How Buckeye Are You: Love and Valentine's Day-themed Questions Lead Us to More Wrong Answers

By TJ Neer on February 16, 2017 at 3:05 pm

On Tuesday, Ohio State fans everywhere celebrated one of the most important holidays of the year with flowers, chocolates, dates and the like. We were sure to share the (Marc) Loving with everyone as we celebrated the 104th birthday of Wayne Woodrow Hayes on Feb. 14. What other holiday could I have been talking about?

Ah, Valentine's Day. The day to open up your (Brian) Hartlines and share the (Marc) Loving with everyone. Or at least, maybe it's the day to brush up on your Ohio State trivia.

Watch as Charlie, Steph and Jason fumble around trying to answer these Valentine's Day-themed questions.

By asking what sport Alexa Hart plays, I think we showed that for as little as students have shown they know about the men's basketball team in previous weeks, they don't seem to know much about the women's team either. And the women's team is doing good!

By the way: Morris Buttermaker is the coach from "Bad News Bears." And regardless of if you think Walter Matthau or Billy Bob Thornton played the role better, neither of those two celebrated a birthday on Valentine's Day along with Woody Hayes. Sorry, Jason.

Got any questions you'd like to see featured in a future video? Leave them in the comments below or send them to me on Twitter, and you may see them in the coming weeks! Go Bucks!

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