Former Georgia Tech Wide Receiver Jeff Greene to Walk On at Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on May 9, 2013 at 3:37p
Former Georgia Tech wide receiver Jeff Greene will walk on at Ohio State
Photo via @jgreen81

Former Georgia Tech receiver Jeff Greene will walk on to the Ohio State Football team, Eleven Warriors has learned.

Greene, a 6-foot-4, 210-pound wide receiver, played two years for Georgia Tech, seeing action in 12 games as a true freshman before emerging as the Yellow Jackets' top receiver during the 2012 season. He caught 18 passes for 284 yards (15.8 per reception) and two touchdowns for Paul Johnson's flexbone option attack, which prioritizes the running game.

In December, Greene and Georgia Tech parted ways. At the time, his high school coach, Chad Phillips of Starr's Mill, mentioned the Tech coaches had grown frustrated with Greene's effort and attitude and that he was "trying to help him get re-directed and get off the mat, find a place for him to go and proceed."

At Ohio State, he'll have that fresh start. Greene was in Columbus this week and met with the staff yesterday where he finalized plans to join the Buckeyes.

As a transfer, he must sit out the 2013 season and with NCAA scholarship limits still looming, he must also pay his own way, but he will be eligible to compete for a scholarship in 2014. He will then have two seasons of eligibility as a Buckeye.


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wow...very interesting development.

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For sure, did he go to the same school as Bradley Roby?

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Negative. Roby went to Peachtree Ridge (same school as Heyward) this cat went to Stars's Mill. If you want to know info like this  go to scout or rivals click on roster and its there on a silver platter. Like chilli dawgs in Hoke's office.

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"Like chilli dawgs in Hoke's office"? Nearly spit my coffe on my screen. How can I upvote that twice?

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Great news. Like a half grey box really. Does anyone know if he is he allowed to practice with the team during this year. I know he can't play and cannot be on scholarship for this year but I wasn't sure if he could get some reps on the practice squad. 

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Yes. He'll join team activities in June.

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Thanks Jason... that will be nice for him to be able to hit the ground running next year. 

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This dude can play. I like the move. 

The South will NOT rise again!

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Damn, went to click the link and hit the downvote button. Sorry Silver. Can someone hit him with an upvote?

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Freaking awesome! But I hope this didn't ruin 9Routes suprise tomorrow...

+1 HS
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9Routes when reading this news:

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Definitely a tall reciever. When he hits his stride, he has some decent speed too.

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From what he said in this video, it sounds like he had a desire to come to Ohio (Cincinnati) for his college choice but decided to stay close to home. Maybe these "attitude" problems were just a frustrated young man feeling trapped somewhere he didn't really want to be. Either way, welcome aboard!

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Did he shrink from his high school days?   According to Rivals he was 6'-6" coming out of HS.   They had him as a 3 Star FWIW.

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The guy is definitely tall but all those recruiting websites inflate measurables/40's.

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AJ Hawk was a 3 Star Recruit


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I heard Malcolm Jenkins was too....

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I met him and his dad last summer and he was a very nice guy, as was his dad.  He was a "yes sir" "no sir" kid, so I am surprised by the problems at GT.  I coach at a Dayton area high school and his dad was promoting a cross fit center...He is a legit 6'4", I'm 6'2" and he was a couple inches taller than me.  Definitely passed the eye test...I also told him that I would root for him every week even though he wasn't a Buckeye, so I am taking credit for the transfer.

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Welcome addition to our receiving corps! One more weapon for Urbs attack.


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Nice. He sure looks legit.

I don't know how Tech reels in the wide receivers (Megatron, Demaryius Thomas, Stephen Hill) running the flexbone.

Eager to see him contribute starting next year.

Matt's picture

Only Hill committed to Tech when Paul Johnson was coach and they ran the flex.  Johnson and Thomas committed when Chan Gailey was coach.

Hovenaut's picture

Forgot about Gailey....for some reason I've thought Johnson has been there forever.

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I'll never understand why a player that transfers has to sit out a year, but still has the same amount of eligibility as he would have if he never left his original school

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It depends on whether he took a redshirt at GT or not. He didn't so he has two years because the NCAA gives SAs five years to complete four years of eligibility.

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all I can say is welcome aboard.
Buckle up , BIG, it's going to be one wild ride

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More Highlights. Please and Thank you.
*welcome aboard sir

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Glad to hear he's joining the Bucks!  Hopefully he'll get it turned around with the fresh start and make a big impact.  I always root for a guy get knocked down a bit and is ready to come back and fight to make something of himself!  Good Luck Jeff.  Buckeye Nation will be pulling for you!!

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CBS article on Greene

^Nothing tooo different from what Jason mentioned in the OP, but I thought it was interesting that they specifically mentioned that he'd drawn many comparisons to 2nd Round Draft Pick Stephen Hill talent-wise. So far as the attitude issue go, though you never like it, it's hard to read too much into it as sometimes there are just compatibility issues between particular staffs and certain players. I can also imagine most WRs wouldn't be overly happy in an offense that has a top WR under 300 yards on the season -- but in all fairness to Johnson and GT, I'm sure he knew that going in. 

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Welcome aboard and best of luck.

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Well, this is certainly a solid start in acquiring some big tall receivers to play on the outside.  Add Kief, and another in this class, and we should be looking pretty good in regards to filling that need!

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GaTech was the hometown school.  Yes he knew it was a run first option, but became a bit much.  Not a troublemaker or anything like that just grew disenchanted.  LOADS of talent!

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Very surprised and impressed.  I know they say attitude is everything, but here's to a fresh start.  I think he'll be happier here.

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How many years of eligibility will he have, 2?

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Welcome to Buckeye Nation.  You'll look great in Scarlet and Gray!
The 'Shoe on game day is going to blow you away!  

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A 6'4" receiver with 2 years experience.  And he doesn't take a scholarship.  I'll take him.

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I'm willing to go on record and say that he will earn a scholarship next year.  Maybe one reason he isn't getting one now is because we're at (or close to) the number or perhaps the the staff is questioning his work ethic and attitude?  Anyone have other insight on this?

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Georgia Tech, huh? Bet the kid can block. Also, that year of paying for his schooling should hopefully leave him hungry to compete come 2014. Gotta give this one to Coach Urbs. Brilliant motivator!

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Didn't like reading about his attitude nothing a few Micky Marotti workouts can't fix welcome to buckeye nation

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Unless rules have changed since I left school, if he is a walk on and paying his own way he can play right away.  Back in the day this is how players got around sitting out a year.

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I'm just happy to be here

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You got to be kidding.

There's a line around the corner on the other (your) thread.....

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I nearly died laughing when I read this.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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