The Best Damn Bathrooms in the Land: No. 4, Hagerty Hall

By David Wertheim on May 9, 2020 at 11:05 am
Hagerty Hall
The Ohio State University

The Best Damn Bathrooms in the Land is Eleven Warriors' necessary and hard-hitting quest to find the best places to go at The Ohio State University.

In my almost three years at Ohio State, I've had the pleasure of using restrooms all over our beautiful campus, from the river to High Street and Lane to King.

But not all bathrooms are created equally, even at The Ohio State University. Some have great natural light. Others have roomy stalls. And others are in prime locations suited for quick access and egress.

I've done the dirty work for you, and have put together a list of the 10 best bathrooms in academic and multi-use buildings on campus.


  • Cleanliness (50 points): Cleanliness is next to godliness.
  • Aesthetics (20 points): Is it inviting? Is it a pleasure to visit?
  • Size (10 points): How big is the bathroom? Does it provide handicap stalls?
  • Location (10 points): Campus bathrooms have to be easy to find.
  • Supply (10 points): Are paper towels, soap, and toilet paper adequately stocked? 

#4, Hagerty Hall (4th Floor)

More than halfway home, we are down to the cream of the crop.

Hagerty Hall sits on the southeast corner of the Oval diagonal to the Ohio Union and is the first Oval building to make this list.

The building is one of the bases for the College of Arts & Sciences and is home to the World Media and Culture Center, which includes an individualized instruction center; hypermedia studio, global gallery, videoconference center, and digital collaborative classroom.

In 1947, Hagerty Hall was named after James Hagerty, the first dean of the College of Commerce and Journalism. It was renovated for the Spring 2005 semester, and has become one of the nicest buildings at Ohio State, featuring its own café, a large first-floor lecture hall, and many other amenities. 

With a building this nice and in a prime location, it is important that the bathrooms be pristine. And boy, they are.

For the sake of this feature, I will focus on the fourth floor.

Incredibly easy to find yet still remarkably clean, Hagerty Hall's fourth-floor john features a translucent window that allows in natural light, but doesn't allow you to see out. This makes it a pleasant experience during the day, but also at night, when the darkness of the outside combines with the manufactured light to create a nice ambiance.

The supplies were well-stocked, and the size is pretty solid, about average to slightly above. 

Hagerty Hall is easily a top-five bathroom on campus. I encourage you to check it out for yourselves. 

Rating: 96/100

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