Catching Up with Noah Spielman

By Alex on April 19, 2012 at 1:00p
Like father, hopefully like sonNoah Spielman wants to make his own legacy

When you hear the name Spielman and you're an Ohio State fan, you automatically think of the baddest dude to ever roam the gridiron.

In a few years, that may change, as the great Chris Spielman's son is starting to make a name of his own as he creates his own legacy on the football field down the road from the Horseshoe at Upper Arlington High School.

Noah Spielman is a 6-1/240 defensive lineman for the Golden Bears and had a very nice sophomore campaign in 2011 that left him as a player to watch in the class of 2014 for college coaches around America.

The Ohio State coaching staff is one of those that have reached out to Noah, with his father's past history with the Buckeyes and current relationship with Urban Meyer giving the home town school a bit of an edge from the getgo.

We caught up with Noah to hear the latest on his recruitment, what it's like growing up as the son of a legend, what his interest in playing for Ohio State is, and more. Join us after the jump for more on Buckeye legacy and a potential future member of the Scarlet and Gray, Noah Spielman.

How did your sophomore season go?

It was awesome. I started on the defensive line and really enjoyed it. I can definitely improve on many things and get better as I become stronger and faster. For my stats, I had 34 total tackles, 7 tackles for loss, and 3 sacks.

It is early, but how is recruiting going for you right now?

I haven't gotten any offers yet and the only school that is standing out in terms of showing interest is Ohio State as they sent me a few things.

Have you taken any visits yet? Do you have any visits planned?

I haven't taken any visits yet, but I plan on getting to some camps this summer.

Obviously with your dad's legacy it's easy for people to look at you and expect great things. What has it been like growing up as Chris Spielman's son?

Growing up as his son definitely puts expectations on me. I play a different position than him, but he knows the game so well that he gives me tips on how to do this and how to do that so overall it is great. I will always give maximum effort in everything I do and hopefully people wont have any expectations on me then.

It's in your blood, but as a up and coming prospect, what are your feelings on Ohio State? Has it been different looking at them as a player rather than a fan?

Ohio State has been one of my favorite teams, but since I am going to be an up coming recruit, I'd like to see what my options are and then go from there.

Your dad spent a lot of time with Urban Meyer this past year in the booth. Did you get to meet him at all? What are your thoughts on him taking over at Ohio State?

Yes I have met Coach Meyer. I have spoken to him several times and I believe that he will do many great things at Ohio State.

What factors are important to you when choosing a school?

The factors that are important to me are the distance away from home, the athletics program at the college, being a Division I school, and lastly if it has the program that I want to major in.

When do you think you'll make a college decision?

I will make a college decision whenever I feel I am ready and comfortable with a certain school.

What position do you think you'll play at the college level?

I am hoping I get a chance to stay on the defensive line.

Your teammate Frank Epitropoulos committed to OSU this past year. How is your relationship with Frank and is he trying to get you to Ohio State?

Frank and I are teammates, as well as good friends. He has never said anything to me about joining him at Ohio State though.

What are your strengths on the football field? What are some things you need to work on?

I believe that my strengths on the football field are my quickness and the ability to rush the passer. Getting to the quarterback is probably my greatest strength. I can work on many things to be the best player I can be. A few of those are improving my burst off the ball and staying lower during time of play.



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Ethos's picture

2014? Man doesn't anyone else think it is WAYYY too early to know if these kids are going to have what it takes already?

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buckeyefanatic's picture

Of course it is ... you never know if a kid has what it takes until they are actually being successful or not.

Lots of people get paid to predict and to write about these recruits.  The fans enjoy reading about them, usually.  This recruit is of special interest for obvious reasons.  I don't think anyone here at 11W is saying he WILL make it or WILL NOT make it at this point, are they?

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JasonBuck's picture

If they had interviewed ANYONE else but the "son of a Spielman" I may agree with you, but this kid is more than likely going to be at tOSU and will be another great name to add to a established group (by the time this kid is on campus) of great players.  Call it a hunch, but the kids of great players usually end up great (if you exclude MJ's kids in b-ball of course).

tennbuckeye19's picture

I don't completely disagree with your comment because there are examples of kids of stars doing well, but I would argue that being a son of a great player puts more pressure on a kid and expectations for them are more than they would be on other players . They are in their father's shadow constantly. I think it is more the norm for a child of a great player to not be as successful as their parents.

If you think about Buckeye greats, how bout Duron Carter. I'm not saying Noah Spielman is a Duron Carter, but just being the son of a great player does not ensure success. Time will tell of course in Spielman's case. 

TNBuckeye1421's picture

Duron Carter could have been great he was just a spoiled immature punk that didn't like being told what to do... 

tennbuckeye19's picture

I completely agree, and its a shame that Duron has wasted his talent.

My point is just that for every successful kid of a great player, there's one that doesn't, for a variety of reasons, measure up to their parents.

Irricoir's picture

Archie's son statistically hasn't done anything of note. Just one example of a legacy son with unfair expectations. I am sure his character is great but I haven't heard anything about his performance on the field. I hope Noah achieves greatness on or off the field. if he has half the character that his father has then I would consider him a success.

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TheBadOwl's picture

He got some solid reps during that spring practice that was open to students. He was a freshman last year and plays defense, of course he's not going to put up stats like his father. Doesn't mean he can't still be a solid contributer.

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Irricoir's picture

I hope he can. I thought he had two years under his belt already. Didn't he come onto the team as a running back?

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

I think you're right. JT offered a scholly his first year and I think he is now a walk on entering his Jr year. I could be wrong.

Buckeyejason's picture

Archies son is a redshirt freshman I believe.


Maestro's picture

#9 is playing with the 2's in the secondary.  Will be a RS Sophomore next season.

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partisan's picture

Considering the amount of offers we already have out for the 2014, I think the coaching staff would disagree that it's too early.  


pcon258's picture

its good to see that having a father of his caliber hasnt gone to his head. its obviously way too early to tell, but if proximity to hom is important, it doesnt get any better than upper arlington. i ran there the other day, i had no idea how close it really was. although when youre there it feels worlds away from osu

TNBuckeye1421's picture

I agree this kid still looks like a kid, he has not grown into his body yet we wont know if he will be great for another year or so, Some kids have developed by 10th grade enough to say yeah he has it but Noah looks like it has not hit yet.

Idaho Helga's picture

Honestly, unless your like Cam Heyward who was obviously going to do as well or better than dad I wouldn't go to the same school when you are talking about a guy who is legendary.  He could be the best we ever had and is still going to hear geezers say his dad was better.

There is enough pressure; go make you name somewhere else.  Our fan base eats their own too often and its just tough. 

And we know his old man won't let him go straight North so a USC or somewhere like it might be a good fit.


CowCat's picture

^ Disagree here.

It's been long enough since his Dad played, and he's playing a different position anyways.

Besides, we like family traditions ... like the Boren brothers, especially when we steal them away from Michigan.  Lol.

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Idaho Helga's picture

I was trying to sneek my last post in at work so sorry for typos.

Yes, I agree I like the family traditions and if Noah is offered a scholarship I would of course welcome him heartily! But what I saw as the question is what would YOU do if you were him? Me, I'd want to make a name for myself at a non-big-10 but big time program. It's not like its the family business and you are making $ which your family needs. When I was 18, I wanted to be my own person. That's what I'd be thinking.

Of course his dad's name opens a lot of doors and it will do that nationally and yes, he'll have some considerable pressure wherever he goes due to Chris.

At any rate, this is pretty early and hey, it's a blog, I'm just speaking from a mother's standpoint. My husbands uncle was Mr. Basketball long ago; holds numerous records at his high school still (grad of like, 1974) the pressure it put on my husband (6'5" and a good player) was terrible as his true love is baseball. He grew to hate basketball because in a small town at the same high school he was expected to be his uncles clone (they DO look alike) and if you're 6'5" the only thing you're more tired of than the tall jokes is "are you gonna beat your uncles records?"

BTW: His uncle got a nice 4yr scholarship to a highly touted univ and promptly flunked out sophomore year. I have been to games w/ him at the old high school where Uncle is (deservingly) still revered.

>end of rant. Sorry!

RecruitBuck's picture

If you guys are interested in the 2014 class offer list, GSW has it here:

zbd's picture

Being only 6'1" and 240 at most is the smallest defensive line person I've heard in Division I.  Let's don't go overboard on the last name.  It is a stretch to even talk about him.  No offers?

William's picture

This guy is a sophomore. Also John Simon is around 6'2" 270.

Larryp713's picture

Yes, he will definately be able to put on some pounds and gain some strength in the next three years (considering he may need to redshirt his freshmen year), so there is plenty of time for him to grow into the right size. Whether he has the goods, ie his Dad's toughness and instincts, will be a much taller task. Man I hope so... Chris Spielman is still one of my favorite Buckeyes of all time!

Looking forward to reading his book next week...



buckeye76BHop's picture

Is it even really a question where he's going to be playing college football???  He'll be fine...he's already good size and is only a junior next year.  He'll be Buckeye no doubt!!!!

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Pam's picture

Chris often tells the story about telling his dad he was going to take a vist to TSUN. His dad said "if you do, don't come back" I don't know if Chris will be as draconian with Noah as his dad, but I am sure nothing would make him or his mom (RIP Stefanie) happier than another Spielman wearing the S&G.