Ohio State's 52-34 Win Over Cal in GIFs

By 11W Staff on September 15, 2013 at 8:00a
Ohio State fans made themselves at home at Cal's Memorial Stadium Saturday

Do you like offense? You do? Well, you're in for a treat as we take a look at 12 GIFs that tell the story of Ohio State's 52-34 win over Cal Saturday.

Ohio State fed off the energy of a pseudo home game, with many later commenting on Twitter about the massive turnout of Ohio State fans.

Kenny Guiton and Devin Smith got the party started early, hooking up on this 90-yard pass and catch – the longest play from scrimmage in Ohio State history – on the Buckeyes' second offensive play of the game. Smith finished with three receptions for 149 yards and two touchdowns.

There's nothing quite like seeing freshman speedster Dontre Wilson get the corner on a defense. Wilson carried the ball five times for 59 yards Saturday, good enough for 11.8 a pop.

Smith's second touchdown reception of the game, putting the Buckeyes up 21-0 six minutes into the game. Guiton was 3-3 for 141 yards and two touchdowns at this point, good enough for a burly 714.8 quarterback rating.

Ryan Shazier is held, doesn't matter, and gets an early sack, causing a fumble, which Michael Bennett recovered.

Cal's first touchdown stopped the bleeding somewhat. Freshman quarterback Jared Goff finds James Grisom over busted coverage and Grisom takes a shove from Bradley Roby 61 yards for six.

After a Kenny Guiton fumble, Cal coach Sonny Dykes got greedy and dialted up a flea-flicker. It fooled nobody and Christian Bryant made the Bears pay with an interception.

Cal's second touchdown came at the end of the first quarter on this nifty 42-yard screen pass to Chris Harper.

After Cal had cut Ohio State's lead to 11 at the half, Kenny Guiton picked up a huge first down on 4th-and-1, running the option beautifully.

A closer look at the Guiton run shows center Corey Linsley killed a man.

On Ohio State's next possession, Guiton finds Philly Brown for a pretty pass and catch to put Ohio State up 45-20.

Jordan Hall caps Ohio State's scoring with this 2-yard plunge – his third touchdown of the afternoon.


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buckguyfan1's picture

Linsley said no to pancakes and yes to a Western Scramble.  Great effort to not only get to his man but to destroy him.

fanatibuck's picture

FABULOUS recount of the game fellas. BRAVO!!


Boomcat's picture

I predict that we will be up 28-0 next week in the first quarter. This offense is going to be scary now that we have Hyde back.

buckeyedude's picture

Great job, 11W dudes(and dudesses)!
That Guiton to Smith pass was beautiful. update: all of them, but especially the first one.
Any word on Michael Bennett? He got hurt towards the end of the game and has been one of the best players on the D-line, if not THE best(UFM's words, not mine).
I think C. Linsley should apologize for hurting that Cal player on the Gution keeper. Never mind.



d5k's picture

The second KG -> Devin Smith pass traveled 60 yards in the air, so much for the inability to throw it deep.

fanatibuck's picture

Just looking at these clips you all have posted you can see the dominant presence Buckeye Nation had at Cal Memorial stadium. They coincide with the airial shots from the Goodyear Blimp on tv. :)


bigbill992001's picture

Once again KG made great reads, hope Brax is taking note.   But, the D giving up 34pts and 500yds takes a little luster off the win.

Nutinpa's picture

It takes a lot of luster off the win.  And please, none of this...."we'll never see another offense like CAL".....drivel.   It was an entertaining game, yes.  But we just witnessed another version of last year's game at Indiana.  What is there in common?  Fickell, Coombs and Withers, and Vrabel.
Yes, I am falling into that hated camp complaining after a victory.  Why? Cuz I hate to think what QBs like Johnny M, AJ McC, Tajh Boyd, Teddy B, Aaron Murray, and Mariota would to do this Defense.  It would be embarrassing.

buckeyepastor's picture

Defense is where we struggled the first half of last year.   Zach Boren brought much needed leadership and stability when the coaches moved him over to LB.   This year, there is no ace LB sitting on the offensive side of the ball that I'm aware of.  It's up to the guys we have to pick up their game, learn and assimilate each week to get better.   The good news is, with the youth we have on that side of the ball, they are likely to improve.  In my opinion, whatever a guy is giving as a junior or senior (sorry, Curtis Grant) is what they can give you and not likely to change.   But these young pups will get better.   Already seeing a much more comfortable Armani Reeves from week 1 to now.  The LBs are coming along.  Steve Miller and Michael Bennett are playing with more and more swagger.   
And you're right.  Cal should NOT be thought of as the best offense we'll face this year, because they won't be.  

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

awlinBrutus's picture

the only team in the BIG that will come close is Northwestern & Indiana. I disagree with you but +1 because i have no idea why your post got a dv.


d5k's picture

Sonny Dykes is no joke by the way, take a look at Louisiana Tech's game against Texas A&M last year.  And of course like my post below, you need to learn to adjust statistics for tempo.  There were a couple busted coverages, a sneaky fake punt with the QB posing as punter (same number), a dropped interception that turned into a 3rd and 20 drive extender, and other things that will happen against an offense that plays like Dykes'.  I think we were solid for the most part.

d5k's picture

Math major here, but you should pace adjust your expectations at least and it makes it look more reasonable.  You can probably multiply both of those number by 3/4 (our offensive output would be lower too) for typical paced game.  That would be ~25-26 points and ~375 yards.  We are going to need Ken Pomeroy to start doing college football stats with these crazy blur offenses.  See kenpom.com for some explanation about adjusting for tempo when analyzing college basketball (hint: Wisconsin isn't always awesome at defense and bad at offense just because PPG tells you that).

will0327's picture

The defense is fine you see Alabama's D verse that A&M scheme its really hard to hold an offense like that a offense that wants a 100 snaps remember. Shazier said we want to keep them from getting to 100 plays and they did that only 90 plays for Cal. Basically and offense like those are going to have a "big day" no matter what but still doesn't excuse the missed tackles and other things that are fixable
Another thing you have to love how fast this team start no waiting around to take over they have that "Killer Instinct" already i mean its been 21-0 in first quarter 3 straight weeks that is kind of nice, Meyer has the kids prepared.
Oh yea i see why Urban and Tom have a hard time not giving Dontre the ball every time he is in the kid is GAMEBREAKER. Do you see how Dontre runs to he doesn't dance that much its like he only makes 1 cut and loses no speed when he cuts .....
Jhall x Dontre x King Hyde = Scary


d5k's picture

Dontre is averaging 10 yards per touch and that is all yards after he gets the ball.  Inverted veer is now our best play where it was one of our worst running plays last year.

DWright's picture

Was a really fun game last night, I liked FOX's coverage.

pjtobin's picture

Love Linsley's big block downfield. This o line is pretty good. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

MassiveAttack's picture

I was upset with the defense the whole night.  But after watching the game again, there were just a half dozen or so negative plays that would have affected the game greatly:

  • A neutral zone infraction canceled Armani Reeves' interception (drive netted 3 points).
  • A personal foul by Ryan Shazier kept a drive alive (drive netted 7 points).
  • Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown whiffed on an interception (drive netted 3 points).
  • Bradley Roby dropped an interception that looked like a sure pick 6.
  • Loose zones gave up 6+ first downs.
  • Missed tackles gave up 3-4 first downs. (but happy Bigelow was held to 19 yards on 11 rushes, despite him breaking 2-3 tackles)
  • Offense: No points from the Christen Bryant interception.

Erasing 3 out of the about results like 13 fewer points by Cal (18 instead of 31).  That doesn't take a perfect game from us, just a cleaner game.  I can live with these results, as it should keep the team humble and improving. As stated above, Alabama gave up quite a few yards to another fast offense.
(** edited inconsistent tense)

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