Tressel Resigns

By Chris Lauderback on May 30, 2011 at 8:59a

We could sense things were escalating over the last few days and according to Ken Gordon and the Dispatch, Jim Tressel has resigned. 

Luke Fickell will be the interim head coach. A search for a permanent replacement will not start until after the 2011-12 season is complete.

Despite a feeling the walls were closing in, we're still a little stunned to share the news. Gee sent a memo containing the following to OSU trustees this morning:

" I write to let you know that later this morning we will be announcing the resignation of Jim Tressel as head coach of the University's football program. As you all know, I appointed a special committee to analyze and provide advice to me regarding issues attendant to our football program. In consultation with the senior leadership of the University and the senior leadership of the Board, I have been actively reviewing the matter and have accepted Coach Tressel's resignation.

My public statement will include our common understanding that throughout all we do, we are One University with one set of standards and one overarching mission. The University's enduring public purposes and its tradition of excellence continue to guide our actions."


Wow. Hard to believe how the end of the Tressel Era unfolded. 



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While the Dispatch is certainly a credible news source, it won't sink in for me until I hear an official announcement, which I assume wouldn't happen until tomorrow. 

Very sad day. I'll be thinking of you today, JT. Great coach and man. 

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"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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Sad day in Buckeye land.  Sad day in the Blazers household as well.

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Unbelievable.  I think we all knew this was going to happen eventually, but I didnt see it happening now.  Thanks for the memories, Tress!!

Fan of bacon since 1981

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No coach is bigger than the university.  No player is bigger than the coach.  Remember the shock when they hired Tressel, now similar to the timing of when he leaves.  JT did many, many good things for OSU.  Unfortunately, you typically get remembered for one bad thing.

Basking in the wake of mediocrity.....

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Scanning twitter, it doesn't appear as if the players knew before the dispatch story. Also, looks like Tress flew back from Florida last night, met with school officials and made the decision. 

I personally had heard Wexner was "furious" over the whole thing and was pushing hard for Tressel to be removed, fwiw...

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Seriously? Because of his big ass donations they can the greatest thing to happen to this program? If that's true time to boycott his stores....

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Yes. Nothing to do with any infractions, everything to do with Wexner. Clearly.


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What infractions? Forgetting to report that some kids sold their own shit to keep them safe? Unless there is more that we have yet to hear about I call bullshit! It's hard for me to believe that this is what's best. I can see why, I guess, but it still pisses me off.

I think the biased reporting that made this seem so much worse than what it really was influenced decisions. OSU football is easy for others to hate and they latched on to this and blew it out of proportions.

It's probably more difficult to have a positive perception of Tress living outside of Columbus being surrounded by people who are dying to talk shit about the program unless you are still seriously attached to the school somehow...

I know that traveling the entire Northeastern US I ran into haters everywhere.

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Look.  A lot of us here have been Tressel apologists from the start, but to pretend that nothing happened is naive at best.  Once the stuff about the conversations with Sarniak came out, that changed my mind as to whether he could legitimately say he was just looking out for the kids and not potential sanctions on the program.  

I'm not saying I agree with the rule in OSU's case (no agents involved = exponentially better than A.J. Green at UGA), but it's on the books and we would expect every other program to abide by it, whether it be Michigan, Auburn, Florida, USC, Texas, etc.  Therefore, I would hope we expect our program to do the same.

All that being said, I have nothing but thanks for the impact Tressel had on this program.  I had the "privilege" of attending the travesty that was Cooper's last Outback Bowl and then thankfully, the National Championship and Rose Bowl.  Nothing will take those away, no matter what the NCAA or ESPN says.

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It didn't help that the Dispatch and ESPN was on a mission.  Every day no matter what else was going on in the sports world the drumbeat was on.

"Off with his head" is thier motto


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I know it's Tressel's actions that had so much heat on him.... but I'd like to hear what the tat5 have to say for themselves after this.

Your Coach gets your back for your mistake and ends up having his 10 year career ended for his efforts.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I knew it would happen, sooner or later, but I wasn't fully prepared to realize this.  I hope for the sake of all that is good in this world, that he is remembered fondly, because he deserves it.

Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless.

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Remembered fondly? Woody Hayes tried to deck an opposing player and we named a street after him. I have no doubt Tressel will be remembered fondly.  You're right, he deserves it.

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F**cking Michigan is loving this. I hope Luke can get it done.

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Not me.  Sad, empty feeling. 

I don't often say this, but I do happen to know what you guys are going through right now.

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So, the question becomes does this end OSU's issue with NCAA or will the recent poop hitting the fan (Small interview, upcoming rumored SI article, whatever else the scrutiny of the next several days kicks up, etc.) bring back the "loss of institutional control" bugaboo.

P.S. Goes without saying that most if not all of are thankful and appreciative for all the success and accolades earned by Coach Tressel during his tenure. Here's one fan hoping he remains affiliated with the university and football program for life.

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A sad, but perhaps inevitable, ending to a sordid and confusing tale.  I have always believed, and will continue to believe, that Coach Tressel is a man of integrity who acted in a manner consistent with his personal moral code.  History will likely judge him harshly, but I, for one, am grateful for his many contributions to the OSU legacy, both on and off the field.  Godspeed, Coach.  You will be missed.

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Thanks for everything, Coach.

In silver lining land, does this mean that Bollman's finally gone?


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Ha! That's exactly what I said. I wish Tressel didn't have to leave to get it done though.

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I want to see #36 walking the sidelines.


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In the end, Tressel did the right and honorable thing.

And there will be no banishment. Woody hit a kid on live t.v. We love and honor him, still.

Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.


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Fuck. I'm numb now. This whole situation fucking sucks.


"Damn I miss El Guapo"

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Urban Meyer's agent is a happy man right now.

BuckeyeChief's picture

URBAN us a happy man right now.


"Damn I miss El Guapo"

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Urban is chilling at the pool drinking a piña colada.

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I really hope these players, namely Terrelle Pryor, realize they cost JT his job.

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I agree and disagree. Tressel cost himself his job by not immediately handing off the situation to compliance and not being honest about it when numerous opportunities presented themselves. That said, no question the players put him in this position with their poor choices. 

At this point, I'm wondering what else could come out with these (and other) players that might cost them their "job"? 

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The Feds and Rife, may have something to say about that.

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This sucks....but not unexpected considering the constant media bombardment. Tressel had stated he would step down if it would be best for the program and school.

The people that matter will always remember you for all the good you brought to the school, the community and the program. Thank you Coach Tressel for a great decade of football and especially the positive work you have done for people outside the football program.

That being said, this is Fickell's opportunity to prove himself. Enjoy the moment all you haters out there. Something tells me that you won't be doing much celebratng this season when your team gets its ass handed to them by the Bucks.


I am Groot - Groot

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Thank you for being a leader of young men, Coach Tressel! You will be missed but NEVER forgotten.  Thanks for everything!

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As a fellow Carolina Buckeye, let me just say +1000


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I will always think of JT as a great person, regardless of all this nonsense. Thanks for everything Tress.

On a side note, I now present to you a new team:


Anyone But Urban Meyer

Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

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This is one of the shittiest days ever. I didn't even feel this bad after Florida pounded us.

I love Jim Tressel, and I'll always respect him for what he's done at Ohio State. He was in my opinion the classiest coach I've ever had the privilege of watching. Every win brought a smile to my face sure, but it was the stories about Tressel reaching out to former players (MoC) or having his players write letters to a high schooler whose career just ended, that really made me proud to be a Buckeye fan.

Here's to hoping his successor is someone that we can be proud of as well, on and off the field.

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And suddenly the head football coach at Baldwin Wallace College is on the hot seat.

I was at the UM basketball game when he was introduced. I was in 8th grade at the time and this past decade of buckeye football has been undeniably amazing. Its sad to see it end like this but he will go down as a legend in columbus.

I wonder if it being memorial day has any significance or if its purely coincidental.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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8 BCS bowls

7 Big Ten Titles

4 NCAA Division 1-AA Championships

1 NCAA Division 1 Championship with three apperances

9 & 1 over michigan.

Millions earned for the school.

Fuck urban.

This is a sad day for ohio state football and Ohio as a state that enjoys great football and leadership.


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Fuck urban? My thought right now is fuck the world. I'm trying to stay positive but starting to get disgusted.


"Damn I miss El Guapo"

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urban would be bad. hed go away from the power running game, introduce the spread that richrod used to turn michigan upside-down, and bring in the 3-3-5 that helped bring the program back 10 years

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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I just saw a tweet from George Dohrmann, author of the SI piece, indicating his story will be posted on later today/tonight. Brace yourselves?

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Fwiw, this year's team is either gonna win it all or crash and burn.


"Damn I miss El Guapo"

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I don't see us winning it all or crashing, if we get through the first five games ok they will be talented enough to beat anyone regardless of coach after that.

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Time to get behind whomever is next folks, and I feel certain Urban's name is at the top of the OSU board of trustee's wish list. Most of us love JT, but it's time to move forward in a positive direction. The best job in all of college football is open, and they have all the time they need to talk to all the best candidates in the country. It's going to be interesting!

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Nice post, completely agree.. I will embrace whoever is next, our university has so much to stand on. Real buckeyes will not shutter in this time of darkness. Stay the course, pay forward, O f-ing H.... still have love for you coach tress.

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I F-ing O

-The Aristocrats!

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A very sad day but also a bit of a relief. This whole fiasco has dragged on long enough and his inevitable resignation is a big step in moving on.

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I can see Urban Meyer now, "God told me in a dream that I would be the next OSU football coach."

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11W, any player tweets?

How's the team taking it?

Chris Lauderback's picture

I saw tweets from Howard, Corey Brown, Brewster, Newsome, Stoneburner, Fields, Cordale Jones and I'm sure others. They didn't seem to be already aware when news was announced but they did meet with Tressel this morning at some point.  

Brian Rolle is also at a scary level of pissed off. It's implied that he's pissed at players, not the administration. 

flipbuckeye's picture

I haven't seen any tweets myself but from what I've read, the players weren't made aware before the news got out so I would guess they were pretty shocked.

NeARBuckeye's picture

Donald Washington
"I would love to be suiting up for the #bucks with all the bs going on! I gotta feeling the Buckeyes are gon be untamed this fall!"

BuckeyeChief's picture

What new info is this story supposed to reveal?


"Damn I miss El Guapo"

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My initial thought (maybe irrational, my head is full of fuck right now..) is that Fickell needs to kick the tat5 to the curb.  If Tress goes down then these men, yes, they're men, need to go too. I hope it was worth it to look fly and drive vehicles of dubious origin. How can the rest of the team even look at these guys now? Get rid of the cancer, all of it. Hold tight and brace for the suck, cause we're in for some painful football once the scholly losses come into play.

Oh, and the joy of de-commits, transfers, etc. Happy fuckin' day. I wonder if that SI article that supposedly comes out tomorrow had anything to do with the timing, seems awfully suspect. Not telling the players first? It's time to clear house, get all the Youngstown old-boy regime out of there if they have even a hint of this stink attached to them. The faster the better. A quick, quality coaching hire may mitigate some of the meltdown but at this point, it's all bad. I don't know what to think anymore. Ugh. Is it too early to start drinking?  


"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

flipbuckeye's picture

I agree that the tat5 should go.  Hopefully after all is said and done ONLY the tat5 were involved in anything dirty.

I really hope we won't see a lot of defectors especially with the strong class we have coming in.

Denny's picture

And leave them hanging? I don't want to imply that they'd be victims in this scenario, but it'd be good to remember that Tressel made them promise to come back. If his stepping down means they won't have the support of the university and team, that'd be rather fucked.


dr green's picture

Didn't Tress do what he did to protect the Tat5?

tampa buckeye's picture

Relax nothing is fucked here.  Lets wait til the NCAA comes back with their punishment.  

I don't think they lose 10 a year like USC.  They have alot of talent in the pipeline already I just hope they win the whole god damn thing this year for coach Tressel. 

Denny's picture

'Nothing is fucked here Dude. Nothing is fucked. They're a bunch of fucking amateurs!'

Just seemed apropos.


Sgt. Elias's picture

It sure feels fucked. Perhaps a little birdy from the NCAA whispered that the punishment will be lessened if the school were to take some severe (aka DEFCON 1) action.  I'm 100% gloom and doom so that all news henceforth will seem trivial in comparison. /reversepsychology'd

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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"Ohio State hasn't had a football coach leave on his own terms since the mid-40's." I guess I knew that but caught my attention on twitter. 

blazers34's picture

well, I'd bet this not really 'on his own'.  if push came to shove they would have fired him.

Nick Buckeye's picture

Insane.  Unless there is a lot we don't know about, this is fucking ridiculous. 

wiz khalifa's picture

Really sad right now, truly the end of an era. All i gotta say is the Tat5 need to go, right now.

Nitz25's picture

On the issue of Urban Meyer--- Does everyone really think the administration would really have him as #1 on their list??

First, most of us seem to think he would divide the fanbase because of his tenure at Florida and how much we came to hate him while he was there.  Wouldn't the administration realize this and feel the same way?

Secondly, if in the wake of Tressel being fired over NCAA infractions wouldn't our FIRST PRIORITY be a coach who can gaurantee no negative media attention for infractions or player misbehavior?  Meyer was notorious for running a ship that allowed a culture of gratuitous marijuana use to dominate the locker room-- hense Muschamp having to kick Janoris Jenkins off the team to get the message across that this is no longer acceptable.  Wouldn't this also discourage admins from seriously considering him?

While Tressel resigning is a terrible, terrible thing.... Hiring Meyer in his place would be nothing short of a slap in the face of Buckeye Nation.

Pam's picture

My heart is broken. I can't imagine being in the 'Shoe without JT roaming the sidelines.  I will always be a Buckeye, but today I wish I wasn't just so I wouldn't feel as bad as I do. 

To those who are dancing on his grave, this is bad news for Buckeye Nation, but equally as bad for CFB.  If this can happen to a coach llike JT, no one is safe. Every team is one phone call, one text message, one tweet, one email away from suffering the same fate. 

We will survive of course, but we  have lost a very special coach and man. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.


Nick1's picture

+1000 Saturday's aren't going to feel the same.

BuckeyeChief's picture

The problem lies in the dact that we live in a society where you are expected to be flawless, yet 75% of our members are spending all their time digging up dirt.


"Damn I miss El Guapo"

RBuck's picture

Media+Pryor-1, Tressel-0

I thought from the beginning of this whole mess that Pryor was the off-field leader of the punk group at tOSU. I totally don't want to see him play another down for the Buckeyes. My late daughter, who was a huge Buckeye fan, said in Pryor's freshman year that he was another Maurice Clarett and she couldn't stand him. How prophetic.

JT is a good man and didn't deserve this.

"It's just another case of there you are". ~ Doc (1918-2012)

Nick1's picture

I've said the same this entire time. Something about not signing on signing day came off a little shady to me.

Denny's picture

Yes I bet he got them all together in a Jeep Wrangler and they were like 'coach is gonna get fired! LOL!'


Tim's picture

I can't believe this is it for Tressel, not going to be able to process this for a while.

Kalamazoo Steve's picture

The leader of the program can't lie.  Extremely simple concept.  The players made mistakes, they are kids.  What Coach did was much worse.  Don't blame the kids he was hired to teach.

That being said, I feel awful for the man.  No matter what comes out after this, he is a man of faith that has done amazing things for everyone who has crossed his path.  He is a winner, leader and a great man.  NOTHING changes that.  This mess does NOT define him.


Go Bucks.

Bucknut-in-the-South's picture

Well-said, Kalamazoo.  Though his public legacy will be tarnished, the things he has done for all who have benefited from his leadership and guidance will never be lost.

Sgt. Elias's picture

The program is bigger than those 5 idiots too, they knew the rules just like Tress did. I can't pretend to know what the team is thinking, but I know from my sporting days of yore that if my teammate's actions directly or indirectly lead to a beloved coach's termination (lets call a spade a spade here) I'd have a helluva time playing ball with them. Let them finish their eligibility elsewhere. TP to Auburn, herrrp? Our effing QB cannot be a locker-room cancer. Any other position maybe, but not QB. Braxton and Joe Baseball just inhereited a truckloald of advsersity...and oppertunity. Am I offbase? 


"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

RBuck's picture


"It's just another case of there you are". ~ Doc (1918-2012)

osukdawg76's picture

Here's my take on the situation.


1)  This was going to happen, and I'm surprised that it took so long.  With the news continuing to come out at random intervals, once Smith and Gee gave the "vote of confidence and support," the writing was on the wall.


2)  Tressel will be missed.  I'm sure there is this incredible joy coming out of Ann Arbor, but be careful what you wish for.  Fickell is a far more aggressive coach that fully understands the rivalry and, at least for one year, I expect him to have the team focused.


3)  Fuck my life:  Jim Bollman will be calling plays.


4)  The next coach:  People need to realize that there are only going to be a handful of coaches that are worthy of taking over the reigns.  Smith will be looking for the same things that Andy Geiger was looking for back in 2001, hopefully.  It has to be someone who:

a)  Has had major success coaching.

b)  Is from Ohio, so they understand the rivalry.

c)  Will create a clean program so this crap doesn't happen again.


That's a pretty short list, which includes Gruden, D'Antonio, and Meyer.  You can jump up and down all you want about Meyer, but outside of the arrest record of his players, there were no major violations while he was there and he won two national championships.  Gruden would be a fantastic hire, while D'Antonio would be the "safe" choice for the department.  I expect one of these three to be the next man on the sidelines at Ohio State, unless Fickell sets the world on fire and destroys everyone, which I don't think will happen.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



NeARBuckeye's picture

I like Fickell or D'Antonio more than I like Meyer. I'd rather have a Tressel product as a coach rather than someone we've been shitting on ever since Florida spanked us.

osukdawg76's picture

I think the problem with bringing in D'Antonio is going to be the link to Tressel.  As crazy as that sounds, the department is going to want to separate itself from this as quickly as possible, which is why I don't think Fickell stands a chance of being the coach after this year.


Meyer is a dick, certainly, and he's pretty much the opposite style of Tressel, but I might be crazy when I say that I think that we need someone like that.  We need that fiery coach.  I loved the success that Tressel brought to the program, but I think it's time to change things up.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



Denny's picture

Yea this seems like it's a total clean-house situation. Fickell will likely land elsewhere, and D'Antonio may not make it here.

Is it weird that we're talking about two coaches (D'Antonio and Meyer) as potential head coaches when they're both young and have a history of heart trouble? Few things more stressing than trying to follow a guy as beloved as Tressel.


NoVA Buckeye's picture

urban = spread offense

spread offense = bad things

dont believe me? ask our friends acquaintances from ann arbor

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

Hoody Wayes's picture

Welcome to the most interesting year in Ohio State football.

cal3713's picture

Most might be a bit strong, but yeah, this is going to be quite the ride.  People need to remember that their Ohio State timeline goes until death...

KCAlum's picture

At this point the " tat 5" need to be kicked off the team.  No way does anyone want to see them representing the Buckeyes in any way.  Not that it is entirely their fault, but it is time for a new beginning, not memories of the worst episode in program history.

osukdawg76's picture

Not going to happen.  You know this.  I know this.  Everyone else knows this.  Fickell, however, could send a message and keep someone like Braxton Miller as the quarterback even after the suspensions and not let any of them start.  Kicking them off the team, though?


Don't hold your breath.

I, for one, welcome our new coaching overlords.



Chris Lauderback's picture

updated CD article says Tressel told the team at 8:45am. 

Sgt. Elias's picture

Good to hear, very Tressel thing to do.

That would be tough, tough scene to witness. 

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

GoBucks713's picture

I'm on vacation in the outer banks on vacation and my whole week here is now ruined due to the fact that some selfish pieces of sh!t that were too worried about themselves and not their brothers in arms or their university or their faithful followers to make a few bucks and get some tattoos and god know what else and cause the firing of the second best man this university has ever seen and probably the best person any of us have ever met. I pray to Wooody that whomever Brutus is talking about receives their well deserved and swift justice.

On a sad note, god bless Jim Tressel and his family and what they have done for our university and our state. Our field general will be sorely missed and I hope the good players understand what has happened due to the stupidity of the few and dedicate ts season to the Tressels.

Also, be sure to give thanks to those that made the ultimate sacrifice and fought for our inalienable right to debate and discuss what is close to our hearts. Before you drink that beer or bite into that brat, make you you recognize what they gave up so that you dontd have to.

-The Aristocrats!

LeeNorthbrook's picture

Tress made mistakes and paid the price. I'm not going to let those mistakes define my view of the man. He was an overwhelmingly positive influence on the people around him and those he touched. Thanks Coach.

Hoody Wayes's picture

Can't the "Tat5" do the supplemental draft?

Hoody Wayes's picture

11W Staff:

And now, you guys have an HTML issue (i.e. logo revision).

Nick1's picture

Herstreit actually showing remorse towards OSU/Tressel. Shocking.

BuckPirate1981's picture

Jim Tressel certainly is someone who should be admired and will be in the years to come, once all of this has settled and the media has moved on to the next scandal and controversy.  That is, of course assuming nothing new comes to light.  This is someone who as a student I would see in the cancer hospital the night before a game, going into patient rooms to attempt to lift their spirits.  The night before a game.  Let that sink in, and think of what other coaches would be found dead away from their TV's and game tape.  A man who constantly gave of himself to the University and the community.  That is Jim Tressel. Who set an amazing example for the many young men that came through the program and had the opportunity to read his books.  That is the Jim Tressel I hope will be remembered.  Much like any great set of parents can have a child who falls far from the tree, thus is the case with a football coach who will, at some point or another, have players who likewise give him problems.  Unfortunately, when you are a football coach your "problem children" make for much more widely publicized family issues, as we have seen from the Tat5 and Mr. Small.  I only hope that while trying to distance themselves from Tressel, the man who had one indiscretion (that we know of), they do not distance themselves from so many of the principles he held dear as they look for their new coach.  Which, while I think the Ross Heart Hospital does some amazing things, I doubt will be Urban Meyer, pending their somehow coming up with an artifical heart that runs off the solar rays collected via sun visor and the ability to implant Tressel's character, I'm guessing by way of some virus, but I'm guessing that's more work we'd see from the James. 

I feel confident Coach Luke will be able to put something together for this season, my only hope is that the powers that be give him the full title should he deserve it by mid-season.  To be honest, I do not see any viable options out there that could do a better job (here's hoping), and a full year without even an idea who the coach might be can't be good for recruiting and an awakening power up north. 

Sgt. Elias's picture

I hope he continues his community service. I think he will. He is still a great asset to Ohio and her people.

Besides Meyer's ass kicking of our squad in `06 why do so many hate his guts? He's from Ohio, he's been on tOSU's coaching staff, what is it? The player arrests? His bromance with Tebow of Nazereth? How much of that has to do with kids acting the fool on their off time and how much of that is actively recruiting talented d-bags? I honestly don't know.  I know he won an awful lot when his innards weren't revolting and he had a QB.  I'm still undecided on him as a candidate. Beggars can't be chosers though, a little humility will make this search easier. Let's not go all Notre Dame on ourselves. Our shit does stink, and we do put our pants on one leg at a time, this is a good thing.

This IS going to be the most intersting summer of tOSU football in, like, forever

Man, I wish I would have gone to the spring game to see Tress strut the lines one last time. /sadface

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

Brutus's picture

F-ing sad, man.  I was not ready for this.  JT deserved better than to go out this way.  However, as has been noted above, I think the SI article and the new allegations which I'm sure we'll be hearing about shortly have everything to do with the timing of this announcement.  Based on the information we have right now, I don't think JT deserved to be fired for this.  My suspicion, however, is that our opinions will change after hearing more.  This is no longer just about the Tat-5 and the subsequent cover up.  I don't know what to expect, but it's going to be bad shit either way. Either we find out that JT was behind a lot of other bad stuff, in which case my opinion of him is lessened and his legacy is potentially further tarnished.  Or the new allegations revolve around wrong doing by the players, not JT, but he is made to take the fall anyway.


Bucknut-in-the-South's picture

Skip Bayless on ESPN2 rising to new levels of stupitude.

Roger's picture

Most people hate those who spend their lives trying to do good. It makes them uncomfortable, and it raises the bar of average to a place they don't have the moral fiber to habitate. I believe even Tressel's mistakes came from a good place in his heart, trying to protect his players and now resigning to (in my opinion) protect the university.

Farewell Tressel, you were the best of us!

Johnny Ginter's picture

rough. unfortunately JT resigning does nothing to stop the media pain train until a new HC is hired and the NCAA gives its punishment

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First off: thank you to Coach Tressel and all he's brought to our beloved university and state. One of the classiest guys ever. I'm sure he will stay connected to OSU.

Second: right now the program needs fans to rally behind it. Tressel knowingly took the heat for all of this because he wanted to protect the program and the players. Yes, even those players who caused all of this mess. So we need to take a page from his book and support these guys. I know they are feeling terrible right now and people piling on is not what's best for the program. Let's be like Tressel and forgive the stupid, selfish actions of a few so that the whole group can move and prosper.

Third: for those of you who cite the arrests and off the field stuff at Florida as a reason for not wanting Urban Meyer, how can some of you say you'd rather have D'antonio? MSU has had major arrest issues under him, but without the on field success. Also, he's older and has the same health issues. I think a lot of Bucks fans just hold a grudge for Florida beating us and Meyer winning recruting battles. Honestly, if he were to be hired I would support it and move forward. Meyer understands the expectations in Columbus and also Ohio State has stricter academic and character standards than Florida. Meyer's Florida ties and recruiting abilities would certainly be welcome. If it's him, then let's get behind it. If not, then so be it.

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Thanks Coach. We'll always love you. 


And we still don't give a damn for the whole state of M*chigan.

The Ohio State University Class of 2001
BS Aero & Astronautical Engineering

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That's why His mom named him Chris SpielMAN!!

-The Aristocrats!

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I'll miss Tressel. Yes, he messed up and perhaps he needed to leave, but who's perfect? Switzer referred to Tressel's improprieties as jaywalking. As far as this season is concerned, I hope Fickell earns an opportunity to become the permanent guy. As far as the "sexy" choices for a head coach that have been mentioned, I'd prefer Gruden over Meyer.

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First off I want to thank Jim Tressel from the bottom of my heart for the greatest 10 years of OSU Football in my life! I was at OSU and met Woody on campus and witnessed his "sin". Being a Christian, I forgave him his transgression. Now I also forgive JT his. We all make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them.
God Bless Jim Tressel for who he is and what he did for all of us in Buckeye Nation!
Now it is time to put all of our support behind Coach Luke! Don't let the bastards grind you down!

Peter "Pete" Peterson

"Recruiting is like shaving, if you don't do it everyday, you look like a bum!"  -Jim Tressel