Wednesday Skull Session

By Sarah on September 14, 2011 at 6:00a

Good morning, sports fans. Or, if you're like me, good evening1. I'm bringing you today's Skully from my yacht, where I'm in the middle of a weeklong bacchanalia leading up to Saturday's game, which has been cleverly dubbed "the Ineligibowl". Hilarious, especially because with Hall, Howard and Brown reinstated, seemingly for real this time, Ohio State still has more suspended players than Miami.

Anyway, with the Buckeyes traveling to Coral Gables this weekend, I thought it was only appropriate to celebrate Miami-style. I've already crashed someone else's jet ski, even though the water is getting chilly now. But would that stop a Hurricane? I've visited strip clubs, some with female entertainers, some with male. Both were equally depressing and venereal-diseased. But again, would that stop a Hurricane? I offered abortions to the lady strippers, though they were all set, and with the men, I thought about how Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley were dead and then tried to figure out what Soderbergh's next movie will be like.  

I've also invited hordes of people to party on the floor I rented out of a Holiday Inn Express, which saved me a bit of cash for the prostitutes. I don't actually know how someone would go about finding a hooker2, so I just hired some actresses to wear that Julia Roberts outfit from Pretty Woman and then cranked up the Roxette. Close enough.

If nothing else, this should all be a good test run for Eat Too, Brutus

 BIENVENIDOS (BACK) A MIAMI. For ten Buckeyes on the roster, the trip to Florida is a homecoming. Some of them will have friends and family in attendance who normally wouldn't get a chance to watch them play in person. Three of those ten are from Miami and all should see the field. After completing his two-game suspension, Travis Howard is thrilled to be back (and also hates girls who smoke cigarettes). Jaamal Berry, who returned last week with limited playing time due to his hamstring injury, is listed as the #1 kick returner on the depth chart. Etienne Sabino, with eight tackles, three of them for a loss, is coming off a productive game against Toledo. 

Other players from America's Australia include starters Joe Bauserman, Orhian Johnson, Carlos Hyde, and Mike Brewster, who will be serving his second stint as captain. Freshmen Jeremy Cash, Jeff Heuerman, and Ryan Shazier, he of bone-crushing tackles in support of Chris Fields, are the other Floridians on the team. 

DID YOU KNOW THAT OHIO STATE AND MIAMI HAVE NCAA TROUBLE? Both the Buckeyes and Hurricanes have reputation problems, and they know that their respective violations will be discussed, as they already have been, ad nauseam this weekend. This is despite the fact that over 93 percent of the players on the rosters have not faced suspension. It doesn't sit well with guys like Tyler Moeller and Brewster, especially since no matter the outcome of Saturday, there will not be closure with the NCAA:

"Finality would be nice, but I know we're never going to get that," Ohio State's Brewster said. "No one is going to let us off the hook that easy. This team has fought through adversity so much, nothing is going to break us."

Even though they understand what the other is going through, each team will try to channel their frustrations into pummeling the opposing side. A win on the national stage won't make everything better, not with the NCAA breathing down their necks, but it will bring a bit of catharsis to one program.   

The Hugging FieldsI doubt Coker ever gave such good hugs

THE CURIOUS CASE OF TRAVIS BENJAMIN. Of the five players returning after a one-game suspension for Miami, WR Travis Benjamin could be the most important to the Hurricanes. He's a threat to score every time he touches the ball, as evidenced by his 79-yard punt return for a TD against Ohio State last year. However, former coach Randy Shannon blamed him for two of Jacory Harris' four interceptions in that game. Benjamin took the criticism hard, and both he and Harris will be looking for redemption on Saturday.

Now a senior and the top receiver on the team, Benjamin brings a certain amount of speed, elusiveness, and experience that Miami was missing in their opener against Maryland. Whether he can survive on Howard Island, or Dominic Clarke Peninsula3, is to be determined.

COACHIN' AIN'T EASY. Using Miami as an example, Chad Conant from the Mansfield News Journal doesn't think Ohio State should make the easy hire for the permanent head coach. He compares Fickell to Larry Coker, who took over for Butch Davis, won a national championship with Davis' recruits, and then turned one of the most successful college football programs into one that had to beg Al Golden to take the HC job.

Conant's argument is that Miami screwed up by declining to search nationally for a new coach, and OSU should learn from it, because the head coach of the Ohio State football team is a position most coaches would take in a heartbeat. And speaking of hearts, candidates mentioned in the article include two men with a history of cardiac problems (Urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio) and one who is a Cornhusker turnover away from having an attack of his own (Bo Pelini).

Nevertheless, he has a valid point, even to those of us who want to see Fickell have as much success as a head coach as he would in the Octagon.  

GETTING PICKED ON, LIKE A BAUS. From the ornithologically named Lancaster Eagle Gazette, Jon Spencer says fans should cool it on the Bauserman bashing.  Citing his chemistry with Jake Stoneburner, the depleted roster he's working with, and his lack of turnovers so far4, Spencer contends that there are a lot of positives being overlooked. Part of that is because of the shiny, headset-free Braxton Miller who, much to everyone's consternation, was DNP'ed for the Toledo game.

Bauserman wasn't perfect, as you may have noticed by the Bauserbombs that sailed to the fans in B Deck. But he wasn't terrible enough to get booed. While that doesn't seem to bother him as he maintains, "I don't worry about that", his teammates are less chill about it. Maybe because they're unpaid 18- to 22-year-olds that people shell out money to watch play football?

YOU CAN ALSO SHELL OUT MONEY TO WATCH UNPAID BB PLAYERS. Starting Monday, you can purchase an 8-game package of tickets for the men's basketball team. There are two different groups, and four games from each group must be selected. The first includes powerhouses such as Jackson State, Texas Pan-American, and USC-Upstate. Those are all real schools, I guess. The second includes match-ups against the likes of Florida, Duke, Michigan, Michigan State, Purdue, and Wisconsin.  

Later on, tickets will be available as a 4-game pack (10/3), group tickets (10/10), non-conference single games (10/24), and B1G single games (12/9). 

CLICK IT UP, BABY. CLICK IT UP. Vote for Evan Spencer... Here's another Texas/Big 12 implosion article if you can stand it... Full House as a Street Fighter video game? Have mercy!... PSA with a twist ending... How Entourage should have ended... We all shine on, right Tony?... The greatest trick the devil ever pulled... Do not mess with this alpaca

  • 1 It's six in the morning, but my partygoers are just leaving now. What can I say? They enjoy the gin and juice. 
  • 2 Apparently not at Kroger, which was my first instinct. 
  • 3 Or Roby Isthmus. I could play Mad Libs with the Ohio State roster and geographic terms all day. 
  • 4 Oh look! Some wood, on which I will now knock.

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German Buckeye's picture

I wouldn't have a problem with the administration opening up a national search for the permanent coaching hire, as long as Fick gets a serious look with any other candidates.  That's just due diligence. 

TheHumbleBuckeye's picture

This is from two and a half weeks ago. I'm sure some of you have seen it. The choice of words is intersting: Urban Meyer misses coaching 'horribly'.

jenks's picture

and then two and half weeks after that, he will miss his family 'horribly'

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

and one month following -- miserable fans will drive him to retire early after dropping five games with a crappy defense 




Squirrel Master's picture

Good morning! Jacory Harris takes money for recruitment and play. as well as  8 other players, and they get 1 game? Sharriff Floyd in Florida takes $2500 from a booster and he gets 2 games and has to pay it back to a charity and he is elligible? this is really ridiculous that these players are paying more than normal for the mistake of Tress. They shouldn't have done what they did but I don't think the punishment is equal to what is being handed other schools.

Now I will read the rest of the skull session!


I saw a UFO told me to have a goodyear!

ATL_Buckeye's picture

I don't really like what's going on up at Michigan and don't want to see any momentum build.  I like Coach Fickell and I never really liked Urban Meyer, but I warmed to him after the Akron broadcast.  Considering he was recruiting Braxton Miller, if he wants to return to coaching I think he should be hired.  Gotta keep the upper hand.

SilverBullets's picture

Relax on Michigan.  They won 4 straight to start 2009 and 5 straight in 2010.  While I do think they'll be improved, their defense still needs a lot of work.   And anyone with any kind of attention span would notice Denard's real problems such as getting bailed out by very poor secondary play on a couple hail mary's on top of 3 interceptions.  

Baroclinicity's picture

I just have this feeling that whether we keep Fickell or not will come down to the Michigan game.  If we have a rough year with 6 losses, but go up north and win, he will be looked on as someone who can win the most important game, and the rest will eventuall come.  If we lose only 2 or 3, but lose to Michigan, everyone will see visions of Cooper running through thier heads, which could make for an itchy trigger finger by the higher-ups.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Jdadams01's picture

This. If Fickell goes 8-4 with a win over scUM, his chances of being hired skyrocket.

Darth Brutus's picture

Morning kids,

Just want to say....Sarah, I really enjoy your style. You make my Hump Days memorable.

"Have you ever been to Michigan? The whole state smells like hot-dog water!"

Sarah's picture

Thank you, but "making Hump Days memorable" is a slogan I'll let the Vivian Wards have. 

flipbuckeye's picture

Bauserman's from Florida? Or did he move there after retirement?


Sarah's picture

After I read the article, I had to check it out, too. He played high school football in Tallahassee. 

Darth Brutus's picture

HAHA .....Nice

"Have you ever been to Michigan? The whole state smells like hot-dog water!"

btalbert25's picture

I don't like that Bauserman got booed on his homefield, of that any of the Buckeye players do.  It happens I get that.  That's when I look for the coach to call people out.  I remember one time in Lexington, UK's basketball team got booed at Rupp.  In the post game press conference Rick Pitino went apeshit on them.  I like it when the coach stands up for his guys publicly.  It doesn't have to be the tirade that Oklahoma's State's coach went on(although I didn't think he was off base either) , just a mention of hey guys, cool it on booing our starting QB would suffice.

Of course coach can't yell and say he's a kid I'm a man, when they are the same age.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

I agree. Booing college kids is low class. I wouldn't even boo the other team unless it is TTUN, Wisconsin, or an individual player on another team who struts around too much after making a play.

Booing should be reserved for the refs. In games not involving Ohio State, the refs occasionally deserve to be booed; in games involving Ohio State, the refs very frequently deserved to be booed and occasionally deserve to be tarred and feathered.

cal3713's picture

You can boo the coaches, the refs, and the enemy.  Booing the players is fucking classless.  There should be fucking stadium announcments about it and e-mails released to the student body and all season ticket holders.

Hey booers... what's Bauserman's touchdown to interception ratio? 

NC_Buckeye's picture

If I were seated in the stadium next to someone booing the team, they would know in no uncertain-terms what I thought of them and their booing.

Just saying.

Pam's picture

I was at the PSU game last year and the team got booed going into the locker room being down 14-3. Some near me got an earful. I hate that sh!t

btalbert25's picture

If players feed off of the home fans when the energy level is high and the Shoe is loud, I would think the negativity would have a negative impact on the players.

Jdadams01's picture

See, I took the booing as the crowd's reaction to Fickell sending Baus out there time after time. I think they were booing the decision to not use Braxton. But then again, I wasn't in the stadium, I was in a B-Dubbs not booing.

razrback16's picture

Agree. I wasn't at the game, but when I heard the boos raining down I took it as the fans booing the coaches' decision to send Bauserman out again -- Miller definitely should've been in the game a good bit.

I felt the same back in '08 during the Troy game when I heard the boos coming when Tressel sent Boeckman in. Again I felt like the fans were booing the coaching decisions, not the kids -- after all if you remember the 2008 Michigan game everyone was cheering and clapping when Boeckman came in -- I believe he even got a standing ovation.

I think most of our fans love the kids that play here, even the ones who don't perform well and don't intend to boo the kids, but feel like they have to find a way to let the coaches know how they feel. I almost bought tickets to the Toledo game, but I'm sure as heck glad I didn't. I would've been one pi$$ed off guy if I had paid for the high dollar tickets I usually do and then was forced to watch Bauserman for 4 quarters. Not gonna happen.

Another Jason's picture

I was there, and that's how I took it too.  Obviously I can't speak for each individual who was booing and I certainly wasn't one of them and don't think there were any in my immediate vicinity.  But we were ALL grumbling about the absence of Miller, which (unless he really was hurt) was inarguably baffling.  It just seemed to me that the frustration was more with the strategy than the player, although the player was throwing some pretty lousy passes.

btalbert25's picture

I also think Ohio State should conduct a thorough search for a head coach.  They should also give Fickel a shot at it.  I would hate to see them settle when a better option is out there.  It's not to say I don't think Fickell will work out, it's just that we really no idea what he's capable of.  I know the fan base is half in favor of Meyer and have despises the idea of Meyer, but I fall somewhere in between.  Guy has proven time and again he can win anywhere he goes.  We know he can develop QB's into great college players, and ya know what If 3 out of 4 years my team can make BCS games and 2 of them they win the National Championship.  I'll take that 5 loss year in the middle.  Being in the B1G, I doubt we'll see too many of those 5 loss seasons though. 

slippy's picture

I feel like for as high hopes as a lot of people had around here for Sabino no one is really talking about him.  He had a great game last week.  Showed great athleticism and good instincts reacting to the ball.  He was much better as a nickel LB than Klein, I thought.  Hopefully he keeps it going.

btalbert25's picture

I noticed that too.  The announcers actually said his name on TV the other day.  That was the first I had heard in his time here lol.  He has looked good.


Run_Fido_Run's picture

As we've discussed here many times, Sabino has had to fight through some down times, which might have wrecked the confidence of a lesser man. From all indications, though, he's kept a positive attitude, fighting until he got a new chance to emerge.

Physically, he's always had a lot of talent. Now that he's better grasping his role, getting a feel for the schemes and game flows, he could turn into a monster out there. And, if he does explode, many Buckeye fans will have a little extra sentimental attachment to Sabino.  

jenks's picture

I just want to say that when my parents retired, they moved to a farm and bought alpacas.

Oh, and also that unlike Coker, Fickell seems to have some support for his recruiting skills. Therefore, if he can do it with Tressel's players, he should be able to do it with his players.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I gotta say that the Coker compairson is unfair.  Fick is a Buckeye.  Period.  He deserves his chance and any and all talk of other coaches at this point hurts the program.

If there are conversations had they need to be behind closed doors and kept quite.  Michigan prolly had Miles until Herbie ruined that.  And yall call Herbie fake.

btalbert25's picture

So you are a fake Buckeye if you don't believe Fickell is the answer long term?  I agree with the article.  They need to really take a look at the job he does this season and make sure if it's successful it isn't just fools gold.  Sometimes, a coach gets a job after a legendary type of coach leaves.  He inherits players who were heavily influenced by the previous coach, he inherits his recruits as well.  For a couple of years the team is good.  Maybe the guy keeps getting good recruits, but the team constantly underpreforms.  It happens and it is a legitimate concern. 

Recruiting wise, other coaches are going to campaign against Ohio State because of Fickell.  He's an inexperience head coach, and he may not be permanent.  Just because the interim tag was removed, doesn't mean players and other coaches don't see him as such. 

I think it's justified for fans to be worried about whether this guy is the real deal or not.  If anything just blindly saying he's a buckeye and we should support him is bad for the program.   

O-H Kee Pa's picture

+1. Mack Brown is from Tennessee and played at Vanderbilt. We all know where Bo Pelini is from. Neither of those fanbases are complaining that they don't have a guy who was born and bred with their "values". It's no longer about, "Go team! Beat Michigan! Win Conference! Go to the Rose Bowl! Fight! Fight! Fight!" It's about winning as much as damn possible on the biggest of stages. If there's a coach from friggin Hawaii who will help us do that, I'm all for it.

jenks's picture

I don't know much about the relative histories/stories of Nebraska and Texas football, but I don't think they have rivals like TSUN, or have had a coach like Cooper in recent memory. At OSU, Michigan is the biggest of stages and based on the last 20 years of coaches, the data seems to suggest that only those from within can win on that stage (this also seems true if you look at it from Michigan's side). Because Nebraska and Texas are different in this respect, I don't know if they are fair comparisons.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

Fair enough. I'll agree that the "wounds" from the Cooper era are still relatively fresh (or at least that's the vibe I've gotten on 11W being an OSU grad who graduated in 2007 and a non-Ohioan). However, if a coach who wasn't native to Ohio found a way to consistently beat Michigan, our fanbase is so success hungry that I highly doubt anyone would say, "It's great that he's winning, but I really wish we had an Ohio boy at the helm." I don't know; maybe the bluehaireds who think that going to the Rose Bowl is still the height of success would feel that way.

btalbert25's picture

I'm not anti-Fickell either,  I'm just want him to get the job because he's the best choice, not because he's a Buckeye.  I'm affraid that there's a sizable chunk of fans with much more influence than someone like me who have this attitude and we could end up with a coach being handed the job because of it.  All things being equal, if there is an interview process and guys like Fickell, Stoops, Meyer, Pellini, and Dantonio are all interested, and all we are evaluating is coaching not heart attacks and family concerns, doesn't Fickell come in 5th on that list? 

O-H Kee Pa's picture

Right. When you're comparing apples to apples, regardless of how well Fick keeps the ship afloat this season, it would be hard to pass on any of those guys.

NC_Buckeye's picture


So now not only does he have to be successful, he ALSO has to satisfy some imaginery floating critera. Let me guess, right now... at this point in time... is one of those benchmarks that his first name not be "Luke" or "Lucas"?

I don't know how to respond to you guys anymore. I know I'm fed up with this topic. The underlying motivation behind everyone of these anti-Luke comments is that there is some "magic apple" candidate out there that's going to ensure we play in a NCG every fourth year (or something along those lines).

That guy doesn't exist.

Even if Meyer's ego wins out over his common sense (aka his wife), he runs a spread offense... WHICH EVERYONE KNOWS DOESN'T WORK IN THE B1G. Maybe we should join another conference after hiring Meyer. Plus I've already commented ad nauseum that the 2002-2004 fire-eater version of Meyer is not the same guy who flamed out at Florida (and most assuredly would do the same here).

You want to know what translates into championships -- STABILITY. Guess what translates into mediocrity -- INSTABILITY. See Michigan and Notre Dame. If you doubters get your way, you're going to lead us down the second path.

I'm going to save this comment and just paste it as a response every time I see one of these posts.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

I'm not anti-Luke at all. My first preference is to have a Buckeye at the helm, but not for the sake of having that guy just so we can say we're being led by someone who's familiar. I (like a lot of other fans, I think) are still in a holding pattern over this. I'm not delusional enough to think that if we bring in Urban, you can automatically slot us into the NCG next year. Put quite simply, we don't know what "stability" looks like yet under Fick. Stability could mean us being consistently 8-4 or 9-3, or we might not skip a beat. I hope it's the latter.

NC_Buckeye's picture

I meant my comment to all the anti-Luke posters on this thread. Didn't mean to single you out specifically.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

I know, but I just felt the need to clarify. Unless Luke does something absolutely extraordinary this season, I can easily foresee a situation in which OSU caves into the pressure of hiring a marquee coach.

Jdadams01's picture

Let me preface this comment: this has nothing to do with your guys' argument about which coach is best. This is just about your comment that the spread doesnt work in the Big Ten. Everyone keeps saying this because of how bad Dick Rod's spread was at scUM, but using that as your basis for this argument is flawed. Dick Rod's spread and Meyer's spread are different. I've seen the spread offense tear up plenty of Big Ten squads in OOC and bowl games. Ours included. Yes, you have to have some power running game when the games get cold, but that argument against the spread in the Big Ten needs to go away. Our defenses are not better than the best SEC defenses that struggle with the spread occasionally.

Tommy's picture

Good comment.

We may prefer a pro-style offense so that we can still claim that any spread offense is "gimmicky" and only for teams that can't run a "real man's offense", but the idea that a spread wouldn't work in the Big Ten is stupid.

The only thing I would add to your comment is that scUM's spread wasn't even unsuccessful. Because the defense was so putrid, people don't realize that Michigan was one of the top offenses in Big Ten play last year.

jenks's picture

One (I want to emphasize there were many reasons) of the reasons why the defense was so bad was because the offense was so successful. The offense would score so quickly the defense was on the field all the time. It was just as bad for the D as having a 3 and out offense (except I guess they had more points to give). Good teams require balance regardless of the styles.

The problem with the term "spread" is that it has been bastardized. Do you mean Purdue spread? Spread option ala RR? A more west coast/pro style spread? There are so many variations and none are alike.

Seth4Bucks's picture

I'd put Meyer fifth. His winning ways are nice, but he had WAY too many off the field incidences that were brushed under the rug because he was a) bringing in SEC and NC rings b) in the SEC were that's almost expected c) ESPN has invested money in the SEC and it would go against $$$ sense to hurt them.

The last thing the Buckeyes need after this summer of never ending scandals is a coach who isn't going to do his best to run a clean program. Nationwide there's already a negative perception about OSU's athletics. You could try to argue whether or not it's fair and warranted. But the fact remains the luster has been taken off the program due to a series of bad decisions by multiple people.

The media went after the program and I feel that we've been hounded by the media more so compared to some other programs. But Joe Fan has the perception that OSU players and coaches are a bunch of cheating and lying people. Perception is reality in this day and age.

Until we can put all this behind us, we need a coach with the character closest to Mother Teresa. I'd sacrifice a spot in the NCG if it meant all this negativite press went the way of the dinosaur.

Right now in my book, it would be Dantonio, Pelini, Fickell, Stoops, Meyer. Stoops has been at OU for so long that I would be a little hesitant to pull the trigger on him. The unknown of how he'd do stepping into a new program is the only reason I'd drop him down the list. 

yrro's picture

I love Dantonio, but reading the news that was coming out of MSU last year I don't know you can say he brings the reputation for a clean program. 

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I didn't say you were a fake Buckeye if you don't believe in Fick?  Not sure how you got to that conclusion from what I said.  I said Fick is a Buckeye.  From Ohio, loves the school, knows the tradition.  Is more like Woody and Tress to Ohio State than Coker was to Miami.

Tress won a title with Cooper's folks and then look what he did?  The same situation could lead to a decade of dominance.  I would wager they recruited against Tress the same way.  "That loser coached at Youngstown, laughable!"  "God doesn't want you playing for lil' Jimmy T son!"   Not like Coker.  Unfair compairison.

Fick deserves the fans support.  Even the miserable group.  Talking about landing a new coach hurts recruiting more than not.  

How is saying we should support him bad for the program?  That does not make any sense to me.  That's Bizarro math.  

btalbert25's picture

I'm not saying supporting him is bad, I just think handing him the job because he's a Buckeye can hurt the program.  I want him to earn it.  Plus, Tressel got the job through a coaching search and was hired(granted not the first pick).  He wasn't thrown in the job because he was the only option.  Not sure anyone else on the staff wanted the job and he was the one that said what the hell let's give it a shot.

Sorry, I wrongly assumed when you said talk about fake Buckeye you were implying that fans who don't support Fickell were fake Buckeyes. HEY BRO!!!!

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

If we do look for a coach (and we should) it needs to be on the DL.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

The two game suspensions for Howard, Hall, and Brown were ridiculous. On the bright side, though, because they were ridiculous, transitioning these productive players back onto the field might go a little smoother - the other guys on the team will feel for these guys, including Clarke and Hyde, which will bring them even closer together.

I'm optimistic about the intangibles going into the Miami game. Now, if we can only run block, get to the QB, get off blockers and tackle in space . . .

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I'm begining to think the 5 games our tat 5 received were ridiculous.....

cal3713's picture

Actually, I'm in the camp that thinks they should have been suspended by Fickell for more than 2 games.  I mean seriously, you take cash after all the shit that's gone down.  I don't give a fuck about the NCAA's opinion on the matter.

smith5568's picture

They took the money in February. Not that much had gone down yet. Still was relatively minor issues, all the players would be back after 5 games, Tress still the coach.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I've mentioned the booing of tOSU players in a negative context and found out that some of our fans feel entitled to their boos, regardless of how it impacts the players, or how their behavior is perceived. IMO it is reserved for Michigan, the refs, and any big program that comes into the 'Shoe.  The booing of Miami U last year IMO was very appropriate. 

The Buck Guy's picture

Booing college players, especially our own Buckeyes, is the most disgusting and embarrassing thing I ever witness at the Shoe.  It really makes me wonder about many in our fan-base.  I'm all for booing bad calls by refs, or dirty plays on the field, but never our Buckeyes.  Never.

But, the more I see from some so-called Buckeyes fans on the message boards and blog comments, the more I'm ashamed to admit that we do have a lot of classless and sophomoric individuals who identify themselves with the rest of us in Buckeye Nation.  It is sad.

~ The Buck Guy
Go Bucks!!!!

Luke's picture

Congratulations on being the third person to use a form of the word bacchanalia on 11W. It's an exclusive but proud fraternity.

Luke's picture

By my count, though mine may have been in context of referencing Third Eye Blind's "Faster." My queefcore game is unparalleled.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

Those who can partake in bacchanalia do; those who can't use the word bacchanalia in their blog posts.

Just kidding - I'm past my bacchanalian days, myself.  

BucksfanXC's picture

When you write the Skully, do you have to create the poll too?

Good work Sarah, as always.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

Sarah's picture

Yup. And thanks. 

BoFuquel's picture

Bacchanalia is not only a drunken orgy, it also reminds me of a certin S.I. story that was a tatal fabrication.No wonder we boo our careful with whom you hang out .I'm of the WTF[We'll Take Fickell] camp, he is undefeated. 

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

Run_Fido_Run's picture

You're not greek and pulling out the ethnic "racism" card, me hopes?

Sure, bacchanalia can also refer to a festival in honor of Bacchus. But then Bacchus commanded his celebrants to get drunk as hell, threaten to overthrow the government, and light things on fire. The men who participated of course interpreted bacchanalia as an excuse to hit everything in sight.

CGroverL's picture

We have the best and worst fanbase of any CFB team. What can we say though? We love our Buckeyes and want them to win at all costs, even if it means removing a coach that STILL HASN'T LOST A GAME. Look, the guy is dealing with taking over for a legend (in our eyes), trying to deal with a 2 QB system that it seems no one is happy with, having to play maybe #4 and #5 at RB in early depth charts (Carlos "El Guapo" Hyde has been decent, though), and on top of all of that he has to constantly deal with us. While Meyer has a great overall and bowl record, is from Toledo, played at Cincinnati, and used to coach under Earle Bruce...he still is not  a Buckeye like Fickell is.


I read an article the other day that first said TOSU has been consistent despite their BCS woes. Next, the writer wrote that "Fickell has taken the Buckeyes into mediocrity". If the Buckeyes are mediocre, it has nothing to do with Fick. And...the Bucks lead the NCAA with BCS appearances with 9 and wins with 6. Obviously, we have gotten spoiled by having such a great stretch...and the rest of the country thinks we suck. We truly have the most hated CFB team in the nation. Is it because of us fans?

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



btalbert25's picture

I live in Kentucky, and can tell you Ohio State is not very popular in these parts.  There are some fans spread around but they are few and far between.  There is quite a mix of fans though as Kentucky just doesn't have good college football.  One theme I can tell you, though, is people always say I hate Ohio State because of their fans.  You hear the other stuff about being over rated because they don't play anyone etc, but the main reason I hear is people hate Ohio State fans.

I'm kind of shielded down here though.  I'm not surrounded by Ohio State fans.  I don't see how they always act during games.  I was at an event last year that had people from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  It was a large event with a ton of people.  They had a giant TV and the Columbus folks demanded the Ohio State game be put on (which I was happy about).  Every time Ohio State did something good the fans would start screaming O-H   I-O and quite honestly, they were loud obnoxious and ruining everyone elses time.  A friend looked at me and said see why I hate Ohio State? I did. This event was in Indianapolis, and the group of fans didn't comprise half of the crowd there, but made enough noise and were obnoxious enough to drown out everyone else.  

So, I get it.  I feel the same way about UK basketball.  I used to really like the team, then a couple of their fans wanted to get violent because we disagreed about the head coach.  After both of these clowns pulled that on me, I wanted UK to lose every game they played.  I stilld o.  So I can understand why people hate Ohio State.  Because like all other bluebloods of a sport we have arrogant, obnoxious , blow hard fans that piss people off everywhere.  We also have a lot of really good fans that get a terrible name because of those idiots. 

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

So they hate Ohio State fans for cheering?  That's a real good reason to hate fans.....

When I was in Manhattan, staying at the Marquee, March Madness was on, and Ohio State was on almost all of the TVs.  It was awesome watching the game in New York City, with fans cheering loudly, for our team.  F every single person who thinks that is a reason to hate a fan base.

btalbert25's picture

It wasn't the cheering, it was the attitude.  Don't get me wrong I was cheering too, but I wasn't getting in people's faces and screaming O-H or being a douche about it.  It's one thing to get excited and hi-5 the fan next to you.  It's another thing to be totally inconsiderate of everyone else in the room. 

CGroverL's picture

Well...I was hoping to hear someone say that "It is because the Buckeyes have been the best team since the inception of the BCS". Because that is true and the best CFB teams are always hated. I just never thought my Buckeyes would ever be hated more than Notre Dame. Notre Dame has sucked for so long and chose Brian Kelly as their messiah, which is almost funny. I live in Florida now and it gets really strange here. I clear the bars out on my own...Brian Hartline caught a TD pass for the Dolphins on Monday Night and I screamed "Go Buckeyes!!!". Of course, Florida idiots had no idea what I was talking about but hey, obnoxious or not, I will always scream when the Buckeyes score...even if it is a former Buckeye that caught a TD pass from some Michigan loser named Chad Henne.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



Is it Saturday Yet's picture

oh, yeah...ive seen that type of fan


sometimes we have to check our own

Nappy's picture

Where in Indy was this?  There a few OSU bars around here, but Im guessing this wasnt one.  Ive been told on a couple occasions that people hate OSU because of the fans.  Theres a fine line between being passionate and obnoxious.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

btalbert25's picture

It wasn't and OSU bar. 

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Only some of our fans. It only takes a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch. We just need to continue to keep each other in check. If we can.

Buckeyeboy's picture

Welcome to the Boys' Club, Sarah! Besides being a very good wordsmith, your writing style is a hoot!

For the mentally pubescent fans that feel compelled to boo at the slightest hint of frustration. I'm also curious to see what the kid (Braxton) can do, but think of the mess Coach Fick, and the rest of us (Buckeye Nation) would have if the kid is thrown into a tight game and turns the ball over with an interception, fumble, or on downs. Then what? Two QBs, a team, Coach, staff, and fans with shattered confidence? Not a good scenerio.

When Brax gets up-to-speed for a given situation, that's when our Coach will call his number. We are never going to agree with all the decisions made by a coach, regardless of who it is, but I know, deep down in my Buckeye heart, it's way too early for the boo birds to be singing their song of discontent.

Go Bucks!

OSUNeedles's picture

I completely agree... This was the first we saw of Fickell being a first year coach & struggling to pull the trigger on a decision. Imagine how he would have been perceived if he threw a frosh in the game & had the first loss to an Ohio team in 90 years. Would have been nice to see Braxton in the second quarter, but eventually it was too late to put him in because of the possible negative outcomes. (Yes, I realize R Smith being on the field seems to negate this argument, but we all know QB choices are a different creature).

Bucksfan's picture

Chad Conant is about as wrong as you can be, especially considering that Ohio State basically pinned Luke Fickle to be Tressel's successor years ago.  They've been grooming him to take over once the Vest was least, according to what I read in the NEW YORK F'ING TIMES!

Christ, could we please just relax and give this man a chance?  He has coached in 2 games and won them both.  We haven't gotten to conference play yet.  I don't care how desirable Ohio State's head coaching job is...a lot of that simply has to do with it being a high-paying job.

Buckeye Chuck's picture

Maybe they were grooming Fickell, but with the notion that Tressel would probably coach till well into the current decade, not that he'd be gone after 2010--I'm not sure he would have gotten the nod over Darell Hazell had Kent State not intervened.

I understand the Larry Coker concerns (though I think it's almost structurally impossible for Ohio State to ever become a .500 team for years at a time; plus it's not like Miami was going to fire Coker after he won a national title in his first year), and agree that the administration needs to think long and hard about who should have the coaching job in the long run. But there are also no-name assistants who took over and kept things running smoothly--Tom Osborne, Bret Bielema. And the one coach whose situation (young, at alma mater, job opened very suddenly) matches Fickell's most closely, Pat Fitzgerald, has done about as well at Northwestern as it's possible to do.

Like I've been saying, a 10-win season for Fickell would be an outstanding job, and one worthy of making him permanent. Hopefully that permanence would lead to needed staff changes, and insure that this one-year blip in recruiting would stay just that, a blip.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

tampa buckeye's picture

Yes, cold water does stop a hurricane.

Buckeyebrowny919's picture


To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

Sarah's picture

Not a Hurricane, which was my point. 

Figures someone from Florida would try to be a smartass about hurricanes.

Mike's picture

Whoever gets the long term head coaching job, I am on the Anyone But Bollman train...It seems to me Fickell is content to let Bollman run the offense, which is why it's no surprise that Miller didn't see any time in the last game.  Anyone else notice the similarities between Toledo '11 and Ohio U '08 (


CGroverL's picture

Extra special thanks to Sarah for writing the article and also for turning me on to a place where I can check out someone's entire selection of "Ho Costumes". What more could I want? Except maybe a #34 Buckeye jersey with the name "El Guapo" on it.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



GoBucks713's picture

Jefe, do you know what a plethora is?

-The Aristocrats!

CGroverL's picture

We have a plethora of pinatas...Si, Jefe. It has been a while since I have seen the movie but Carlos Hyde just sounds like El Guapo to me

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



OSUNeedles's picture

I was checking the fine print to see if the breast implants were included in the price of any of the costumes...

yrro's picture

Where did this "El Guapo" nickname come from? I know what it means, but I have no idea who attached it to him.

OSUNeedles's picture

Just from the fact that it's Sarah, I'm guessing it is a "Three Amigos" reference.

Sarah's picture

Sorry, can't take credit for that one. I think it might have been Luke or Johnny, but I'm not sure. 

CGroverL's picture

I didn't get it from anyone but I cannot think I was the first one to think of it. He was our starting RB in game #1 so everyone at my house was calling him El Guapo. We are all old (I'm 38) and just hearing Carlos made us all think of the movie "The Three Amigos". We were yelling "El Guapo" the whole game. Living in Florida makes you do strange things when using the Spanish language. It would be neat if I had come up with it, it stuck, and he became a Buckeye great, but someone had to have thought of it before me.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



RoweTrain's picture

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

Kyle's picture

I'm generally anti-booing players but there are exceptions (like the first time Pryor shows up on campus).  I am however all for booing OSU fans (especially those in the AARP set) who tell me to be quiet and sit down.  After I boo you I will break your hip and drink all of your Ensure.  I drink your ENSURE!  I DRINK IT UP!

NC_Buckeye's picture


+1 for "There Will Be Blood" reference.

RBuck's picture

My take on a possible future head coach.

If Fickell isn't retained I think we need someone offensively minded from the outside. The down side on this is that Heacock, Ficks and Vrable will most likely be gone. I hate that scenario. The upside is Bollman and Little Sicily will be gone. My best scenario is that Ficks stays and fires Bollman. Let the new OC bring in his own people.

Long live the southend.

Rooster Buckburn's picture

I don't think Heacock and Vrable would necessarily be released - That would depend largely just who it is they hire.

jfrank373's picture

I get the whole "Fick is a Buckeye" theme but how much of a Buckeye was Tressel? He was an assistant for a short time and then went on to build a program somewhere else.  I don't necessarily agree with the whole "insider" theme. The tradition is so great at OSU, I think most coaches know all about it and wouldn't do much of anything to change or obstruct it. This job is the biggest job in college football other than maybe, maybe Alabama.  The best facilities, tradition, fans, and oh yeah, the state with the best high school players in the country so who wouldn't come here?

This job is on every coaches dream job list so there has to be a search at the end of the season regardless of how the team finishes.  Mark me down as an occupant of the Meyer/Dantonio group. I grew up BG and went to school there (townie) while Urban Meyer was there and have met him several times. The guy exudes confidence and intensity more than anyone I have ever met before. As good as Fickell COULD be, there really only is one Urban Meyer. Dantonio is from Ohio and his whole family is in Zanesville so it's not a stretch to think we could lure him either.

Not trying to "jinx" the program or doubt Fickell but in reality, this job is the best job in college football and I believe we should hire the best available coach in the land. I would highly doubt that Luke Fickell is the best coach out there right now.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I can tell you both Cooper and RR scoffed at the tradition of the rivalry.....

Tress understood what it meant. How big it was. Buckeye. Born and raised in Ohio. Watched the game with pops. The only time he got to see his old man. Buckeye. When it's more than just another game.

Did you doubt Tress was the best out there when he was hired? He did not disappoint.

btalbert25's picture

Let's be honest though, RichRod's 3 teams at Michigan were way too overmatched.  It didn't matter who coached those teams and where they were from, they were bad teams, and Ohio State's 3 teams were all BCS bowl teams.  Rich Rod couldn't win "the game" because he had 3 really bad teams including probably the worst team Michigan has ever had.  

Also, don't some of the potential coaches have roots that run as deep if not deeper than Tressel's when it comes to Ohio State?  Cooper couldn't win a bowl game either and always found ways for his team to lose crucial games.  Michigan State, Wisconsin, pretty much any bowl game and of course Michigan all burned the man when everything was on the line.  Perhaps he just couldn't coach a game when pressure was on and the team needed a win in a big game to preserve a Rose bowl Birth or his one year a BCS title. 


jenks's picture

Rich Rod couldn't win his own home rivalry against Pitt when WVU outmatched them (In fact, it was that lost that convinced me more than his offense that he would fail). He wouldnt have won if UMich had a better team than OSU. Also, Tress beat Lloyd Carr when Carr had much better teams than RR.

No arguments against Cooper and other big games.