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By Jason Priestas on August 14, 2011 at 6:06a
11W: A COMPLETE SAUSAGEFESTPac-Man knows that 11W is a terrible place to meet women

Warning: Here be meta. We're hoping this will generate a wide-ranging discussion, but if you only come here for the footbaw, we'll hit you over the head with it when our season preview kicks off tomorrow.

Our first ever reader survey was a smashing success. 553 of you took five minutes out of your day (congrats to our random t-shirt winners Lucys Daddy Is A Buckeye, and @onefranco) to tell us what we're doing well, what we could be doing better, and that you want free beer and nudity. We're still working on a way to deliver suds via browser, but until then, we thought it would be worthwhile to dive into some of the other feedback we received.

But first, the raw numbers:


  • 17 or younger: 1%
  • 18-26: 24%
  • 27-34: 37%
  • 35-49: 28%
  • 50-65: 9%
  • 65 or older: 1%

No surprises here. Over half of our readers are between the ages 18-34, which is what you'd expect to find with a site that focuses on college athletics. Also, a shoutout to the half dozen of you drawing Social Security benefits!

Our audience is also 95% male, which was a bit higher than we expected (other, less-accurate numbers led us to believe it would be about 90% male). Clearly, this is not the place to come to meet your future wife.


  • Twitter: 25%
  • Facebook: 8%
  • Google+: 6%
  • Typing "" into browser: 35%
  • Browser bookmarks: 61%
  • Browser home page: 5%
  • Other: 16%

I'm not going to lie. Reading the survey results was a nice ego shot. I'm proud of what we've been able to build here and our hard work is paying off. It's humbling to find out that so many of you have the site bookmarked and that more than a few of you even have 11W set as your browser home page.

The social network numbers are not unexpected given our strategy on that front. After seeing Friendster, then MySpace and finally Facebook all rise to the top, we have an idea of how that game plays out1 and decided a while ago to devote most of our resources to building our brand on Twitter -- which we believe is a transformative technology -- instead of Facebook, essentially yet another social network.


  • Yes: 47%
  • No: 50%
  • No, I have not and never will: 3%

It would be a circus (in a good way) if we could somehow get everyone involved commenting and creating blog posts, but this is just the 1% rule at play. To those of you hesitant to provide your email address, I can tell you that we hate spam as much as you do. We will never sell your email address or provide it to a 3rd party. Heck, we've never even used the email addresses ourselves outside of contacting a contest winner.


  • Ohio: 47%
  • Originally from Ohio, but now an expat: 44%
  • No Ohio ties: 10%

I've always thought blogs trend towards expats -- at least compared to the Columbus Dispatch or other local media outlets -- but without seeing their data, it's just a theory.


  • Student in Ohio, but not at Ohio State: 2%
  • Student at Ohio State: 5%
  • Student somewhere else: 5%
  • Employed full-time: 76%
  • Employed part-time: 2%
  • Unemployed: 5%
  • Retired: 2%

First, big-ups to you hard working folks. The 11W unemployment rate is well below the national rate and that means you all love America as much as we do.

The other number that jumps out here is the 5% of our readers that are Ohio State students. We'd love to improve this metric and have some plans to do just that, but if you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them.

Things you'd like to see more of

We asked you what you'd like to see more of and this is what you had to say.

More recruiting stories. Perhaps a recruiting database.

We heard this a lot and have plans to ramp up our recruiting coverage. We also have a project in the works that will address the second request (as well as other data points), but that's so massively awesome that there's still quite a bit of work to do. You're going to love it when you see it.

PROBLEM?Unrelated to story, but a lovely image.

Write-ups about the enemies (stadiums, cities/campus highlights, historical data, interviews with other bloggers).

We will be adding an opposing blogger/Twitter superstar interrogation to our fall calendar and will continue to improve our coverage of this aspect of the site.


More than a few of you requested more rumors on the site. I'm not going to lie, I enjoy reading them as much as the next guy, but rumors just aren't our thing. Perhaps it's because we're a blog and we go out of our way to be careful about what we run, but it's an approach that works for us. The upside is that we rarely break incorrect news and that's something we're proud of2.

Maybe if it's even possible more interviews with current players kind of like how the interviews with recruits are conducted.

We'd love to do this, but once kids are signed and in the program, we're at the mercy of OSU with regards to pulling an interview with a player. If you're not SI or ESPN, you're only going to get players made available to group media after practice or games. Once the bowl has been played, you can kind of talk to seniors outside of scheduled events with the team, but getting the interview is not always easy. This may change a bit with Fickell and Emig at the top, but we'll have to wait and see.

More Buckshots. I like seeing new football news, even if it doesn't directly pertain to OSU.

We love Buckshots as well. We're always trying to balance fresh content with making sure readers can see what we put up for the day (before they roll off the seven shown on the front page).

Ohio State photos..maybe a photo of the day or photo section.

We put in for a photo pass this season, so cross your fingers for us. I will say that we've had to work for incremental access to the program, so it's not a guarantee, but we have a better shot this year than we did last year.

More features covering in-depth Xs and Os.

We heard this a lot, but unfortunately, there is only one Ross Fulton (that we're aware of, at least), and he doesn't even post on Along the Olentangy enough for our liking. If you have similar skills, hit us up. We have a spot for you.

Popularity ratings (thumbs up or down) and contribution points issued based off of popular votes.

One of the many projects on our books is a userpoints system. It's not only a great idea for reader participation, but it will also help suppress shoddy comments. We're also looking to revamp the comments so they auto-refresh, are easier to navigate, provide reply notifications, etc.

More 11 Dubcasts on a regular basis.

The Dubcast has been operating on its summer schedule but will be back soon for weekly episodes throughout the football and basketball seasons.

Maybe a mailbag?

Again, we're flattered that you value our opinions on all things Buckeye and may look into this.

Make an 11W calendar.

Another fantastic idea. And another idea that's been in our book for a few. There's not enough time to get to everything we want to, but this is up there on the list.

I would love to see pics and/or bios of the 11W writing staff.  My husband has often expressed the same.

Interesting. Writer bios exist on our About page, though we don't do a good enough job publicizing them. We'll look into adding profile pics.

Have contests other than ""Friday Caption"" or ""Final Score Challenge."" Have people post their best/funniest pictures on a certain topic. Microsoft Paint and Photo Shop are encouraged.

We like this idea a lot. Photoshop contests have been in the back of our minds for a while, but I guess we've been waiting on our audience to grow to the point where we'd have enough entries. Maybe it's already feasible?

I don't know how possible it would be, but it would be nice to see coverage of some fringe sports.  For example, I had no idea how good the mens volleyball team was until their run this past spring.

This is definitely something we need to get better at. It may be difficult to do during football season when our ed calendar is packed, but it's something we may be able to explore during hoops season.

I would like more term explanations - ie The Villain who I now know is ET.  It took me awhile to figure that one out.

Our Terminology page is woefully out of date, but at least "The Villain" is represented. We'll work towards keeping this fresh.

One thing I would enjoy seeing is a roundtable discussion amongst the writers on various topics in the Buckeye universe.  I think it would be interesting for everyone to huddle up and throw in their two cents worth, and we all know there's plenty to talk about these days.

Great idea. Look for a weekly roundtable during football season.

Things You'd Like to See Less Of

And now, for the counter shots to our collective ego.

Occasionally, 11W and the posters can beat a subject to death...beyond a point where readers are more transfixed by the beating than the original subject matter.  I understand you follow the interest of the readers and if they want to beat, you let them beat.  When I see it, I just move on and wait for the next post.

KEEP CALM AND RUN DAVEFor the gentleman that asked: "Dave" was JT's
favorite play

I can understand this point of view. Some of our coverage of "The Troubles" from this spring were hard to read, but at the same time, they resonated with a lot of other readers. We promise to keep an eye on oversaturating a topic and hope that you'll help keep us in check moving forward.

No. the site is a pretty good balance of opinion and actual OSU news. If 11w is an accurate representation of OSU fans than you all are much more rational than I thought. As a rule, I hate the type of person who comments on blog posts but your commenters are fairly rational.

Coming from a Michigan fan, this is high praise.

Bash on Bruce Hooley.

Thanks for taking part in our survey, Bruce.


Note: This reader also requested more humor fore the previous question.

I come to reddit before I come here, so the miscellany links are redundant.  But thanks for educated the masses.  :)

Guilty. We do love us some Reddit.

The recruiting stuff drags on a bit.

Which just goes to show you can't please everyone.

I skip some of the Skull Sessions because of the paragraph+ of gibberish that precedes any interesting information. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, I guess.

Personally, I'd probably prefer some of our Skully intros to be shorter, but I'm not sure this is a problem in a general sense.

Filter out all the political related comments.

I think we're already doing a pretty good job of keeping politics off the site, but if you see something political, speak up. Shoot me an email and I'll address it. I have zero tolerance for any political talk on this site.

Maybe stop hating on Kirk Herbstreit so much.  He's an analyst, just doing his job.  We shouldn't expect him or want him to be the OSU version of Lou Holtz. I disagree with his dropping of OSU in the polls and think he went a little overboard on his criticism of Terrelle Pryor (even with all that's come out, putting him in the same boat as Maurice Clarett was a little much), but don't think he has suddenly turned against Ohio State because of it.  He's still a pretty darn good announcer in my book, at least certainly better than many of the alternatives. 

Again, I can understand why some might feel this way. I do feel satisfied that negative Herbie articles have been backed up with plenty of facts.

Profanity.  I'm at work - NSFW is not a good thing for me.  it means I can't see the site. it's also classless and makes the site seem lame, like it's being run by drunk college students. I expect it in the comments but not in the articles.

I think we do a pretty good job of largely avoiding profanity, but I can't promise we'll stay 100% away from it. We're a blog, after all3.

Typos. They hurt my brain.  I understand editorial staff is limited but a solid proof is a must.  Mistakes happen but as the #1 OSU site in my mind, I want it to be the #1 standard for content as well.  

They hurt our brains as well. We do our best to prevent typos, but as long as we're all working day jobs, these will slip through from time to time.

If You Ran 11W, What Would You Do to Make it Better?

After sifting through the various "fire myself and re-hire you guys" comments, here's what some of you said you'd do to make 11W better.

Promote more blogs to the front page to encourage better commenter participation. The QB breakdown that PJFry was doing during the season were great, glad they got frontpaged, more members of the community here need to do that, I think they would if more got promoted.

We're all for this, but the content has to be excellent.

It could be a bit more graphically appealing.

We heard this a couple of times and although we're overdue for a redesign, we also think simple works. We've flirted before with moving to a magazine theme and that may yet happen, but if it comes down to devoting our time towards writing killer content and providing valuable data or tweaking the site design, we're going to focus on the former. I do expect we'll modify the navigation once we start adding rosters and statistics.

Make an iPhone/iPad/Android app.

This may just be me being stubborn, but I'm in no hurry to build and support apps for multiple mobile platforms at this point in time. If you see anything from us on this front, it may just be a mobile theme for the site instead of a full-blown app. Don't hate us for this. We're taking clues from the master -- same site no matter what you're using to view it.

Bring back the links to other Buckeye sites.

When we migrated to our new platform in August of last year, these links were one of the early casualties. However, they've been at the bottom of our right sidebar for at least nine months now.

Join SB Nation.

We've been approached a couple of times in the past and although their offers were more than generous and we really like what SB Nation has going for them, we feel it's in our best interests to remain indie.

Keep it free.

We will. One of our goals is to prove that the free model can work. If we continue to grow at the rate we're going, we'll prove that you don't need a paid subscription service to survive.


If you took part in the survey, thanks again! Whether you did or did not, if you'd like to keep this discussion going in the comments section, we're all ears.

  • 1 You can only ask people to migrate their networks and fill out their favorite books, movies, music, etc. before it gets old. That and the fact that parents and teachers eventually show up, ruining the fun for everyone.
  • 2 I can remember a certain other site reporting that Jamel Turner had passed away and there was that hilarious time when a self-proclaimed uber-"insider" from another site bagged on our report of Tressel admitting fault hours before his March presser. That was funny. The second thing, not the first.
  • 3 Consider SB Nation. They allow profanity, just not in the headlines. In fact, one of their largest college football blogs can curse with the best of them.

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dan_isaacs's picture

yay, my comments made it!  And autocorrect ruined my comment!

Dan Isaacs

dan_isaacs's picture

Also, not putting RSS feeds as a "how you read 11w" was an oversight.  If for no other reason than GReader is how I tend to indulge in the goodness.


Dan Isaacs

Denny's picture

Agreed. I usually hop in on Google Reader, though if I see an article pop up on twitter I'll come in.

Or I'll visit around 1pm, since that seems to be your typical afternoon slot (HA HA! BLOGGING!)


Jason Priestas's picture

Yeah, that was an oversight on my end. Probably b/c I've Twitter has taken on the role of Google Reader for me.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

I hate being out of the cool, majority demo!   Don't reach 40 kids, it sucks, stay young.

Anyhoo, I love the data breakdown and thank you for sharing it, another example of why you guys are the best OSU Blog - you shared information and gave us an informed look behind the curtain.  Ultimately making us a feel like a part of the "family".   I cannot tell you how much I love the site, I don't post much, but read almost all the other user posts. Keep on keepin' on......

Bucknut-in-the-South's picture

Your site is a refreshing oasis amidst the sound and fury of the interwebs.  I have always liked coming here for the slightly skewed takes on current sporting events, the humor and relish with which you tackle a variety of subjects, and the glee with which you bash the variously pompous and hackneyed denizens of the sports world.  The addition of Ramzy and Sarah to your stable of contributors has increased my enjoyment exponentially.  If I were the type to use emoticons, I would put about fifty smiley faces at the end of this post.  Since I am not, you'll just have to be happy with the gratitude of a midwestern expat in the south.  

Lucys Daddy is a Buckeye's picture

HELLS YEAH!!!!  T-shirt winner, bitches!!!!


I feel so like me!!!  You really like me!!!

Sorry, my inner Sally Field just had to get out!

...And when we win the game, We'll buy a keg of booze....And we'll drink to old Ohio til we wobble in our shoes...

dan_isaacs's picture

40% of readers just asked themselves who Sally Field was.

Dan Isaacs

GoBucks713's picture

Then again, it could have been a cop on Bugs Bunny when he won his first Academy Award.

-The Aristocrats!

Lucys Daddy is a Buckeye's picture


...And when we win the game, We'll buy a keg of booze....And we'll drink to old Ohio til we wobble in our shoes...

Lucys Daddy is a Buckeye's picture

So now the big question is...........

How do I get my free swag?????

...And when we win the game, We'll buy a keg of booze....And we'll drink to old Ohio til we wobble in our shoes...

dr green's picture

Like Jason said in the paragraph about not selling your email, they'll contact you. Next, the swag will magically appear in the mail.

Jason Priestas's picture

I sent you an email on 8/9. Can you check to see if you have it? Or verify that the email you have tied to this account is the correct one?

bukyze's picture

Thank you for posting all that great information.  Lots of great ideas out there.  I'm all for adding an opposing blogger, but just don't do it for tSUN.  We don't need ANY of their content on here.  When Bucknuts added one of scUM's bloggers to their lineup to write occassional articles, I cancelled my subscription.  For the life of me, I can't understand why any buckeye fan would care about what they think in that armpit up there.  Keep up the great work guys!

Bucks's picture

Nice read & good to know some of the things that may be in the works for the future. I certainly agree that it would be great to get that 50% w/o an account registered and talking as well.

OSUNeedles's picture

That is the first time that I have linked to the terminology page. I was happy to see Dianna Ross present on the list. We always referred to him as "2 yard." Short for his full name, "Rydell 2 yard Loss." Thanks for the breakdown... Always good to know you aren't alone in your obsessions.

GoBucks713's picture

Is there any way we can add DSPN to the lexicon of the terminology page. I still prefer that over everything. In other news, I'll be in New Hampshire for work in a few weeks, and I am flying into CT just so i can drive by the Bristol campus and leave a steamer in the drive. Maybe at the front door if it can be done.

-The Aristocrats!

Denny's picture

Please no. I mean, poop all you want, but part of me will die if any sophomoric ESPN knockoff nickname becomes site canon.


Nappy's picture
  • Please dont join SB Nation or change the site layout.  I like the clean, relatively ad free look.
  • To those not wanting to provide an email to register an account, I can personally say I've yet to receive a single email from registering, spam or otherwise.
  • A roundtable discussion is a great idea.  Does Keith not write here anymore?
  • I love the skully intros
  • I fuckin love profanity too
  • Kidnap Ross Fulton and tie him up in your basement.  His breakdowns should be required reading for all football fans.
  • Reddit is awesome

Thanks for doing the site and allowing us to put in our 2 cents.  


I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

dan_isaacs's picture

I upboat that anti sbnation comment.  Love the look presently.  Let rephrase that:  I fucking love how it looks now.

Dan Isaacs

NW Buckeye's picture

The lack of total anonymity by forcing posters to register with their email addresses is what keeps this site civil.  I had almost given up on the Dispatch site because of the rancid comments by trolls on their site.  They finally got with it and require email registration to comment.  It's funny how most of the idiotic posts including those that were venomous or racist have disappeared.  I do believe any site that allows comments has to take responsible action to eliminate those questionable anonymous posts.

Keep up the registration process here - it works. 

Keith's picture

Yeah, I've hung up the keyboard.   Will be around in the comments during the season for sure.

Scott's picture

I just registered with 11W after about a year of visiting the site. Mostly I just didn't want to sign up for something I could get sucked into at work, but I'm glad I'll be a part of the conversation this fall.

I really like the opposing schools idea. It would be great to to gain some inside knowledge from other fans (especially before away games) on traditions at their school, good reseaurants in the area, places to see while in town, places to avoid as an opposing fan, etc. This could probably be a simple Q&A like the site does with new commits.

Class of 2008

Bucks's picture

Welcome & glad you'll be joining the convos!

Bruce's picture

"Thanks for taking part in our survey, Bruce."

You're welcome. (If you're that thankful that I get a shout out, I would gladly have accepted a T-Shirt instead)

Oh, this was directed at Mr. Hooley? My bad.

From the 2007 HBO special ---->

elaydin's picture

Forgot to mention Ross Fulton in my survey.  That guy is exactly what 11W needs.  His breakdowns are absolutely epic.  Heck, just take over Along the Olentangy.  Make Ramzy pay the bill.

Still don't understand the stance on apps, but that's just me.  Mobile themes are for dirty hippies who don't like monetization.  Either way, you should do *something* for mobile.

Denny's picture

So many bros.

Also, while folks may not meet wives here, maybe 11w is 'where it's at' for gay OSU fans to e-meet one another. SILVER LININGS, JASON.


dr green's picture

Denny, Did you just "come out" with this comment? I don't know whether to be excited for you or p-o'd that you called 95% of us gay bros that root for tOSU.

Denny's picture

Nope, I didn't. Nor did I call everyone gay.


dr green's picture

Sorry, Denny. I was joking (apparently badly) on both counts.

I enjoy your comments on 11W and was hoping for a smart, snarky retort.

Denny's picture

No offense taken, I just have little patience with use of 'gay' as derogatory.


yrro's picture

I may not have met my wife on here, but she *does* read it. At least, she does during football season.

I'm curious how different the demographic is during off-season versus while there is actual football (instead of scandal) news to report.

Jdadams01's picture

Honestly, I have no problem with viewing the site in it's current format on my iPhone. 90% of the time that I come here is on my phone and I love it the way it is. Also, you guys are awesome. This is the first site I check every morning and normally the last one I check in the evening. Does that make me a stalker?

Denny's picture

I agree re: a mobile version. It's not worth the headaches on the coding backend to justify, and the current site design is well-suited for quick loading on mobile.


Matt's picture

I'm the furthest thing from tech savvy, and I have had trouble viewing the site from my Blackberry.  Something about an HTTP error 413 when I try to access the site directly.  Instead, I have to access Jason's 11W twitter account first, and then click on the 11W story link from the twitter.  For some reason the links are accessible via that route, but not the first.

Jason Priestas's picture

Weird. First I've heard of that. Is anyone else having problems viewing the site via Blackberry?

Brutus's picture

Reading/posting from a Blackberry right now. The only problem I get from time to time has to do with the size of the page being downloaded, but I think that has to do more with my service provider than it does the device.

I was back in Cbus this weekend and while "the troubles" dominated most of the discussions, the populace seems to be generally upbeat. Made me feel good. As a west coast Buckeye, you can start to feel a little isolated and let everyone else's opinions of the program start to jade your own.

buckeyedude's picture

Didn't take the survey but just would like to add my two cents worth, if anyone gives a rat's rear end:

1) would like the idea of a thumbs up, thumbs down or whatever.

2) actaully wouldn't mind a few more opposing team trolls like ME1K or whatever his name is. MMan is dude whom I actually find refreshing(although his avatar is ugly as shit.).

3) regarding profanity: I disagree with the guy that said it makes the site seem lame and classless.  I'm really glad yous guys don't boot somebody off the site if they say a bad word every now and again. Sometimes it's appropriate.  And c'mon, 95% of the visitors here are men, I think we can handle it, as long as it doesn't get out of hand(fine line, I know). Really, if you work at a computer, should you be on 11W anyway?

4) would like to see more pictures of players, campus, coaches, students, etc. BTW, I LOVE the weekly caption contest. That's usually some funny shit right there.

Things I like: 1) In most cases, feel like I'm getting insider info. on 11W.  2) like that one can edit their comments. 3) love that you're free. 4) Love Ramzy(in a brotherly way). That dude is da shit.(ooops, profanity). 




GoBucks713's picture

I was going to put this as my own comment, then saw yours and decided to just add to your first bullet point. The thumbs up should be a buckey or Block "O" and the thumbs down should be a winged helmet, or block "m", or a picture of Mark May.

-The Aristocrats!

NW Buckeye's picture

M1EK was a total troll who has handed every chance to be civil.  He crossed the lines one too many times and was appropriately banned.  We really don't need the likes of him trolling this site.  I really don't mind opposing views, but appreciate when those opposing views are well thought out and not filled with venom.  There is no reason for that.  Kind of like going over to your friend's house for dinner and calling his mother a whore.  That is what the ban hammer is for. 

buckeyedude's picture

True. True.



Pam's picture

While the site may be 95% male, I believe am responsible for about that much of the profanity, so don't fucking worry about me

Buckeyebrowny919's picture

ah yeah, direct quotage, ah yeah..seriously though i would love to see that photo section. I need some facebook and background gems so i don't have to sift through ozone

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

Powers's picture

The Skull Session intros are clever and hilarious. Please dont get rid of those.

buckeyejonross's picture

It's great to see my trollface OSU helmet picture I drew for EDSBS and Off Tackle Empire made it over here haha. My art is going places!

"You might as well appeal against a thunderstorm as against these terrible hardships of war. War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." -William T., Battle of Atlanta, B1G.

buckeyejonross's picture

Oh, and I would love MSpaint contests. Let's do those.

"You might as well appeal against a thunderstorm as against these terrible hardships of war. War is cruelty, there is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over." -William T., Battle of Atlanta, B1G.

Johnnycake's picture

Moderation is key. Getting a ton of "realists" that want to dump on players and coaches gets old really quickly. Be quick to ban or suspend people that claim to be Ohio State fans, but with every post show that they have nothing decent to say about Ohio State.



Hoody Wayes's picture

These metrics are interesting.

Your extolling the virtues of Twitter are curious, however. Citing Twitter's transformative impact makes me wonder why you guys aren't quicker - MUCH quicker - in covering NCAAF news, beyond Ohio State.

Work on it.

Denny's picture

Probably has something to do with 'blogging for enjoyment and not employment'.


NW Buckeye's picture

It's quite easy to promptly report on the news when you have direct access to the action.  The 11W staff is on top of things at OSU because that is their specialty and they have quick access to the news as it happens.  Other NCAAF news can only be reported on second hand as the staff must rely on other media reports to supply the information.  For what it's worth I think they do a pretty good job sifting through it all and determining what is relevant to OSU fans. 

Jason Priestas's picture

Work on it.


theDuke's picture

"stop picking on herbstreit" and "using 4 letter words."  

I thought we were all here on Broleven Warriors for the same reasons. No? 


Hoody Wayes's picture

Maybe not.

Rather than relegate other big college football stories beyond the Buckeye-centric - off to the right-side of the page under "Buckshots" - I'd like to see 11W staff move other NCAAF news to the left side.

So, directly below "Skull Session" we might see 11W coverage of the latest on how "The Longhorn Network" is changing the college football landscape. How about a "Question of the day/week" challenging us to contemplate a "Buckeye Network" or OSU football independence?

I know it can be argued that this is being done, already or that I'm making a point about website mechanics.

I'd like to get a a clearer picture of our readership's point-of-view on other college football topics, that's all - especially, if there's a link to Ohio State, somehow.

Colin's picture

Sorry to say that I didn't get to fill out the survey. I am one of those 20 year old students who were born and raised in Columbus and actually attend Ohio State. I love the blog and think even though I don't curse that much we shouldn't limit people's ability to show is a blog afterall. The only thing I would change is the ability to see all of the twitter updates and sidebar stuff during articles and not just exclusively on the front page, that way I don't have to go back to the front page everytime I want to see an update.

seabie's picture

Been reading for over a year. Never registered until today just to make this comment: keep 11W just the way it is :)

Jason Priestas's picture

Welcome! And thank you.