Brown, Hall and Howard Reinstated by NCAA

By Chris Lauderback on September 13, 2011 at 6:05p

Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown have been reinstated by the NCAA and will be eligible to play against Miami this saturday night as long as they repay the $200 ahead of kickoff. 

The reason for two games? 

The reinstatement staff determined the nature and scope of the violations, particularly the provision of cash benefits by a booster, merited a two game suspension.

The release notes the players received envelopes of cash provided by a university booster. 


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BuckeyeSaab's picture

You are not a "booster" if you give players cash.  You are an a$$hat.

I'm sorry for not being sorry.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

and a big $tupidhead

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

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wait, I thought it was jock $niffer?

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This university has some of the dumbest boosters ever.  There was honestly somebody out there with enough functioning brain cells to tell their lungs to take in oxygen but not enough to know this was a horrible time to try that shit?

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And you enjoy eating baboon booty.



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wait, im still curious as to how the NCAAs description of this is any different from the miami situation in which the players only got 1 game

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OSU had 2 games before Miami, Miami only had 1 game before OSU. Case solved.

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Also, if the $200 had been conveyed in the form of blow and free lap dances, the NCAA would have intepreted that as, technically, an "inappropriate benefit," but otherwise an innocent example of boys being boys; whereas the Buckeye players engaged in a business transaction. Welcome to the convoluted logic of the NCAA.

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Vegas had the Buckeyes 2 point underdogs... Wonder if that line has moved yet?

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I was wondering the same thing...

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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who cares about the NCAA's decision, when have they ever been consistent... I'm just glad to have these playmakers back!


Go out there and PLAY ANGRY... I want Howard to imagine all the Hurricane recievers as an NCAA admin and knock their head off... I want Hall to imagine all the Miami LBers as a compliance officer and run them over

Cause I couldn't go for three

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I am so happy about this reinstatement that, as a proud alumnus of Ohio State, I plan on giving Hall, Howard, and Brown $200 each so that they can use that money to repay the charity $200 ahead of kickoff.

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I LOLed hard.

Let's hope Hall runs angry.

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Wonder if Howard will line up across from Travis Benjamin straight out of the gate.  It also seems that Bahhzerman is much more effective when throwing passes of ten yards or less.  That being said, getting Jordan Hall back into the fold as a scat back could go very far towards helping our offense look much less inept.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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I think this is it for the punishments.  I believe that this won't affect our final punishment from the NCAA and that we will still skate by with the self-imposed sanctions and a few scholarship reductions over three years.


If anything else comes out....jeebus help us.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



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The article is still not posted on the evil four letter.  They suck.

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It was posted earlier today when it first came out.

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Why does it always have to be the good players getting caught? 

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Maybe someone needs to hand The Baus $200 real quick

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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OK, that was funny. +1

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Maybe we should take up a collection...!

buckeyedude's picture

Shit. I bet there are enough Buckeye fans that could buy out his contract and send him to early retirement.



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You guys are on a roll tonight!

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Too bad his social security checks aren't considered impermissable benefits.

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I wanted to say Baus and Basil!

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Finally, I open up the 11W page and I'm greeted by one of these little gray boxes which isn't like a kick to the nuts. Welcome back boys. Don't do anything stupid again please.

JakeBuckeye's picture

HAH! Funny. Those gray boxes usually are bringers of death, kind of like whenever "Brutus" posts ;)

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Its all good though because you are by far the most valued poster on here in my eyes.

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Look, we are all happy to have these guys back ... but, WTF were they thinking??? this happened in February, yeah, after the Sugar Bowl.

It just goes to show that kids do not learn by example, they only learn through age and experience. we see it all the time where a kids's high school buddy dies in a car crash due to drunk driving, and that kid is out the next week doing the same thing "remembering their friend" as they party... kids will not learn by example, ever!....they only learn through experience. I hope these kids learned.

Oh, just to clarifly, I am not comparing taking 200 bucks to drinking and driving. I am just giving an example of how kids believe bad things only happen to other kids, not them.


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They only learn when it directly effects them. Thinking more about yourself than others on the team, that makes for a piss poor character. These three have no chance of making it in my favorite Buckeye list unless they show some redeeming qualities fast and I don't mean on the field.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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If Hall steps on faces while heading for 3 scores and Howard gets Harris benched, I let the glad handing slide.  Still not buying their jerseys, but just sayin.

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Did I just read that the booster that gave the money actually gave it to Terrelle Pryor as a travel expense reimbursement and then he went ahead and passed it on to the 3 current players. 

Did I just read that correctly in the Dispatch

Or did the booster give TP the money with the purpose of giving it to the current players?   Either way, TP should know better.  WTF!



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Yeah, that's what I got from the article as well. TP did more to drag down the Buckeyes than anyone in the program's history.

~ The Buck Guy
Go Bucks!!!!

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Or you know maybe Jim Tressel? Considering his coverup  could cause us more harm than anything else.

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Sometimes don't you wonder what some of these kids would be doing if they weren't so gifted athletically?