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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I go to the UM game every year. My favorites are a tie: Gonzo's catch in 2005, Wil Allen interception in 2002; seeing Bo and Woody on opposite sidelines in 1978, the singing of Carmen Ohio in Michigan Stadium after JT's first win in 2001; Brian Robiski's end zone catch in 2006; Troy Smith entering the field for his final Michigan game in 06; Evan Turner's shot; Beanie's long TD run in Ann Arbor; Art the Dart dancing into the end zone in 81... there are more....
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith, michigan killer
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Evan Turner, michigan killer
  • NFL TEAM: Bucs and Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Caps
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs and Heat (unlikely combo that it is)
  • MLB TEAM: Rays and Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: DC United

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Comment 25 Jul 2014

OSU did not cave to the pressure of one band member. They stood up for the rights of hundreds, perhaps thousands, who watched or participated without complaining because they did  not want to become that ONE band member. 

Stepping forward takes courage. 

Comment 23 Jul 2014

Agree with everything Wesley except the age limit. Age has nothing to do with loudness or ability to cheer. You need to stand next to me at a game sometime. Or sit behind me and keep asking that I sit down and shut up like some of the students do when I am in south stands. 

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Math sucks TV talking heads suck. Mondays suck. But I do know this: chances of going undefeated improve dramatically if we ignore summer prognosticators and take it one game at a time. Beat Navy. 

DJ, this was a great skully. 

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Thanks for pointing that out. Loved that clip. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

How to beat getting old:

1) keep physically fit. not just active. Golf alone ain't going to do it.

2) keep up on pop culture (music, tv, food, clothing, tech gear, movies). What's on your playlist?

3) keep learning new things. I'm saving skydiving for my 60s.

4) hang out with people of all ages and try to understand where they are coming from at all times.

This is my recipe, yours may be different  or you may choose to just embrace getting old. It's all good.   Go Bucks.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Incredible as it seems now, when we won that game in 94 it had been TEN YEARS since we had beaten them IN THE SHOE. it was a very warm day, sun shining. the world was a beautiful place. I remember it well. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

2005 is definitely on my top 5 list if only counting wins (see above). Troy, Gonzo and Ginn left that crowd shaken. There was a feeling that they were going to get us -- And then POOF it was gone.  A bit of m*chigan  cockiness was lost forever that day. I love it. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Your list is fine and many would agree with every number, but for me the best of all was 2001 in Ann Arbor. The promise fulfilled. The final dagger was the band playing Carmen for the first time EVER in Michigan stadium. I was in tears. It had been a LONG time since we were out on that field hoisting Earle and celebrating at their place. 

My own personal list (all seen in person. I have been to 32 so far):

1. 2001

2. 2006

3. 2002

4  1978 (we lost, but it was my first in person and the only time I saw both Bo and Woody on the sidelines. I was hooked)

5. 1987

Comment 17 Jul 2014

For those who sit at home, a night game in almost-December may sound like an awesome experience. But I have been to more than 30 OSU-m*chigan Games and it is damn cold most years at noon. This game used to be a week earlier, too, remember.  

Only ONE was played at 3:30.  I would bet on noon. And it has little to do with how drunk the fans will be. Because by noon we can all be pretty damn drunk. But perhaps safety of visitors after a night win would be an issue in AA (thinking of you, m*chigan asshole who wanted a piece of me last year while your team had the LEAD). 

For fast food, I assume we are thinking national chains here, and I vote Popeyes. 

Comment 15 Jul 2014

He had a small amount of pot.i understand that not everyone sees it as a minor thing. But more and more it is.  Coach and courts should decide what is sufficient punishment. 

Comment 14 Jul 2014

The game day experience (under Brandon) is terrible. Piped in music, the loudest scoreboard I have ever encountered, putting microphones on the band, Pom poms (can you say SEC) in the stands. Even m*chigan fans are not happy with the expansion and what it did. That stadium, as much as I hate it, used to be a gem. Now it is not really worth spending time in for anything other than waiting for tbdbitl to play Carmen when OSU wins.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

South stands. That's where the band is. That's where the team does quick cals and where they come to sing Carmen. They check when you come through the gate. No one checks at the seat.