSU getting an approved waiver that is consistent with past cases.

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