Mark Pantoni Discusses Ohio State's Recruiting Fu with the Gerry DiNardo of the BTN

By Jason Priestas on March 26, 2013 at 9:55a

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That's insane to hear that they start with a list if 500-700 kids. Football staffs (not just osu) relying heavily on those recruiting sites for a good portion of the process made me think of an old thread that had some info from a former rivals/scout employee. Glad our staff is full of top notch coaches/evaluators. Also, really neat to hear how the organizational aspect of it - when the list starts to trim down and some of the little things they look for. 

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Totally agree. Really enjoy learning more about the organizational aspect as well. Lots of strategizing and hard work involved. I can't imagine the pressures to maintain work/life balance.

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This is just another video that shows how good the staff think Vonn Bell can be. He and Dontre are constantly brought up without questions directly about them. So excited for Vonn and Dontre to develop. 

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Awesome, thanks for posting this!

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I know....I saw it above...but 500-700 are you freaking serious...???  Wow is all I can say for how they whittle it down from that to 24-25 kids.  I realize it's not going to be every guy they want every time at each position. But boy oh boy did they get pretty much everyone they wanted besides a few (ie two decommitts and a punter).  Not too bad at all at the end of the day.  

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Well, now my semi-sarcastic thought, "Director of Player Personnel, what does that guy do?" is answered tenfold. Now I realize why Urbz wanted him on the staff; as well as, how damn happy I am that we have him on staff. This staff goes Beast Mode top to bottom. Awesome to hear him call Urbz "The Closer"

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Sounds like he's very busy, but it also sounds like a really fun job to have.

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Damn!! Very nice to see it from coaches/recruiting perspective ,just how everything sets up and how they go about getting these guys.


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The time, the effort and the energy that's put into recruiting is truly insane. I can't believe that the list starts with 500-700 kids. I understand now why Urban wanted every coach to be able to recruit. I always knew recruiting was go out and establish relationships with not only the kids but the families, but I always thought that recruiting was done  by a certain faction of coaches and not all he coaches. Thanks for the insight!!!

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I am so glad pantoni is on our side.  From his tweets he seems like a person the understands the mindset of these recruits.  Great asset.  

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Seems like a bright dude that knows about these kids, but doesn't say or do corny stuff ala NC State. Never heard him speak before so thanks for posting..

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I think the 500-700 number points out that no matter how small the high school is or how remote it might be, if you're a stud you will be found.