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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I go to the UM game every year. My favorites are a tie: Gonzo's catch in 2005, Wil Allen interception in 2002; seeing Bo and Woody on opposite sidelines in 1978, the singing of Carmen Ohio in Michigan Stadium after JT's first win in 2001; Brian Robiski's end zone catch in 2006; Troy Smith entering the field for his final Michigan game in 06; Evan Turner's shot; Beanie's long TD run in Ann Arbor; Art the Dart dancing into the end zone in 81... there are more....
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith, michigan killer
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Evan Turner, michigan killer
  • NFL TEAM: Bucs and Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Caps
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs and Heat (unlikely combo that it is)
  • MLB TEAM: Rays and Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: DC United

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Comment 24 Sep 2016

I'm watching the Bucketes today. Driving crom the DMV to Lancaster, PA  to watch the Club Football Buckeyes take on George Mason in their season opener. The game is free. 3 pm. If you are nearby,  come on over. 

Go Byckeyes! Beat Mason. 

Then I am going to drive home and get some live music in. And drink some beers. I have work tomorrow so need to be in bed by 2 (or so). 

Comment 23 Sep 2016

I am going to this week's game in Lancaster. This team is great and deserves support from our fans. Especially on a bye week  if you are in the DMV or philly come on over  3pm

A movie about them (The Other Eleven) debuted last weekend. 

Comment 22 Sep 2016

I am in the minority's but I find the crowd at skull session to be kind of a buzz killer. Band is great and seeing the players pumps me. But the crowd is subdued.  I think it draws a lot if people who like to sit through games. 

My best game day: 

Breakfast at hangover easy. mirror lake and oval visit. See Jesse Owens' shoes at the Schott, out r inn and varsity club for pre-game buzz. Stop into the skull if  it's still going. in my seat for quick cals and when the band enters  

Comment 21 Sep 2016

Gonzo. It nailed the m*chigan coffin. 

Also a shout out to Robiskie in the end zone in 2006. Another great catch I will never forget. 

Comment 15 Sep 2016

If was there too as a freshman. My first loss in the Shoe. I was in South Stands. They were wooden and quite small.    Had a game face on just like Woody. I will NEVER forget that loss. As painful as any I have ever been to. But it helped form the fan I am.

In 1983 when we played them in Norman I had graduated and was living in another state.  my roommates (I had two) could not believe how much one game could mean to me. Game face all week. At one point,  I got out my diploma and set it on the kitchen table and vowed to burn it if we lost. I was that confident we would win. Thank you Earle  because I would have had to follow through  

I wear a Woody hat because I channel his game intensity every week. No matter the opponent.  But especially for m*chigan. And there is some of that in Urban too  

Go Buckeyes! Beat Oklahoma! 

Comment 13 Sep 2016

Thanks for the water bed file DJ

I loved my water beds. Had one right after college with full-go waves and then a soft sided one with fewer waves but still all the comfort after I was married. Now we have a sleep number and I really miss the ocean. Folks who never tried one are missing an excellent sleep (and some kick ass sex -- as the story says they could have come with a Doors Album and incense)  

crank the heat on that thing on a cold day and you NEVER want to get out of bed. 

Thats heaven  

Go Bucks! Beat Oklahoma!!