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By Kyle Rowland on September 15, 2013 at 9:00a
Horseshoe West

BERKELEY, Calif. – Ohio State’s trip to California was billed as the Buckeyes’ first road game. But when the team got off the buses Saturday afternoon in Berkeley, they saw a scene reminiscent of their walk from the Blackwell to St. John Arena.

Scarlet and gray were the only colors in sight. An estimated 25,000 Ohio State fans were inside Memorial Stadium for the Buckeyes’ 52-34 win. They’ve always traveled well, but to see such overwhelming numbers in California raised eyebrows.

With the game in hand in the fourth quarter, the O-H-I-O cheer went around the stadium. Cal students tried to drown it out with chants of “California,” but the attempt was futile.

The support did not go unnoticed by head coach Urban Meyer. The first thing he did in his post-game press conference was recognize Buckeye Nation.

“I’d like to thank our fans,” he said. ““I expected it just from years ago I remember on the road trips there would be a bunch of Buckeyes in the stadium. But hats off to all those scarlet and grays who travelled across the country. I’ve got the feeling there’s a bunch of California Buckeyes out here, too.

“What an environment.”

Added Meyer: “That was fun to watch.”

The atmosphere was ratcheted up thanks to Kenny Guiton’s first-quarter touchdown passes. Ohio State scored its first three touchdowns in 10 plays.

“He’s a very good distributor,” Meyer said. “He gets the ball to the right people at the right time. What I was more impressed with him were the downfield throws. A few of those were right on the dot with a couple of excellent catches. I’m not surprised with him distributing the ball right away, but I am surprised that he looked complete.”

Meyer said he knew Thursday Braxton Miller wasn’t going to be able to play. He never told Guiton he’d start. Meyer said it was obvious.

“I really never was told I was going to start, but all week I was with the ones, so I kept the mindset like I was going to start,” Guiton said. “Today when I got the nod, I was just ready to go. I always try to prepare. The coaches came up with a great game plan. We actually hit them deep a few times early, and I think that opened up a lot more for our offense. I was nervous, but I think being nervous helps you prepare harder.”

Suddenly, Ohio State is in the midst of a minor quarterback controversy. Not in the sense of who will start, the job is Miller’s once he’s healthy, but it’s going to be hard to keep Guiton off the field when he’s been so efficient and effective.

“I think Kenny will get in the game a little bit,” Meyer said. “He’s throwing the ball better than he has and throwing the ball down field, so that’s something I’ll need to think about it.”

For the second straight week, Dontre Wilson provided the Buckeyes with game-changing speed. He didn’t score a touchdown, but he did manage to establish himself of the missing link in what Meyer and Tom Herman want in a dynamic offensive player.

“I see myself as a big time playmaker, as a game changer,” Wilson said. “Every time I get in I tell myself that. Without having Braxton, we lose that threat of running by the QB. They bring me in to stretch it out and just make a big play when the time is needed. Every time I get the ball I’m trying to show the coaches what I can do.”

Asked about the Ohio State offense and it’s ability to score points in bunches, Philly Brown used the words “ridiculous” and unbelievable.”

Cal quarterback Jared Goff added to his stats, but for the most part, Ohio State corralled the nation’s No. 1 passer.

“They are a great team,” Goff said. “They’re all they’re talked up to be. There were chances we had to score two or three more touchdowns that we slipped on. There were a few turnovers we had that we shouldn’t have had. We get a slip here, we get a break here and it could have been different and we could have stayed in that game a little longer.”


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741's picture

Way to go Buckeye Nation! I am only disappointed that I failed to make the trip myself.

CUBS's picture

Berkeley is gorgeous, definitely one of the better away games to go to.

awlinBrutus's picture

+1 on that CUBS. cali is gorgeous. i should have stayed, after HS i worked a couple weeks for a contractor the summer of 79. one of my regrets.


fanatibuck's picture

ummm..........I don't think you understand. We are the best traveling school in the nation. Almost 30,000 fans show up for a early season away non conference game across the nation. Think about that Wildcat. The same will be possible at Dyke stadium on the Northwestern campus except your ticket office has been purposefully denying OSU fans tics. They do not want to see a sea of scarlet and gray in the stands in Evanston. :)


OSBuckeye222's picture

My wife and I have our tickets to the Ohio State/Northwestern game. So, there'll be at least two in scarlet and gray!! And we're making the trip from Georgia!

timhbomb's picture

so proud of my buckeyes and the showing in the stadium.  having the band there was awesome for this california buckeye.

njclebuckeye5's picture

I know what Wilson is trying to say about what the team loses when Braxton is out, but Kenny G is a threat on the ground. Kid can run the option! 

Lobs it to the endzone... Touchdown Devin Smith!!

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Great job to all of the California Buckeyes and those who made the trip out there.  The stadium was full of red!  When I was watching the game everyone keept saying, "is this game in California or Ohio," because of the sea of red in the stadium!  It's just awesome to see the support of Buckeye Nation!
Go Bucks!!

osu07asu10's picture


CJDPHoS Board of Directors // Best friends with Homey Hache

The 0 is silent.

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#Scarlet and Red #LBJ

moopdawg's picture

Yup.  As a Buckeye in California, I am glad to have fulfilled my obligation and be a part of that game.  It's very satisfying to perform the O-H-I-O chant from the four sections of the stadium as the Cal fans are seen packing it up and leaving for home. 

OSBuckeye222's picture

This is reminiscent of when my wife and I and two of our friends went to the Ohio State/S. Carolina basketball game in Columbia, SC a couple years ago. There was scarlet and gray everywhere and it was a great experience to be able to partake in the O-H-I-O chant in another schools arena/stadium!

Charlotte Buckeye Chip's picture

I was at the Ohio State vs South Carolina basketball game as well.  Let me tell you, Ohio State travels better than anyone in the country.  Period.

~Charlotte Buckeye Chip

bukyze's picture

What about all of us Buckeyes who travelled across the country from Ohio ?!?  :)

buckguyfan1's picture

A good Buckeye Win!  Would have loved to been in the stands. 

heartofabuckeye's picture

Yes Wilson is a speedster, but not very humble. Also he can say he's a game changer when he learns how to make people miss or even breaks a tackle ! Jordan Hall looked like more of a game changer last night !!!

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Wilson did gain 107 total yds on only 8 touches (13.4 per run/catch) last night. Because of good blocking and Wilson's blazing speed, several times he was 5+ yds down field before coming into contact with a defender, but he did make some defenders miss. 

BuckeyeinExile's picture

He is extremely confident, but I wouldn't throw him in with Johnny Manziel either. To play as well as he has as a true freshman gives him a reason to be a little bit cocky. I think he brings a good swagger to the offense. Just think how good he will be by the end of the year.
Also he weighs about 170, hes not built to break tackles.
How fired up would you be if you were 18 years old playing that well for one of the best teams in the country. 

KingsRite's picture

I bet there is no other college team that travels any better than OSU. Buckeyes are everywhere!

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

fanatibuck's picture

Of course. Buckeye Nation is the best at what we do. Other fan bases are envious of our passion and dedication to our Buckeyes. I was on vacation in Southern California in July. San Diego and Los Angeles. When I wore my Buckeye gear I would get OH-IO's periodically. It was unreal. 


irishfury's picture

Yup I'm in the Irvine area.  Ohio State fans everywhere.  Whats funny is the guy who manages the office below me is an Ohio State/Lions fan just like me.

13THandSummit's picture

I was actually taken back by how much Tennessee orange was in Eugene earlier in that day. Then, I saw Berkley painted scarlet and I wasn't quite as impressed by the traveling volunteer fans.

USMC11917's picture

Yeah, there are certain fan bases that travel with the best of them. Obviously we are one of those. 

bucks_4_life's picture

There probably seemed to be a lot of Oregon fans there because the game was played in Eugene, not Knoxville. ;-)

Lol, I see you figured that out already!

The juice is worth the squeeze

buckguyfan1's picture

Wilson is special.  When he is in the game you can bet the defense is aware.  He has the it factor.

holtzy's picture

This is why on a needed play Wilson will get used as a decoy and the defense will be burned.  Love it!

cinserious's picture

I've never seen the Ohio State fans dominate a (non-bowl) road game like that. There can't be a single college team in the country that can produce those results!
(The stillers however do it to the AFC north in the pros)

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

bukyze's picture

I was at the Cal game yesterday, and I was also at the Washington game back in 2007.  We easily had half the fans back then as well, but the Cal game definitely seemed louder. Probably because I was sitting next to the band!  Cal fans gave us lots of compliments on our band, and on the size of our crowd.  One guy said this was far and away the most opposing team's fans he had ever seen in their stadium.   Also heard another guy talking to his son, who was about 10 , as we were making our way to our seats.  The boy asked his dad "What are all these people doing here?"  And his dad said "Son, this is REAL football.  You've never seen anything like this (as he waved his hand toward the sea of scarlet buckeye fans)".

CC's picture

I spoke to an usher who said he has never seen so many opposing fans even against Stanford. Think about that for a minute.

My notes on the game:
Huge bucks presence,probably 40%
Cal memorial is an awesome stadium for college football
Cal fans don't have that big time football feel and enthusiasm but the were nice for the most part.
Tbdbitl is just that
The cal team bench is facing the sun, definitely a disadvantage. The sun is right in your eyes from that side.
This team is starting to look really good to me. We have been up roughly 66-7 in the first quarter. None of the games have been close after the first and I think we take our foot off the gas.
Joey Bosa is nasty
I took guys who had never seen an osu game before, they were blown away by the event.
They immediately noticed dontre Wilson and asked who he was.
That was the best away game I have ever been to and I've been to a lot.

3technique's picture

I love the confidence ! We need him to be a playmaker! Last was the first time I saw an urban Meyer team loaded with athletes who create mismatches! The defense was aggressive and made mistakes but it was the most fun game to watch since urban got here! Last year he had to play tress ball in conference. I do not expect that this year. I love the play to win mentality! I also loved how shocked the announcers were about the speed of this team. I cannot imagine how fast this team will be. C' mon Carlos! He will make this team even tougher!!!! 

pjtobin's picture

I love our fan base! ( most of the time ) You all made us proud. That was awesome hearing our OHIO chant going around their stadium. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

HandsOfSweed's picture

An estimated 25,000 OSU fans? Only if Cal's stadium capacity is 50 k. Unbelievable.

MassiveAttack's picture

From the Blimp camera on TV, it looked like 75% OSU.  I keep getting surprised when I read one third or 40% Scarlet and Gray.  It sounds like a lot of people enjoyed their time out west.
I have been to San Jose, San Francisco, Berkley, and Cupertino in February.  It rained almost the entire week, from Sunday afternoon until Friday morning.  I got 1 hour of sun on Sunday, 30 minutes around lunch on Monday, and 90 minutes before my flight back on Friday.  Everyone local kept saying "it's never like this."  I felt like I was in Columbus.  Of course I got back to CMH, and it was sunny all weekend.

The Ohio State University - "Haters love us!"