Tressel Discusses Sugar Bowl Preparation

By Jason Priestas on December 14, 2010 at 2:54p

At his pre-Sugar Bowl presser today, Jim Tressel broke down the matchup with Arkansas, discussed the new Big Ten division names, Terrelle Pryor's Twitter account (hasn't checked it because he doesn't know how) and touched on some other topics.

You can read the full transcript here.

(Video via Buckeye Grove)

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BigRedBuckeye's picture

In no way do I mean disrespect to my Dad, may he RIP, but


Sometimes I wish Jim Tressel was my Dad.

And we'll drink to old Ohio, 'Til we wobble in our shoes! 

Pam's picture

I like to think he is all of our Dad's.  My Dad was more Woody then JT. 

yrro's picture

Tress cracks me up.

I love when reporters come in trying to get some quotes for their pre-made stories about whatever the latest fuss is on the internet, and Tress just gives them a complete "I haven't looked into that and I don't really care, why are you bothering me with trivia?"

Makes me wonder just what portion of that is real and what portion is a show to keep from saying anything.

Jason Priestas's picture

Yeah.  I think he definitely knows what he's doing.  The senator moniker is out there for a great reason -- he'd make an outstanding politician in the sense that he'd NEVER say anything to cause trouble for himself.

yrro's picture

Although he slipped up a little on the "Pryor to NFL" question.

Of course, if I were a junior there's no way I wouldn't check to see where I'd go. Wouldn't necessarily mean I wasn't coming back.

buckeyedude's picture

**A new law was recently passed in Arkansas**

When a couple get divorced, they're still brother and sister.



Buckeye in Athens's picture

Good to hear that Rod Smith and Ty Williams are looking good. It'll be exciting to see them in spring/next year after a year in the system. I'm looking for big things from Rod especially.