By Jason Priestas on April 8, 2013 at 7:06a

Seven-year-old Jack Hoffman's 69-yard touchdown run stole the headlines at Nebraska's spring game Saturday, and rightfully so, but the scrimmage also featured one of the greatest football drills ever captured on film: offensive linemen fielding punts.

With punters at one end of the field, the large bodies took turns tracking down punts, often with hilarious results. Except for you, Zach Sterup. Clearly, you aren't being utilized correctly.

This needs to be a part of Ohio State's next Student Appreciation Day.

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Haha. Nice grab by Sterup.

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Do they need more depth at TE?

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I was thinking that--if maybe the big guy played TE before coming to college.

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I'd be tempted to put him on in goaline situations as an eligible receiver.  Worst case is you have an extra real o-line guy.  Best case the d totally forgets about him and you have a wide open receiver.  Sort of like an enhanced Vrabel formation for the Pats.  I have to imagine that this guy can block better than Vrabel (although he is likely much slower too).

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Yeah, Vrabo was an amazing mix of strength, speed, and athleticism. Sometimes, I wonder what his career would have looked like if he'd played TE and I'm sure it would have still be Pro-Bowl level. In the old days, he would have played both ways every down.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

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Always nice to see some lineman getting some love. 


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This is so fun. Did this a few times in undergrad, had the d-line fielding punts and the Olineman kicking field goals, so much fun

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There's a video floating around from a Northwestern spring practice that featured all the lineman having a go at the JUGS machine, funny stuff.

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Back when Shaun Rogers was a Browns D lineman, I got to see him catch about 40-50 passes on the JUGS after a training camp session- he had noticeably better hands than the WRs.

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Nothing like a big smile to start the day, Thanks 11W's!!


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Funny. It reminds me of track meets in high school. At the end of the meet we'd have the "Fatman Relay" where some of the throwers would would run 4x100's against the other school's throwers.

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My high school had a Fat man relay that ran a 46 second 4x1. They were fun to watch.


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Bo Pelini to the h8ers:


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Could also see Boom Perkins this way after laying out Brutus.

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that looks way less fun than the video... and creepy

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