Wednesday Skull Session

By Jason Priestas on December 14, 2010 at 4:55p
The Senator

Welcome to your Wednesday Skull Session, ladies and gentlemen. Jim Tressel and selected players met with the media yesterday and right off the bat, the coach was asked about similarities between the Arkansas offense and other teams the Buckeyes have faced this year. While remarking about how all offenses share some of the same concepts, Tressel outlined a starting point to start putting the defensive gameplan together from:

Now, typically you comb through all the films and say, okay, which team are they attacking who deploys similar to the way we do, what's their conceptual thinking against our style of defense or our style of offense, so you have a little bit of time to do that.

Tressel then went into what makes a Petrino offense so dangerous:

They do a good job of getting a feel of how you are going after them defensively and then because of their versatility, they can say, okay, they're trying to stop this and we'll go to that. And they do spread the ball around. Ryan is a veteran guy.

I think just systematically, and I've watched probably more of their offense so far in this early time than I have of their defense, systematically, I think they do a great job of knowing what you're trying to do and attacking you with the thing they know hurts those coverages or those deployments or so on and so forth. You better not go in there with just one thought because they'll figure it out and they'll adjust and they'll stall you pretty good. So you better, in my mind, have a lot of different things ready to go and then get in the midst of that chess match. And what's fun about games is some games you're out there and you're always a step ahead of them and then there's other games that, man, it seems like they're always a step ahead of us, and that's football.

So, to summarize: study what they feel comfortable doing against similar defenses so Ohio State has an answer for that and then be ready to show a couple of different looks from the defense to keep Mallet and Co. on their toes. Oh, and they might just take a good look at the Auburn tape to see what worked on the way to putting up 65 on the Razorback defense.

In personnel updates, Tressel mentioned he put in (or is in the process of putting in) the NFL paperwork on five juniors, but he refused to name them. This is pretty routine and as a coach at this level, you owe it to your top players to at least seek an evaluation from the league. As for the five, there are only eight juniors that saw significant action this year: Williams, Sweat, Pryor, Boom, Posey, Adams, Brewster and Shugarts. You can cross JB off the list because of injuries and a case of the false-startsies and Sweat didn't see enough snaps and is nowhere near ready, so that leaves the six. Brewster, Posey and Boom are most definitely in that group, but picking the remaining two out of Williams, Pryor and Adams is a little trickier.  My hunch is that the final two are Pryor and Adams.

We also learned that Christian Bryant is back and practicing and that Pryor should be fully operational for the Sugar Bowl, after getting dinged in the Iowa game. Further, Rod Smith has been tearing it up in team's "showtime" sessions where youngsters are allowed to step up a little and show their growth. Ty Williams also apparently making some waves and if the two of them come into their own together, future offenses could be scary. On a similar note, word emerged that Marcus Hall has been getting looks at guard, which is where he might have to play next year if he wants to, though a switch back to tackle after Shugarts and Adams leave in 2012 is not out of the cards.

The disbanding of the Iowa football team was nothing like it was advertised to be. After a tumultuous couple of days that spurred rumors of dozens of players failing drug tests in the aftermath of the Johnson-Koulianos arrest, a long-awaited press conference was convened and head coach Kirk Ferentz and athletic director Gary Barta said... basically nothing. No additional suspensions, no booster run crack houses, not even a link between running back Adam Robinson's suspension and a mind-altering substance of any type (grades were the culprit in his case). Barta did say there was evidence to suggest athletes had found ways to beat drug tests in the past, but wouldn't elaborate.

At any rate, this is a team in disarray. If you can still make a Missouri bet, do so now, but be advised that some casinos have already taken the game off the books.

So you're visiting? Won't you stay a while? Plantation (FL) linebacker and Gator commit Ryan Shazier is in town today and will be through Friday. If the frigid air doesn't scare him off, there's a decent chance Ohio State can swoop in and steal the Under Armour all-American as he slated to make his final decision after he returns to Florida. They say you always want to get the first or last official visit, so this sets the Buckeyes up nicely and Shazier's close friendship with Jeremy Cash won't hurt our chances either. Speaking of final visits, the nation's top recruit Jadeveon Clowney (Rock Hill, SC) is set to visit Columbus on January 28th, which is great news, though when asked Monday to name his top five, he didn't have the Buckeyes in that group, so we'll keep treating his recruitment for what it is: not likely, but one hell of a lottery of Tressel and the staff can pull it off.

It's... the WarnutMeet the Warnut

Finally, Glenville offensive lineman Audrey Walker just completed his official visit and was paired with former Tarblooder Marcus Hall as his host. He hasn't set a date for his decision yet and his top two are believed to be Ohio State and Michigan State.

A slap on the wrist for secondary violations might be a thing of the past. Every major power commits plenty of them, whether in the form of texting a recruit, providing a game-like situation on campus, exceeding call limits or making contact on social networks, but an AFCA proposal to attach suspensions for coaches guilty of these violations should be welcomed. So many of these are hard to catch and even harder to prove (except when they're not), but having penalties in the boks is a move in the right direction for the embattled NCAA.

Briefly: In the wake of Tennessee's road win over Pitt Saturday, the Buckeyes consolidated their hold on the #2 ranking in each major poll. Duke still sucks... The Mansfield campus could use a loan consisting Matta and Sully (and Lighty, and Diebler, and Buford) seeing as how they were trounced 157-57 by West Virginia Tech on Sunday. Yes, you read the correctly -- they lost by 100. But it's not a record for margin of victory. The Marion campus lost to Lincoln University by 123 points in 2006... Another fan hit up a tailgate tour this fall, but the photos from The Game set this one apart. Click for the coeds, stay for the WARNUT!


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Poe McKnoe's picture

I don't see any of these underclassmen grading out high enough to go to the NFL.  Not because they're bad players, but because they need some refining before doing it professionally. 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

In response to Sam's post yesterday, "Is 19-0 a Possibility?" Eric cautioned against sleeping on Oakland. Good call, as they upset #7 Tennessee last night,

The Buckeyes should beat both South Carolina and Oakland, but those two opponents will provide solid competition before hitting the BT slate.     

ERIC OSU's picture

Thanks for the shout-out Fido, I appreciate it!

I watched the game last night and while I knew that C, Keith Benson was a house... he proved that he has an outside game as well (2-4 from three), which presents a problem of trying to match up dallas against him.  I think that Sully will be matched up against Benson all night.  I was also impressed by their Guard, Larry Wright. He's gotta a good mix of slashing abilities and long range skills. Oakland posseses the right intangibles of good guard play and a big man that all mid-major schools need to pull off an upset.  Should be a good game folks, I still like our Buckeyes coming out on top...

Jdadams01's picture

Getting shazier would be outstanding. I can see him being an impact player at Leo or linebacker.

ATL Buckeye's picture

I agree with Poe on this one. Most of our juniors still need a bit more 'refining' before making the jump. However, I'd say Brewster is on his way out since he has the most experience and always seems to be in good position. Last year was a bit of a down year for him, but had a good bounce back year. Also, I may stir up something here, but if TP lights it up against the wild boars, he might retract his earlier statement and try it out (just a sneaking suspicion).

Would love for Shazier to come and play with his HS teammate. Clowney not coming as 11-dub has always been saying. Crap shoot there.

Also, would love to see us put Ty Williams on there on a 1st & goal situation and throw a Randy Moss fade over the top. Heck, use TE R. Fragel a bit more in those situations.

tomcollins's picture

Not sure if this has been posted:

Cliff Notes:

Tank Carradine, junior college player looking to transfer feigns interest in Ohio State.  On his visit to Ohio State, he takes the free flight, blows off the visit and goes and visits his mother back in Cincinnati instead.

What a scumbag.  I hope they cancelled his return flight.


what a lowlife.....    you wanna go to Fla State??   Fine, take the visit--  shake hands-- walk around the campus-- and then go home.  Only a real dirtbag pulls a move like this.....  better off finding this out now , then when he is on your roster.

BacknBlack's picture

And again this year the SEC is favored in all their bowl gams, except Kentucky. The Buckeyes are the only favorite from the B10.

Nik's picture

weird, both the buckeyes and the SEC are favored?

BacknBlack's picture

Good catch, Hogs are dogs from the SEC. After watching the 30/30 "Pony Exce$$" last night I was in the mind that Arkansas was still in the Southwest Conf.

buckeyedude's picture
  • Why do folks from Arkansas go to the movie theater in groups of 18 or more?
    17 and under are not admitted.


  • What do you get when you have 32 Arkansasians in the same room?
    A full set of teeth.


    tomcollins's picture

    Pay no attention to Vegas spreads and people who make their living handicapping games.  The Big Ten is just as good as the SEC!

    Run_Fido_Run's picture

    Ugh, Tom, you're doing "it" again. To be fair, I do "it," myself. By "it," I mean getting ahead of yourself (and/or the evidence).

    The SEC is favored in most of its games, but in many cases by small margins. Thus, the average net point spreads of SEC teams is only -2.7. By your logic, the B12, with net point spreads of -6.2 is superior to the SEC on the undeniable authority of Vegas linesmakers.

    Of course, your response will be that the SEC plays tougher bowl opponents than does the B12, but then the BT plays the toughest bowl slate yet. Granted, the BT is dogs in 3 out of 4 games against the SEC, but the BT also doesn't get to play any Pittsburghs or UCFs. Also, the BT teams are rarely favored in the Outback and Cap One Bowls and yet you have to go back like 8 or 9 years to the last time the SEC swept both games (and the BT has done it more recently).     

    Not to mention that many professional degenerates, who have quit their day jobs to concentrate on football handicapping full-time, are banking their "careers" on their convictions (and computer models, etc.) that Vegas linesmakers make plenty of bad lines all the time.  

    Run_Fido_Run's picture

    Side note: I don't mean to suggest that the BT doing well in the past in the Outback & Cap One bowls would have any bearing on the outcomes of those two games THIS YEAR. However, pointing out these past trends does undermine Tom's argument that, when Vegas linesmakers favor SEC teams over BT teams, we should cower before their expertise.

    tomcollins's picture

    If you think they tend to be wrong, bet the house on the B1G underdogs.

    Underdogs tend to do well in bowl games in general, so that might be part of it.  Bowls are so weird that motivation and preparation is such a big factor, a lot of teams are disappointed, some really excited, etc...  A lot of kids are preparing for the NFL and all.  It's very different than the regular season.

    Run_Fido_Run's picture

    It's one thing to say that they tend to be "wrong" on a lot of games - that's undeniable and easy for someone like me to aggregate, after the fact - it's quite another to know, ahead of time, on which games they are going to be most "wrong" or "off."

    For the really good handicappers, it's a full-time job. Indeed they'll work much longer hours at their craft than the average working stiff. In no way, shape, or form do I put myself in that class, even if I had the time, which I don't. Yet these guys do expose "bad" Vegas lines every weekend in the fall (at least those who stay in business).

    I dabble, when I can. I kinda like the BT this bowl season, but only up to a point. Ohio State got a tough line, IMO. Michigan has only 1/3 of a football team - I wouldn't touch them with a 100 foot pole. Both MSU and PSU should cover, but I'd only take them outright if I were in Vegas and could get favorable money lines.

    Wisconsin is a 3-star play in my book (if I had one this year)!

    I loved Iowa about three days ago, but now I'm not so sure. Can I play the Oct. 15th Illini versus the Dec. 29th Baylor Bears?

    Anyway, the SEC is still the best conference this year, but not dominant by any means. Given the point spreads and computer ratings, I consider the SEC overrated.

    I'd be happy to take action on the SEC under 7 bowl wins (with 7 being a push).  


    tomcollins's picture

    SEC has a lot of games like SEC #5 vs. ACC #2, so sometimes its tougher. They avoid the Pac-10 (outside of the title game), have a lot of games against the Big Ten's weaker teams (who have a big dropoff).  They have 1 game against the Big 12 as well.

    A lot of the crap conferences will be favored in a lot of games due to favorable matchups too.  You are right that spread alone is a poor way to look at it.  Spread + matchup will tell you a lot, though.

    Yes, there are pros who can beat Vegas, usually by finding a few bad lines out of all that's out there.  But it's very few and far between to beat Vegas long term on sports.  I'd trust the best bettors over Vegas, but without that information public, that's the next best thing.

    The main argument on SEC strength is depth of their teams.  Of the 10 going to bowls, none are terrible.  A lot are pretty decent.  That depth exists only really in the Pac-10 this year, although with their 9-conference game schedule, they beat up on each other a lot and made a lot of teams not bowl eligible.

    This year the matchups with the SEC teams are quite poor outside of Ohio State, though.  MSU is really overrated, Alabama really underrated.  Florida is a lot better than PSU, Michigan is not good at all and is against a decent MissSt.  But there's not a gigantic gap, so maybe one team can pull an upset.  It's possible.  Expectations on all those games is about 1.5 for the B1G.  But at the top, we can hang with anyone in the SEC, or at least be close.  It's just the lack of depth that kills the B1G.

    Run_Fido_Run's picture

    I'm not sure that MSU is "really overrated," while Bama is "really underrated." It seems like many people still look at Bama through a 2009 prism. Who have they beaten? PSU was a young, inexperienced, mediocre team in Sept., but they got gradually and considerably better as the season went on. Well, MSU handled them in Happy Valley, as the single-digit margin was a bit misleading. MSU tended to do just as much as they had to, with one bad exception. 

    If/when healthy, Cousins is every bit as good as McElroy. On paper, Bama's backs are better, but they've been disappointing this year, and MSU is built to deal with those pro offense power/speed backs (I'd be more worried for them against Oregon). MSU's depth at WR/TE makes up for Julio Jones. OLs are probably pretty close, too.    

    I give a nod to Bama on defense, and they surely have more pure talent on defense, but if you factor in experience, etc., it's not a big difference.

    Both clubs have excellent special teams, but MSU's probably more explosive there/apt to break something. 

    MSU seemed to wear down in the last third of the season. Now they'll be fresh and playing with a chip on their shoulders.

    All in all, I'd give MSU about a 40 percent chance of winning outright.  

    tomcollins's picture

    You can't just look at who they have beaten to judge how good a team is.  Playing top teams damn close is only slightly worse than playing top teams and beating them close.  Here's their resume in terms of team strength:

    1)  Played Auburn really close, lost due to some real bad luck.

    2)  Played LSU super close on the road.

    3)  Beat Arkansas on the road

    4)  Whipped a bunch of decent but not great teams (PSU, Florida, Miss State)

    They do have this negative:

    1) Got beat @ USCe by 2 TDs.


    Compare to Michigan State's meaningful games:

    1) Beat Wisconsin at home


    1) Almost lost to NW

    2) Got whooped by Iowa

    3) Almost lost to Purdue

    4) Almost lost to Penn State

    5) Lucked out to beat Notre Dame

    The money line has Michigan State  -400, so Vegas is saying they win 20% of the time.  While that can be off, being off by a factor of 2 seems unlikely.

    Alabama has shown they can hang with the best teams out there, and Michigan State has been all over the place.  The Wisconsin game is their one bright spot.  Looking at every game, Alabama really looks to be the stronger team.  But matchups could be favorable for MSU that I don't know about.  The SEC teams might be a lot weaker than we thought in general, and Big Ten could be stronger.  All of these things are possible which leaves some uncertainty.

    If you think MSU is gonna win 40% of the time, I hope you are a sports bettor, because you will make a lot of money if you are right.

    btalbert25's picture

    Can you really judge how good a team is by how close they won or lost?  The point of the game is winning right?  Yes they got beat badly by Iowa, but they beat Wisconsin badly.  If saying a team is over rated because they won close games against bad teams, the 2002 Buckeyes would've never made the championship game.  UC, Purdue, Illinois, and others were extremely close games with teams that had significanly less talent than Ohio State.  Yes that team be a very good Wazzu team and a good Michigan, but the object is to win.  Whether you win ugly or lose ugly doesn't really matter. 

    If anything Bama showed they are a team that's easily rattled.  As soon as adversity hit in the Auburn game the folded.  When South Carolina turned around and punched them in the mouth, they just couldn't counter.  This is a very talented Bama team that hasn't played up to expectations.  I'm not saying MSU is going to win, but I am saying just because they almost got beat by a bad team here and there doesn't mean they are in fact a bad team.  History with the Buckeyes proves that.

    tomcollins's picture

    Of course you can.  There are very few ways to do it better.

    Yes, accomplishments are different than team strength.

    No, I'm not saying the 2002 team would not make the title game.  We clearly were one of the two most accomplished teams.  We certainly were not one of the two best teams that season, though.  Which is fine- teams ought to be rewarded by results, not strength.  We were missing Mo in most of the close games and we were very mediocre without him.  We were very lucky to win all of our games (as is any major conference team).

    Think of this situation- two teams play a game to a 27-28 score.  3 seconds are left.  The team down kicks a 40 yard FG, something their kicker makes 55% of the time.  Are you saying the result of a fairly random event really makes any significant difference in terms of how strong either team is?  It seems very obvious that both teams are fairly evenly matched from all the data available.  But you are saying if the kick goes through one team is WAY better than the other, and if the kick misses, the other team is considerably better.

    In terms of accomplishments, you are mostly on that winning should be what really matters. Winning big against good teams is also a great sign of strength and accomplishment, but I would certainly want to reward teams that win over ones that win close.  But if I were predicting the future, I would treat a team that loses a close game very similar to the team that wins it.  Remember Purdue last year?  They lost a TON of close games against very good teams.  They almost won at Oregon.  They ended up 5-7 but they were much better than their record.  Close losses against top opponents are a sign of strength, not weakness.

    Run_Fido_Run's picture

    You make some excellent points. But you're kinda cherry picking with the 40 yd FG example (which, even then, still requires a good snap & hold, good blocking, not just a good kick).

    In many cases, close games come down to clutch plays. Maybe a team is down by 4 pts with 1:30 left in the 4Q and is in the red zone. The WR drops a misfired but catchable ball in the EZ on 1D. On 2nd, 3rd, and 4th downs, the defense either makes big plays (open field tackle, pass breakup) or blows things up at the l-o-s. After the game, the fans of the team on offense will say that they were unlucky to lose, but their team didn't come up big while the opponents did. You get a lot of those situations, not just the ones that come down to longish FGs and the silly refs.  

    As usual, the truth is somewhere in between: some close losses come down to semi-"random" factors, some are because one team makes their own fate, a mix thereof, etc.  

    tomcollins's picture

    Even if it's due to being outplayed, the difference in skill is not as far off as say a game where a team wins by 30.  When any two teams play, there typically is a range of things that could happen.  If one team is superior by a bit, but not a huge bit, it could be an upset, it could be a close win, it could be a blowout.  There is a distribution of things that could happen.  And many very small things make huge impacts in an individual game.  Posey dropping that TD pass against Iowa could have made an absolutely huge difference.  An interception in the red zone returned for a TD could mean a 14 point difference just based on one play (which could have been caused by a lucky tip where a DL raised his hands in the air and barely hits a piece of it).  It's a game of inches and variance is a bitch in these games.


    Look at the difference between computers that use margin of victory and those that don't and tell me its not a factor:

    Team, Without MOV, With MOV

    Arkansas 3 12

    Ohio State 16 6


    The biggest differences is Arkansas and Ohio State.  If you ignore margin of victory, Ohio State is a huge underdog to Arkansas.  If you include it, Ohio State moves to being a favorite by 4 points.   The Vegas line has Ohio State at -3 (give Arkansas a small HFA, and its almost dead on).

    Obviously someone who can watch and analyze each team could do a better job than a computer (or at least adjust computers based on results), but margin of victory is the most important factor in ranking teams if you are only allowed to look at scores of games to decide which teams are stronger.

    btalbert25's picture

    I didn't say that computers don't rank teams based off of margin of victory though.  I've been saying that you can't rank teams soley on MOV.  So, I guess any system that only uses the scores of games to decide which teams are stronger, to me is a flawed system.

    btalbert25's picture

    I'm just saying for whatever reaason there are very good teams out there who, for whatever reason, don't ever seem to win games easily.  Last year Iowa was that team.  They were lucky to beat who, Northern Iowa at the beginning of the year.  Then Indiana almost knocks them off, should've lost in East Lansing too.  So either they just weren't that good and go lucky to draw Georgia Tech in a BCS game.  Or they were pretty damn good after all. 

    Do I think Iowa is much worse than last year? YES.  Talent and potential really isn't much different, but something with that team just isn't right.  They've lost their edge or something.  There is no way I would consider this years Iowa, with most of the same personnel, nearly as good as last year.

    It's hard for me to think that 2002 Ohio State wasn't the best team when they went undefeated and ended the best team's what 35 game winning streak?  Although perhaps at that point in that season USC may have beat them both.  At any rate, I wouldn't consider a team that wins by a field goal way better no.  My point is some teams just end up winning, despite the mistakes and shots to the foot they deal themselves.

    tomcollins's picture

    Iowa isn't that much different than last year.  Last year they were lucky as hell.  They were an 8-4 team that overachieved.  This year they are a better 9-3 team who underachieved.  the end of the season, I dunno what happened to them with Minnesota.  The team gave up or something.  But the strength of the team is very similar to last year, with a very similar record.

    Football is random.  You don't need to be the best team to end teams winning streaks.  If that were the case, winning streaks would be that long very often.  The best teams don't play that many good teams.  USC loses to Oregon State in years they are great.  They even lost to Stanford when Stanford was on their 5th sting QB one year.  Boise loses to Nevada.  Upsets happen and that's what makes the sport interesting.

    In 2002, Miami had 5 turnovers to our 2, and we won in 2 OT.  That's a huge factor in the game.  Miami had 3 extra fumbles, even though we ran the ball 19 more times.  That's really bad luck.  Sure, one was ripped away my Maurice Clarett after the INT, but still, it's a huge factor.  Miami gained 100 more yards.  We averaged a paltry 3 YPP.  Miami averaged 4 YPP. That's a huge difference.  We were outplayed, rode the variance train to titletown, and escaped with the narrowest of victories. 

    Now that 2002 team certainly was a very good team (my metrics have Ohio State at 13, but they were without Clarett a lot that season, so they could be a bit higher).  But in a hypothetical rematch, you bet the farm on Miami every time.  Miami was an absolute beast that season.  Using my metrics, 2002 also was the worst champion in terms of relative strengths going back all the way to 2000.  I love that team like crazy and was at the game, but we were extremely fortunate to win that game and that's what makes it even more special.

    btalbert25's picture

    There is such a thing as moxie.  It can't be quantified.  Last year Iowa had it, and they were a good team.  This year they don't, and while they are talented they aren't a good team this year.  A really good team doesn't lose 5 games.  If a team wins 5 really close games in a year, sure some of them have taken great plays at the end of the game, but that's not lucky, that's execution. 

    btalbert25's picture

    Who really cares what the conference does?  Ohio State's perception will be based soley on whether they beat the SEC team or not.  I could care less if Penn State, Iowa, Michigan or anyone else wins their bowl.  Ohio State will win, Wisconsin will probably win, the rest it's a crapshoot really.  They may get 1 or 2 wins out of the rest, they may not get any, either way, we'll be able to say Ohio State is now 1-9, 1-9, 1-9, woohoo lol.

    The Big 10 could beat every SEC team they play and SEC fans will still be barking about how much better they are, who cares,  Ohio State could've beat Florida and LSU and they'd still be saying Ohio State isn't as good as their teams and have big slow players, whatever excuse you want to use.  Doesn't matter how good any other conference or team is, they will always claim their worst team would dominate any conference and all the other BS that spews out.

    Run_Fido_Run's picture

    I root for all BT teams because - for 10 months of the year - I genuinely like ALL of the teams. Of course, I absolutely despise PSU, Wisc, Michigan, etc. in Oct. and Nov., but I can turn my hate on and off depending on the sub-season (pre-conference, conference, bowls). I mean, come on, NW v. Texas Tech - who are you going to root for? Any team versus an SEC team? If the Soviet Union rose back up again and formed an all-star "college" football team and they played the Florida Gators, I would root for the commies. 

    I agree, no matter what happens, reality would never penetrate the skulls of SEC fans. Like mollusks and reptiles, however, they are capable of feeling pain, in their own cognitively-limited ways. What's better than getting to see their sad, slack-cheeked, appalled little facial expressions after they've witnessed their team's "superior speed and athleticism" get taken down by a bunch of plodding, thick-ankled yankees? Obviously, it doesn't happen frequently enough, but it's sure nice when it does.  

    BuckeyeSki's picture

    Agree on most things...except rooting for PSU...i will NEVER root for those smug a-holes, ever. Im a Florida Gators fan that day...

    Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

    btalbert25's picture

    oh, I can never pull for the gators.  When they were playing Michigan that year, I was cheering for an Earthquake, tornado, plane crash, Al Qaeda, and a meteor all to strike at once.

    btalbert25's picture

    I'd like to add that my hate for the gators is almost as old as my hate for Michigan.  It predates the MNC game.

    Jason Priestas's picture

    Looks like we know the five that had paperwork submitted to the NFL. Nathan Williams confirmed he did not have paperwork sent on, so that leaves: Pryor, Adams, Brewster, Boom and Posey.!/PDBuckeyes/status/15164211340513280

    btalbert25's picture

    Do the players ask Tress to do this or does he just do it on his own accord?  I was thinking, especially with Pryor that Tress would be using this to say, here is where you much improver to get to the NFL, which to me would be very good for him.  We know he's a hard worker, if he hears it from the NFL people, he's going to do what he has to to get to that point.

    Buckeye in Athens's picture

    I was just reading somewhere that maybe Boom is looking into going early to the NFL because  of the depth at running back next year. I doubt this though; I can see Boom = Antonio Pittman with one of the young 'uns like Rod, Hyde, or Berry being the young rising star like Beanie was. I think our real run at the MNC will be next year, with an even better running game, senior Pryor, and better secondary on D. 

    BuckeyeSki's picture

    Possible, but this was the year bro..We lose way too much on the O-Line if you ask me. Plus hits at D-line and LB...i think its too much. Still gotta be the favorite to win the B1G...but MNC is a long shot

    Banned from BlackShoeDiaries since 2008. Crime: Slander/Defamation of Character Judgement: Guilty

    btalbert25's picture

    I know Boren and Browning are good, but is that really losing too much on the line?  If Brewster, Shugarts, and Adams are all back have faith that they'll be able to plug in pieces at guard.  Especially with the news that Hall is sliding over to guard.  Isn't Norwell a guard too, or am I way off on that one?

    BuckeyeSki's picture

    IF Brewster comes back that is....hes is def. at least 2nd round material. Forgot about sliding Hall over to be a Guard tho...that sounds promising

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    Michigan lied about their "record" attendance for a hockey game. Either that or they were off by about 28,000.

    BucksfanXC's picture

    Eh, they didn't lie, the record book just doesn't count media, players, coaches, anyone who enters without a ticket basically (including those with passes). But it's still the record.

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