B1G Football Recruiting Rankings: 1/6

By Jordan Wagner on January 6, 2014 at 6:00p
Ohio State's top targetWill Ohio State land five-star Solomon Thomas?

We are just under a month remaining until grown men will huddle around a fax machine and wait for high school football prospects to send in a piece of paper, locking them into a college.

Despite the limited time, the recruiting trail has largely been quiet due to the dead period that runs through January 16. 

Ohio State was the only school to land a commitment this week. The Buckeyes went two for two by landing Erick Smith and Marshon Lattimore during the Army All-American Game. The pair of commitments moved Ohio State up the national recruiting rankings and helped increase their distance from the rest of the Big Ten conference. 

The recruiting scene may be slow for the Buckeyes over the next ten days. The staff already has at least five official visits scheduled for January and that number is expected to grow. With two or three (maybe even four) spots left, the few weeks leading up to National Signing Day will be eventful. Consider this the "calm before the storm." 

Now, on to the rankings.

14. Minnesota

Four-star Gopher commitment Jeff Jones is planning to visit Florida and Michigan soon. After impressing in the All-American game, Jones is now trending towards Florida on the crystal ball. 

Minnesota has the fewest pledges in the Big Ten, but they could take as many as 20 when all is said and done. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period. 

13. Indiana

Former Tennessee commit and four-star wide receiver Dominique Booth is announcing tomorrow between Indiana and Missouri. The Hoosiers appear to be the heavy favorite for the big time wide receiver. Booth plans to enroll early and should be a major candidate for early playing time. Indiana has the potential for a strong finish to boost themselves in our rankings. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period. 

12. Illinois

Things remain quiet in Champaign as we are still in a recruiting dead period. Coach Beckman has been pursing junior college prospects hard, as he knows the pressure to win now is there. 

Many have seemed to forgot about former Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt. Lunt will be eligible to play for the Fighting Illini next season. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period. 

11. Purdue

The Boilermakers are hoping to add three more prospects to No. 11 ranked recruiting class. Not much has changed in the latest few weeks since Purdue is still looking to bring in multiple top targets for an official visit after the dead period closes. 

Landing three-star lineman A.J. Allen over South Florida and Kansas State could be the top priority for Darrell Hazell. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

One-time Buckeye targetWill Damian Prince be a Terrapin? 

10. Maryland

Five-star corner Jalen Tabor was once considered a heavy Maryland lean, but he surprised many with his commitment to Arizona. It's a big loss for Randy Edsall, who was already on the hot seat. Unranked corner Daniel Ezeagwu could be the replacement for Tabor, although his offer list is not too impressive. 

The Terps remain the favorite for five-star offensive tackle Damian Prince, but Maryland fans are slightly worried after the latest developments on the recruiting scene. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

9. Iowa

Four-star offensive lineman Brian Wallace was once high on Iowa, but he decided to commit to Arkansas over Alabama during the All-American Game. The Hawkeyes would also miss out on four-star Rutgers decommit Adonis Jennings, who committed to Pittsburgh, yesterday. 

Kirk Ferentz could be in line for a solid 2015 recruiting class after already landing a commitment from highly-regarded quarterback Jack Beneventi

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

8. Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights' recruiting class was just up near the top of the B1G until they were hit with numerous decommits. It's hard to say how Kyle Flood will finish this recruiting class with Rutgers losing more commitments than adding as of late. 

For Rutgers to have eight more commitments than Northwestern and still trail in the rankings could be bad news for the Big Ten. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

From Northwestern to WisconsinDareian Watkins will be at Wisconsin next season. 

7. Northwestern

The Wildcats could be finished with their small recruiting class. While cutting ties with four-star Dareian Watkins stinks, it was the right thing to do. Northwestern's class was once third in the rankings, but the lack of numbers was one of the main reasons for the fall to seven. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

6. Nebraska

Nebraska could soon lose defensive back coach Terry Joesph to Texas A&M, which could have an impact on the final month of recruiting. While the Cornhuskers don't currently lead for any prospects on the crystal ball, Bo Pelini and staff will surely be working hard in January to reel in a few prospects. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

5. Michigan State

The Spartans could be in line for a strong finish on the recruiting trail after their Rose Bowl win. All-American Malik McDowell named Michigan State his leader, which would instantly make him Sparty's top recruit in this class. There is still work to be done, as he plans to visit Florida State, LSU and Ohio State before deciding. 

Penn State quarterback commit Michael O'Connor plans to enroll in a few days, but the coaching situation has caused some uncertainty. MSU has been in contact with the four-star signal caller and would be the front runner if O'Connor decides to decommit. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

4. Wisconsin

The Badgers had a disappointing weekend with five-star Joe Mixon committing to Oklahoma over Wisconsin and UCLA. Additionally, four-star athlete Jamil Kamara decided to stay home at Virginia. Despite already having 25 pledges, Gary Andersen would still like to take a few more recruits in this class. Gary Andersen's first recruiting class is arguably better than any class from Bret Bielema at Wisconsin. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

Michigan offers Gopher commitmentGopher pledge Jeff Jones offered by Michigan

3. Penn State

With Bill O'Brien leaving Happy Valley for Houston, most of the Nittany Lions' recruits are patiently waiting for a head coach to be named. Four-star tight end Mike Gesicki could open his recruitment up and the Buckeyes would surely be a major factor. Highly-rated Thomas Holley is also considering decommitting and the Florida Gators would be a major factor. 

Penn State plans to name a coach by the end of the week, so we could know more on the Gesicki front soon. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

2. Michigan

Some Wolverine fans took the bait from Marshon Lattimore and believed that they would land his commitment. It proved to be nothing, as Lattimore would commit to Ohio State. Many believe that one-time Michigan "lean" Malik McDowell is now favoring the Spartans. Losing McDowell would be another big blow for Michigan. 

Jeff Jones, a four-star Minnesota running back commit, was offered by Brady Hoke this weekend. He plans to visit Ann Arbor, but Florida is also in the mix for his commitment. 

Commitments: No new commitments this week.
Visitor news: Dead Period.

1. Ohio State

With now only two or three spots left in "Dream14," Urban Meyer and staff will narrow their focus. Yesterday, Birm discussed some of the top targets left on the board to round out the class. It appears the staff would like to add at least one more defensive lineman and an offensive lineman. The last spot, if there is another available, could be used to pursue  a prospect such as Mike Gesicki, who turned down Urban Meyer earlier in the process. Another defensive back shouldn't be ruled out, especially with a new coach to be hired. 

Commitments: The Buckeyes landed a pair of commitments from Glenville four-stars Marshon Lattimore and Erick Smith. While both had offers from the nation elites, there was never a doubt they would commit to Ohio State, which now has 21 commitments. 

Visitor news: Dead Period. 

Rankings Overview

No. School Commits Scout ★ AVG Rivals ★ AVG 247 ★ AVG ESPN ★ AVG Overall ★ Avg
1 Ohio State   21 3.86 (5) 3.81 (2) 3.81 (2) 3.81 (5) 3.82
2 Michigan  16 3.56 (19) 3.44 (24) 3.63 (13) 3.75 (12) 3.60
3 Penn State  19 3.26 (24) 3.28 (22) 3.26 (19) 3.44 (25) 3.31
4 Wisconsin  25 3.12 (18) 2.96 (26) 3.04 (30) 3.12 (32) 3.06
5 Michigan State 19 3.16 (29) 3.00 (35) 3.05 (34) 3.33 (NR) 3.14
6 Nebraska  19 3.11 (37) 3.05 (37) 3.05 (38) 3.21 (NR) 3.11
7 Northwestern  15 3.07 (44) 3.14 (53) 3.20 (42) 3.36 (35) 3.19
8 Rutgers  23 2.87 (38) 2.80 (42) 2.96 (43) 2.96 (NR) 2.90
9 Iowa 18 2.94 (41) 2.78 (51) 2.94 (48) 3.12 (NR) 2.95
10 Maryland  13 2.92 (59) 3.25 (63) 3.00 (52) 3.31 (NR) 3.12
11 Purdue  18 2.56 (62) 2.59 (60) 3.00 (56) 3.00 (NR) 2.79
12 Illinois   18 2.54 (64) 2.75 (59) 2.89 (57) 3.05 (NR) 2.81
13 Indiana  16 2.81 (58) 2.61 (57) 2.88 (66) 3.00 (NR) 2.83
14 Minnesota  13 2.69 (65) 2.77 (68) 2.85 (67) 3.00 (NR) 2.83

Number in parentheses is national rank


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chirobuck's picture

Hey....rest of the big ten coaches......wake the **** up!!!!


^ best post ever ^

GoBucksOSU's picture

Agree. The SEC's worst recruiting class is rated higher than half of the Big Ten recruiting classes which is just sad.

Furious George 27's picture

True, but lets keep in mind that the majority of SEC teams are right now at and will have 25+ commits where as only 1 B1G school has 25  commits. The fact that they can over sign 7-8 more players than any other team from another conference is why they have an edge in recruiting. Their high rankings are more on quantity than quality.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Penn State has done a pretty good job.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

BassDropper's picture

Hope Jeff Jones sticks with Minnesota. Future superstar. I heard his parents want him to stay close to home, so I would rule Florida out....Michigan, on the other hand may have a shot.


Nick_Satan's picture

I too would hate to see Jeff Jones not at Minnesota. He was very impressive in the all star game a few days ago, and would be a great get for them. I am all for other teams in the BIG bringing in "Elite" talent , The western division really needs a few teams now with realignment to be major players in the conference, for the perception purposes.   

HotSauceCommittee's picture

Even now, we are only fractions of points ahead of Mi. #jokeHokejoke

brobbins's picture

Jordan, how do you see this class finishing up? Would love to have Thomas in it!


swainpm's picture

While I would love to see Soloman in this class I see tOSU's chances dropping more and more. With Charlie Strong signing at UT Stanford may no longer be Urban's main competition. Charlie mentioned making a priority out of keeping Texas talent in Texas today at UT's intro presser. And if my memory serves me right I believe Thomas was pretty interested in UT earlier in his recruitment. Cross your fingers and hope Urbs pulls another rabbit.

Jordan Wagner's picture

It's really hard for me to say. I do have a good feeling about Solomon Thomas. Brady Taylor, if offered. Mike Gesicki? I don't know. Another DB? It's possible. 

osubuck57's picture

Surprised Minnesotas' season, hasn't resulted in better recruiting, aside from Jones.


PittBuckeye's picture

Good to be crushing Mich St. in something.

OSU1995's picture

Son of a bitch! When I first clicked on the 11W site, I thought Solomon committed. Dang it!

“You have to make decisions, ... I've never pretended that every decision I've made was right. And I've been reminded of that.” 

     - James Patrick Tressel

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Haha. There wasn't a Gray box.

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Seattle Linga's picture

Stay the course - let's just hope these young men, Gesicki included, make wise choices in less than a month.

keep_it_down's picture

I know a lot of the B1G isn't going to be recruiting 5 stars and teams like Wisk and Sparty are always recruiting to their system (with great results) but it is disappointing to hear about the decommits from other schools.

Defending the boarder

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Thomas looks 30-41 years old

CC's picture

I was thinking the same thing.

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"How old are you Reggie?"
"Shit *igga, you at least 30!"


"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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Greatest scene in that movie!

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I hope Jones sticks it out with Minnesota.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.